What’s In A Name?

People are always asking me where my name came from.  As a child, I would daydream that my Mom visited some very exotic place and came across these two beautiful, very exotic, enchanting women and she named me after them.  Then, there were those times, when I would feel as if she were somewhere drunk on a beach, got knocked up and when I came out, “Nonnie BooBoo” was her pet name for me.  But nevertheless,  it’s here.  Nothing I can do about it, because it’s who I am.  Didn’t particularly like it as a child, (kids actually made fun of my name, and yes, some of them really called me Nonnie BooBoo!), but since I’ve grown, it’s grown with me, in me and of me.  And so, I. AM. NONNIEJULES!  Writer and  Aspiring Author.  Tell me, what’s in your name?  Do you like it/hate it?  Love or hate the person who gave it to you?  I’d love to know. 




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