Explaining My Darned Tweet…Just This Once!

This blog comes after a SUPPORT TWEET which I sent out on yesterday.  The tweet read “Some of you ONLY RT me when I Tweet you, but my support comes DAILY 4 @motorcityauthor @KathrynCTreat @PhilipCatshill @yuribeans @psing05 @blueharmonie..”  So, looks like my name is Lucy today and I have some “splainin” to do to all the Ricky Ricardos of the land!

Everyday I send these (as I call them), SUPPORT TWEETS.  I do this because I am a strong proponent of supporting others.  When I started on Twitter my platform was and will continue to be “A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE.”   That being said and understood, most of my tweets fall under that umbrella.  Here are more examples of my tweets:

1) Let’s make 2day a full-out SUPPORT DAY 4 our fellow tweeters.  Share the wealth. Spread someone elses word.  RT and Follow as many as ur fingers can push

2)  If ur not RTing them, they’re probably NOT RTing you!

3) Why wait for someone to Twt or RT u 1st?  Always stand out & lead others to do as u do.

So, every day (typically) before I begin my day, I sit down to my desk and pull my TWEET SUPPORT LIST in front of me (yes, I really have one, typed all nice and neat).  As of the writing of this blog, it now contains over 206 twitter handles on it (yes, I just counted them, and got tired so I stopped).  And then here is what I do…since I don’t like sending out JUST a list of names (when I see that, I don’t actually know what the sender is trying to tell me, but hey, I am not one to knock anothers “tweet support process”) I compose a little message.  Depending on what day it is, I may say something to the effect of “It’s Wednesday so I like 2 get ovr my hump by #FOLLOWING&RTing @joeblow @lucylunchmeat, etc.”  Or, it could be dependent upon my mood at the time of my writing.  For example:  “Feeling a little under-supported but I continue 2 support @KathrynCTreat @motorcityauthor @Overlords…etc.”  Now mind you, the people that I keep using as examples in what you may feel are “not-so-pretty” tweets, are the usual bunch who support me DAILY, RELENTLESSLY and CONTINUALLY.  But notice, I STILL include them in the support tweet even though I am in no way referring to them.  Why, you ask?  Because no matter what the preface of the tweet is, I am STILL getting their names out there and people are seeing those tweets, clicking on their names, reading what they’re about and FOLLOWING and RTing them.  I know this is happening for two reasons: 1) Because I do it.  When I see certain tweets with a list of names, I start clicking, finding out what people are about and from there establishing relationships and supporting them, and 2) because people keep popping up into my DM box thanking me for their growing numbers. So you see, there is a method to my madness.

Now getting back to the SUPPORT tweet of yesterday which obviously hurt a “couple” (and I do mean “couple”) of feelings.  And these feelings belong to people who I would never want to hurt or offend in anyway, so that is why I’m writing this blog.

I want you all to know this about me, I am a very loving, caring and uber-supportive person.  That’s what it says in my Twitter bio and that’s the way that I live my life.  I am also a very straight-forward and DIRECT person.  Which means, when I have something to say, whether it be in a tweet, a DM or via email, I will say it and since I always take the time to formulate my thoughts before I speak or tweet, I will NEVER apologize for the contents of anything coming from my mouth or my fingers.  But since we cultivate these relationships/friendships from behind these cold keyboards, I felt the need to let everyone know JUST THIS ONCE, what my tweets mean and what my tweet process is.  Remember, people don’t have to TELL you, who and what they are, in the end people will SHOW you who and what they are.  I hope that I SHOW who I am each and every day in my interactions on social media with you.

I, at times will notice a new person via someone elses tweet.  I will then click on their handle, see what they’re about  and then add them to my support list.  It’s generally not because they have RTed me, it’s because I always want to be the person who leads by example.  They don’t know me, they’ve never had a tweet-versation with me, they just know that a stranger was kind enough to promote them and their forum, for no reason at all.

Someone (whom I respect and has allowed me to guest post on their wonderfully, informative blog) stepped into my DM and literally TRIED to chastise me for that tweet by saying: (and this is the condensed version) “I saw your tweet about lack of support and I think it’s a little harsh to ID me as not supportive.  I have helped you but DOING IT ‘DAILY’ DOESN’T MAKE SENSE”.  Really?  Well guys, you know, it’s strange how I don’t get these kinds of DMs or tweets WHEN I’M ASKING OTHERS TO FOLLOW AND RT YOU DAILY!   (People, in future, please don’t “come for me unless I send for you.” And if you don’t know what that means, just ask).  I went on to share this with her: “I cannot be responsible for others understandings.  I, if I KNOW that I am not responsible or guilty of situations or things, would never take something as being directed at me.  But that’s just my way of thinking.”

I WILL NOT be chastised by anyone, especially when I take time out of MY VERY BUSY DAYS to continually support and support and support others, at the detriment and the expense of my own work and project deadlines (hence, DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER being two months behind right now).  I don’t expect any of you to do what I do.  I am not your typical person, and I take pride in that.  I know that what I do, I am going above and beyond. I would hope though, that when I’m missing from Twitter for a day or so, that those that I do support on an extremely regular basis,  would step up and hold me up by RTing my promo tweets, while I’m away.  Is that asking too much?  I think NOT!  Especially when you’re on the receiving end of MY kind of support.  Even when I know that someone is ill, not feeling very well, have family issues, etc. I go into their timeline, find their promos and RT them, and then I turnaround and ask others to do the same for them until they return.

And since I have your attention here, I’d like to touch on another subject which bothered me.  When I started my #DAB project, I sent individual, one-at-a-time tweets to a lot of you asking for your support of this awesome project.  I had planned to do it this month because October is NATIONAL BULLYING AWARENESS month and I do believe that if kids were being raised better, there would be no bullies.  And I will say here, that out of all the people that I spend time supporting daily, asking others to follow and RT, only 10 stepped up to support me in this goal that was extremely important to me.  OK, that’s fine.  So I’m sure you noticed these kinds of tweets:  “@KathrynCTreat @HoboKarl @BueHarmonie @elle_bright @MissyFrye @KafeCastro @mommymdguides @katflannery1 @lawfabex @kimber1 @Overlords @motorcityauthor @BruceABorder all supported #DAB.  Will u?” Well, some of these people didn’t exactly support with a monetary donation but let me tell you what they did do which I appreciated so very much.  They sent me an email, a DM or something “acknowledging” why they wouldn’t/couldn’t support at that time.  What they didn’t do (which is what was so very disappointing to me,  and why I felt under-supported) was they DID NOT JUST IGNORE or PRETEND as if they never saw my direct request for support to them.  Were you guilty of this?  Whether I can or cannot support you, I WILL NEVER IGNORE YOU.  I am an adult and I have a very grown-up voice which I like to put to use quite often, and will just say whatever it is. Sometimes people can, and sometimes people can’t, but just ignoring is rude.  I appreciated those who spoke up and didn’t just ignore me.  And if you want an example of what I’m speaking of, here’s the perfect one (and a REAL one):

My Twitter Timeline:

@nonniejules Please #FOLLOW & RT @joeblow.  He’s awesome

@joeblow WOW!  Thanks so much for that Nonnie.  Ur gr8!

@nonniejules @joeblow, would you be interested in supporting my #DAB project wp.me/p3sUCq-qX?  Please check it out here, and just let me know.  Thx in advance for your support!

@joeblow (DEAD SILENCE)

Yes, dead silence until the next time I sent out a wonderful SUPPORT TWEET of him, but if I sent out a request (just a request, yours to either accept or decline) I would get dead silence once again.  So very sad, don’t you think?  I mean @joeblow is an adult, couldn’t he just tip into my DM and say “hey Nonnie, I’m gonna pass right now.” And @nonniejules would have said “Thanks so much anyway, Joe!” and continued to support @joeblow.  Yes, really happened, several times.

I am going to wrap this up.  I felt the need to put it out here on my blog because Twitter would not have allowed the space for me to do it so that it all made sense, you guys know what I’m talking about.  Hope it was helpful, hope there are no hurt feelings, just know that it was a support tweet, the message included may or may not have been directed at you (I personally think that if you felt that it was, maybe you’re feeling a little guilty of something. I’m just saying.  HAHAHA). I’m laughing, but don’t push me 🙂  Again, know that I always attach some little preface to those but if your handle is included, and you know I’m not speaking of you, that part is my support of you, getting your name out there for others to see.

For those of you who do support me AND others, I appreciate and am very thankful for you.  You know who you are and if you have any doubt, just ask me.  You know I’ll tell you!  Much Love and Success to all of you, whether you’re a #CandleLighter or a #CandleSnuffer!


  1. beckyfyfe

    Oh, and just so you know, I am @moonduster 🙂


    • Becky, then please know that I didn’t consider you an “offender” as some are calling themselves (jokingly). Do connect with me on FB by sending me a friend request, as I don’t hang out there much and I don’t even know how to send requests. All i know how to do is SHARE things on my walls and the walls of others. They are called walls right? Thanks for stopping by!


  2. beckyfyfe

    I wish I was one of the more supportive ones, but I have to admit that I am on Facebook much more often than Twitter and share more there. I will take more effort in the future though. And thank you for being the supportive person you are. 🙂


  3. I have some ‘splainin to do myself. You have been awesome at supporting me these last few days. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I am probably one of those that only retweets when someone comes across my email as having mentioned me in a tweet. There is an explanation for this–I am rarely on twitter. It’s one of those things that I don’t even think about until I get a notification in my email and that’s if I check the ‘social’ tab on gmail. So I very much apologize if I have offended you. Believe me it’s not at all intentional.


    • Shirley Harris-Slaughter

      I am also one of those who didn’t know what tweeting really was or what it could do until I met you Nonnie. We are starting to catch on.


    • Missy, you are definitely not one of the offenders, you have only been recently added to my support list anyway. And I don’t expect anyone who is not on Twitter to just jump on here to support me, that’s not it at all. Twitter is new to me and I’m finding that I keep it on too much, on the computer, on the phone, but it is disheartening that when I don’t show up for a couple of days and then i log onto Twitter, that there may be only 3-4 people who have supported me, out of over 200 plus that I support? That’s just sad. But thank you for stopping by with that sweet apology. I think the offenders have stopped by, read my blog and quietly moved on and I’m sure I’m still supporting them. But one day, I’ll quietly move on to, when I have time to put my finger on that offender-ville button!


  4. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    As I stated in my tweets, your points are well taken and I am learning more about tweeting and supporting so plan to keep this blog for references. Hey, this might be another book! I’m laughing all the way FROM the bank. Hahahahaha……


  5. Nonnie… I think you’re awesome and I think it’s fantastic what you do… I always try to support you back and your constant support reminds to do so. I believe in the power of candle lighting. 🙂 but I must say you are probably much better at this then most people, the problem I find is there are no set rules or guidelines of how to use twitter, so everyone does their own thing (not saying this is bad) but sometimes what you would hope from a person, they may just not cotton onto what you are doing… Because there a no guiding principles… I mean you would think there would be common courtesy but even that is different for different people from different walks of life… That’s what I find anyway…my own rules (I made up myself) I put myself out there, Retweet people and see if I can strike up some kind of interest or conversation… Those people I do so with I make a real effort to support… But it’s not daily like you… You are much better at this than me. 🙂


    • Leisl, you support me just fine! And to all my Precious Jules, you guys do an awesome job. I really hate that I made some of you feel as if you had done something wrong, but as in my tweets, I wouldn’t call anyone out specifically because that would be tacky and tacky I am not, so I had to do it the way I did. It was my hope that this blog would clarify just a little bit of the misunderstanding of “whodunit” but, maybe I have failed at that attempt as well (LOL). In my real life as in my persona online, I just believe that I should be the change that I want to see in the world, which is why I threaten that I’m going to stop supporting certain folk because I never see them really supporting anyone else, but then I go back and re-add them to my support list. I can’t help it, it’s who I am, and maybe, it’s a bad habit of mine. Just know, that I appreciate you dearly, and I hope that I support you the way you need me to. Thanks for stopping by!


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