As we near the end of The (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS Blog Tour, I decided last minute to do something really special for you guys.  Today, and ONLY today, “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS”, 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love! is FREE!  That’s right, totally, unequivocally, absolutely FREE!  I’m giving away the house today, y’all (or at least that’s what it feels like to me).

I’m learning a lot since becoming a published author.  One of those things is how to market effectively as well as getting my crash-course-bachelors degree in PROMOTING A BOOK!  This has not been easy.  Actually, getting someone to buy a book, has felt almost like pulling teeth. With a string.  Tied to the closet door. Now you know how hard that is (and dag-nabbit, that hurts!).

During my tour which is running for 15 days, I put the book on sale for only $.99.  Now,  c’mon guys, that’s less than a dollar.  And it is A REALLY GOOD BOOK on top of that.  But you all will never, ever believe me when I tell you that since I marked the price down to FREE!, that book has been flying off the shelf like frisbees at a pool party!  I mean, can you imagine how much moolah I’m making right now?  Ok, let me help you, close your eyes.  No, really close your eyes.  And just imagine. Oh, you think you’re seeing things?   Zero. Zilch.  Notta.  But that’s OK!  At this point what’s most important to me, is that you guys GET THE BOOK, READ THE BOOK, and then run on back over to Amazon and post your review of the book.  (And FYI, I know that I do not have a working table of contents! You don’t need to tell me again).  Listen people, when I started to publish this book and had to deal with the whole Kindle formatting thing, I almost pulled my hair out…string by string…yanking with a pair of tweezers…pulling my hair out.  That’s how horrible the experience was for me.  So, in answer to your thoughts, yes, I will be correcting that little faux pas (but think about this, it really won’t matter when the book goes into actual print, now will it?).  But seriously, I will find my way to getting that little matter corrected. So here you go, your FREE copy of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” .  Go on, TAKE it (before I decide to snatch it back out of your greedy, little hands!)  I’m sorry.  I lost myself there for a moment, but, I’m ok now.  No, really I am.  TAKE the book :I

So as not to take anything away from my blog host of today, Mike at has some cookies and cokes waiting for you guys.  So how about hopping over there, when you leave here and showing him some love.  Also, be sure and stop by my website at to register for our grand prize of a $25 Amazon Gift Card to be awarded after the blog tour has concluded.  Just click on the EVENTS page and scroll to the bottom.

But wait!!!  PLEASE DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT HITTING MY “FOLLOW” BUTTON.  You would really make my day (and you guys know how making all this money today from the sale of my book is making me feel, right?)  I can feel you hitting “FOLLOW” now, just out of pure pity for me.  But, that’s OK!  I’ll take that, too!

Gotta run over and help Mike @ with the events.




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