“A tiny spark ignites a flame, just as a helping hand can do the same” – Nonnie Jules

I wrote that this morning because someone said to me that they thought I was the author of “A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE”.  Nope, I did my research and looks as if that was penned by a James Keller.  I love it so much though, that I quote it as often as I can because it is so true.

But not to be out done by Mr. Keller or anyone else for that matter, AND since someone thought my brain was clever enough to pen something that profound, I thought I would pen my own. The words may be different  but the meaning remains the same.  Just as a spark can ignite a fire, lending a helping hand to someone else can also spark a flame inside someone causing them to burn in all sorts of positive ways!

You will find me quite often writing about generosity, kindness and “lifting as we climb” .  I am a strong believer in helping others.  No matter how successful we become, we should never forget, or shall I say WE SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER, that at one point and time, someone else gave us a chance.  Someone believed in us.  Someone extended their hand, and lifted us up to stand beside them.

It truly bothers me to feel as if I live in a bucket of crabs.  You know the feeling, everyone trying to keep the next one down.  That is truly how crabs are.  Ever stood over a bucket of live ones and watched them work?  It’s a hard-knock life being a crab.  The only way out of that bucket, is for a human hand to reach down (or a pair of tongs, lest you get bitten) and pick them up…saving them from the claws that cling (although when they are saved, they’re probably about to get eaten…poor crabs….not a chance in hell).  Crabs try to keep each other in the bucket.  We’re not crabs, though.  We’re humans, with feelings, and emotions all because of a beating heart. So why do i sometimes feel that’s the world we live in?

I cannot stress enough the importance of helping your fellow man (or woMAN).  Some things bear repeating and this is one of those things that you beat until you’re sure all the dust is gone.

You will never lose a thing by helping someone else.  This world was built by people standing on the shoulders of others.  Are your shoulders not that strong?  I beg to differ.  They are even stronger than you imagine.  When you give, you get back so much in return.  (Although in your giving, never expect a return.)

When you lay your head upon your pillow tonight…ask yourself:  Did I light someone’s candle today?  Did I ignite a spark along the way?  Were my shoulders sturdy enough to stand?  Did I go out of my way to help my fellow man?  If every response was a YES, you’re on the right road.  But even if you had one NO, ya still got a ways to go.

Ignite a flame.  Extend a helping hand today and then you will be SURE you saw a fire!

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