…Yes we do!  I had a strange kind of Monday.  It seemed no matter what, that people were just in a not-so-nice-mood today.  All around me, I could see POSITIVITY flying right out of every open window.  There were naysayers, would-be-dream-killers, joy-stealers, low-wick-candle-lighters…you name it, they were all around me today.  But, you wanna know how I handled it all?  WITH A GREAT BIG SMILE ON MY FACE!  Now, I could have returned all of that ugly, with some major league, unheard of kind of ugly, but I chose the higher ground.  I chose to be the BIGGER person today, and although I must admit that it was extremely hard, it made me feel  extremely good!  I was so proud of me that I even hurt my arm trying to pat myself on the back (but I did it!)

Now taking the high road (for me, that is) can sometimes be a bummer.  But not today.  I felt that if I had stooped to the level of these LOW-WICK-CANDLE-LIGHTERS (as I prefer to call them), then I would have been serving them up a big bowl of Satisfaction Gumbo.  And let me tell ya, I don’t want anyone to get that FULL at my expense.  So, I turned the tide.  Every negative/nasty comment/tweet/email to me, was met with a very polite “THANK YOU, AND YOU HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY” from me.  That’s right, I turned the tide (kinda like turning the other cheek, but without all the hypothetical violence).

Before we get into the true reason for this blog, let me define LOW-WICK-CANDLE-LIGHTERS.  I often use the phrase “A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE”.  Simply put, this means:  If you help someone else to become as successful as you, it’s not going to hurt you or take anything away from you.  You will not become any less successful because someone else is now sharing the spotlight with you.  That said, people who go out of their way to help others, to lend a helping hand, to pull someone else up by their boot strings, are referred to (by me) as CANDLE LIGHTERS.  On the flip side of that, people who try to hold others down because they’re intimidated by the others’ “would be success”, are referred to (by me) as LOW-WICK-CANDLE-LIGHTERS.  They are afraid that if they lend their light to another (i.e. light someone else’s candle), that their flame is going to go out because their wick has burned a little too low. You know, as a candle, when we burn down and our wick is gone, we don’t die, (we multiply!  Just kidding, that’s not what I really meant to say), we just take root in another candle.  Easy.

The title of this blog is “WE ALL BLEED RED, DON’T WE?” And my response to my own question was “YES, WE DO!”  While on Twitter today, I received a response from a “Celebrity”.  Now, when this happened, I didn’t jump up and down, run screaming down the hall with my laptop in hand showing everyone who had eyes, I simply moved on to the next Tweet.  I have noticed people on Twitter who get the occasional (more like “very seldom) tweets from “celebrities” and you can tell by all the !!! that they feel as if they have been truly blessed or won a $590 million lottery (do we even know who that winner is yet, by the way?) But I’m a little different.  I get excited when just any “regular” (as we might be called) person acknowledges one of my tweets. And how about the “Twitter Celebrities”, you know, the ones that IN THEIR MINDS control the Twitter Universe, have written the Twitter Handbook and if you acknowledge them, ask a question, or respond to a post they make, you hear birds chirping (nothing at all).  This has become a true source of comedy for me.  Wanna know why?  Because WE’RE ALL PEOPLE!  We all put our pants on one leg at a time and when cut, WE ALL BLEED RED!  So what makes one think that they are far superior or better than the rest of us?  I know there are some there who rack up followers because it makes them APPEAR very popular that they are being followed by the masses.  (This was explained to me by a Twitter regular, by the way).  But let me just throw a little something out there at you all, just for thought.  For all of you who have ever responded to a tweet, asked a question or commented on a post with nothing in return but the sound of birds chirping, think about this:  If everyone of those followers (this goes for CELEBRITIES as well as the Twitter Celebrities) “unfollowed” the so-called celebrities spoken of here, guaranteed you’d get more than just a bird-chirping melody!  You’d get responses galore!  See, when we put people on a pedestal, some of them get the big head and forget that they are merely “regular” people in the spotlight.  It would serve them all to remember that the same people you meet going up, are the same ones you’ll see going down. And when you treat people in this manner, rest assured, you’ll be going down soon.  Anyone getting my drift here?

It never hurts to help another. Even if that help is requested in the form of a little question, you won’t lose a thing by sharing your knowledge.

Let us all keep in mind the next time we have the opportunity to LIFT someone up and  yet we pass on it:  THE TOES YOU STEP ON TODAY, JUST MIGHT BE CONNECTED TO THE FEET YOU HAVE TO KISS TOMORROW.

WE ALL BLEED RED!  Good night!



  1. Well put! Two mottos guide m life: What do I know? and Let’s learn together! There’s always much to be gained by helping each other. We can all benefit from what the other has to offer. The takers of the world irk me to no end.


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