Kathryn C. Treat: “ALLERGIC TO LIFE” Blog Tour

Since I began with social media a few months ago, I have met some amazing people. Kathryn C. Treat is one among those at the top of that list.  We have formed an awesome friendship and are truly supportive of one another.  There is nothing I wouldn’t do for this sweet lady.  So, I’d like to welcome her here today on one of the many stops on her “ALLERGIC TO LIFE” blog tour as she shares with us her struggles to survive disorders I personally had never heard of before now, but, would like to learn more about.  Listen intently as she tells us of her journey.  Kathryn, welcome and the floor is now yours.



I would like to thank Nonnie for hosting me today on the first book tour of ALLERGIC TO LIFE.  My Battle for Survival, Courage and Hope.  I am excited that after ten years of notes and typing, it is finally completed and available.

Life Can Change In An Instant

One minute I was a vibrant and active 44-year-old, stay-at-home mother of two.  Suddenly, I found myself thrust into a life of never-ending illness and severe depression after a workplace exposure to mold.  My life began to spiral out of control.  I couldn’t go shopping for what I needed, including the simplest of things like note cards and birthday cards.  I felt that I no longer had an identity.  Everything I was, everything I sent out with my signature, everything I wore was not picked out by me.  It was what someone else thought I would like.

“Everything I do is really someone else or their perception of what I would want or need.  The cards I send out are picked out by my daughter.  The fabric for the dress I am wearing was picked out by someone else.  It is nice but I am not sure it is what I would necessarily have picked for myself…”

I was grateful for the care and thought put forth by those shopping for me but I had always been independent and this dependence on others to help and choose for me, was heart-breaking.  This depression led me to write the following in my journal:

I am not me anymore

The me that existed before this illness does not exist any more

I am now bits and pieces of others and their perception of what I would buy, wear, or send

You see, I must rely on others to purchase cards, clothes, shoes and my food

The card you receive may have my signature and a short note — but it was chosen by someone else

The sewing or craft project I would like to do may be my craftsmanship – but the fabric, trim, and buttons are of someone else’s choosing, based on their perception of me

When you come to my home, things are no longer comfortable and inviting – you see I gave up my furniture and can’t pick anything new.

My life since becoming ill has become a series of hard-fought battles to find the desire to survive, the courage to keep pressing forward when I didn’t want to, and to dare hope that I would survive these battles and the depression that was my constant daily companion.  ALLERGIC TO LIFE is my journey through unbelievable hardships and trials, both physically and emotionally.  I have survived the battles and am here now to talk about it and encourage others that are fighting their own battles.

In celebration of my life and the completion of ALLERGIC TO LIFE,  I am offering a giveaway of three autographed books through Rafflecopter at the end of the blog tour.

ALLERGIC TO LIFE is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon (prices may vary).  Autographed copies (US only) are available on my website.

Allergic To Life cover



I’d like to thank my friend Kathryn for stopping by to share with us today and also, thanks to those of you who popped your head in the door to listen.  We can all learn something from one another if we just open our minds and our hearts to that which is foreign to us. Understanding and compassion is what we need more of.   Please show your support of this author by #Following her on Twitter @KathrynCTreat and also by leaving comments below for her.  She will respond to them all.  Your support is  greatly appreciated!  Happy trails on your tour, Kathryn!


  1. Thank you so much Kathryn for being here. It’s always nice to have interesting content (other than your own) appear on your blog sometimes and this piece was very interesting and extremely enlightening! Come back anytime!


  2. Thank you all for stopping by and for those liking this post.


  3. wonderful post. losing independence has been one of the biggest challenges of being sick. I have to repeatedly remind myself to let others do things for me, and to accept it graciously.


    • Yes, Lindsay that is a real challenge of being sick. Doing it with grace is hard when you just want to do it yourself. I much better at it now than I was in the beginning.


  4. Thank you Nonnie and all those who stop by. I will popping in throughout the day to comment and answer any questions that may come up. You are wonderful Nonnie.



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