I’m just me.  A little person in a great big world…trying to make a name for myself.  Why?  Because I know that it is what I was put here to do.  Make a name…make that name be POWERFUL…make that name FIERCE…make that name REVERED!  I was put here to WRITE!  Write words of love, compassion, fear, dread, laughter…just write.  You may not like my words that you see on the screen…you may not like my name…to you, what does it mean?  My name?  Let’s see….NONNIE.  Did you feel it?  I did when I said it.  NONNIE JULES, powerful writer of words.  Powerful Name!  I’m just ME!


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  1. linda1x4x3

    I feel like you’re posting what is in my mind. I felt the same. I have a purpose here. My purpose and calling is to write. I am here to bring a message. I’m not sure why or how or all the details… but I am here to write.


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