…and we’re always HONEST here anyway!  So, I opened up my Twitter “Paper” today (my Twitter feed) only to be bombarded by folks who were upset about something that was said derogatorily against Indie Authors.  Since my brain is foggy right now as I’m fighting a massive headache, I will be very vague about the details of that article, although I’m sure most of you have already heard about it or since read it.

First, I AM AN INDIE AUTHOR (and I say that with GREAT PRIDE!)  And had there not been the title of INDIE AUTHOR, maybe I would still be just a writer.  I have been writing for over 30 years and once into my adulthood, I started lending more serious thought to having my work really published.  After doing a little research here and there, it started to sink in that my chances of being noticed, found,or  picked up by a big publishing house or some FANCY-SUIT-WEARING-PUBLISHER, were very, very slim and almost impossible.

Then I read an article about a local writer-turned-Author who was on the New York Times Bestsellers List (with not one, but 3 books under her belt) and she was an INDIE.  From there, I reached out to her and she let me have it!  In a good way, though…meaning, SHE LIT MY CANDLE!  She explained to me how she had self-published going the Amazon KDP route, then went into grave detail of how it all started for her, start to finish.  She has since become extremely successful and I will have to say (as she has also said), it was all due to her having the opportunity to publish her work on her own.

We all know that most often when writers have wonderful work, sometimes it goes un-noticed.  Sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, until eventually when a cold winter strikes, it all sadly ends up in the fireplace to keep the house warm.  You laugh, but this happens (I watch enough Lifetime TV to know!).  But now, thanks to Amazon and these other self-publishing outlets, our work no longer has to sit on a shelf!  We, at the flick of a keystroke (and a few sleepless nights trying to format for that dang Kindle) can become, what I now am…(drum roll please) a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! (I just love saying that, don’t you?)

But here’s where I get to the gist of my story.  Since I’ve entered this wonderful world of publishing, books, ebooks, Goodreads, etc., I have had the opportunity to peek inside many a book, some with beautiful covers, intriguing author names (whether psuedo or real), only to find a big heap of mess as soon as I started to read, on the very first page!  Translation, EVERYBODY CAN’T WRITE A BOOK!  And since I take writing very seriously (and I do),  I don’t want someone thrusting a book in my face saying “READ THIS, IT’S AWESOME!”, (only to find out later the thruster was the author’s Mom or Granny).  I’m sorry people, I am the most supportive person around (just ask anybody, even those who’ve never met me in person), but I have my limits.  Just because your mom, your dad, your sister or your best friend says “You can write.  You need to get that published”, doesn’t mean you always have to listen.  I think maybe this is where we need to have some professionals, not necessarily coming from the big publishing houses, but just somebody who’s not biased about your particular situation, giving you their HONEST, no, I MEAN VERY-LOW-DOWN-DIRTY-HONEST OPINION.  And sometimes people, you may not like those opinions, but they are probably the ones you should really be listening to. Heck, get more than one!  The more the better for me, should I come across that book.  Am I really asking too much here?

Now when I ask someone to read my work and in turn give me an honest opinion, that opinion probably won’t make or break me because I know what I know, but at least I got another view outside of my house of FANS, if you know what I mean.  People who know me, KNOW that I try to only deal in TOTAL HONESTY.  And since I am  human, that’s the reason you see the word TRY there, but I really do try to only let honest words leave my mouth, and I in turn appreciate only honest words entering my ears.  It’s just like getting a book review… would you take a reviewer’s opinion seriously about YOUR writing, if the review they gave you was filled with typos and misspelled words?  I SURE AS HECK WOULDN’T.  I’d be like, “OK, thank you.  Move along.  Next”.   So now we just opened up a new can of tuna, EVERYBODY CAN’T BE A BOOK REVIEWER!  (But, I will save that for another blog).

If you have visited my site at http://www.nonniejules.com, you will notice that we are now putting the spotlight on AWESOME INDIE AUTHORS!  Each week you will find a new “INDIE AUTHOR ON THE MOVE” being profiled here.  Notice under the requirements,  that to become one of our very special  INDIE AUTHORS ON THE MOVE, you will have to show: *Dedication to learning the effectiveness of putting out the best work possible. (Our readers deserve the best, so we should ensure that we are ONLY sharing our best work with the public.  Taking the time to proof for typos and just sloppy work, shows that you are truly committed to the craft of writing).  Listen, it is OK to seek help when you need it.  If you have asked someone for a review and they frown a little in your direction, they just might be trying to tell you something, like “Do you really want me to give you a review?  Really?”.  Me, personally, I would say “If you don’t want the truth, you probably shouldn’t ask me.”  If that isn’t a tell-all, I don’t know what is.

Friends, what I’m saying here is this:  just like everyone was not cut out to become a surgeon, everyone’s not cut out for writing. If you faint at the sight of a hint of blood from a finger prick, why would you be in an operating room?  Again, if every time someone (I mean TRUE readers of the world and of the word) opens your book, their eyes cross because of the major confusion in your story, with every other word misspelled, what SHOULD that tell you?  We need to find that, and stick to that which we are GOOD at, because writing isn’t for everyone.  Just like any other career.

So, back to my brain-fog, which would be the cause of the major confusion here in my blog right now (LOL)…whatever those corporate publishing giants were saying about us wonderful INDIE AUTHORS, bah hah!  Who cares?  Let ’em talk, I say.  We are what we are.  And although there are just as many awesome great authors with publishers behind them, there are just as many, if not more, AWESOME INDIE AUTHORS!  Today someone on Twitter said “I’m an author represented by a Publisher”…I almost spit up my juice as I laughed and yelled at my monitor “SOOOOOOOOO!”

So, what are your thoughts?

Enjoy the journey, no matter the road you choose to travel!


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