Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I started to entitle this blog “EXPLAINING MY DARNED TWEET…(Part 2)”, but I thought that might make some of you just turn and run, so I wanted to give it an honest title…because you all did really make me cry.

The past few days of my life have been stressful to say the least, trying to meet another one of my unnecessary, self-imposed deadlines (but that won’t EVER happen again).  I have not been eating very well, I have not been sleeping at all and my life has been crazed thinking how important it was that I get “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” onto the airwaves by today, Oct. 31st.  Well, today has come and gone, “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” has been delayed another 3-4 days and I’m OK with that.  But, that is not the reason for this blog.

For the past two days that I have popped my head in on Twitter, you guys have simply amazed me.  The first day I peeked in and saw all the support I was getting, I was like “Is this real?  Am I dreaming?  Did they really ‘hear’ me?” And then the 2nd day my girlfriend from Maryland sent me a text message to say that she had  just logged on to Twitter and her exact words were…well, I’ll let her share her exact words… “I haven’t been on Twitter since Thursday so when it refreshed this morning I see your s#@& is everywhere!!!” (And because of her profound use of the English language, she will remain nameless here).  But  guys, I want to thank you so much for RTing my s#@& everywhere! (As you can see, “nameless” is a bad influence on me, as well).

I also saw what she saw, and it brought tears to my eyes.  A few times I sent out a little tweet that may have said something like “THANK YOU!” or “You guys are amazing!”, but those little words could not really express to you how much it meant to me that you ALL have been “holding me up while I’ve been down”.  What you have shown me is that you DO understand the meaning of ‘A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE’, because that is what I’m ALL about.  You have shown me that you DO appreciate the support that I give to you daily, and you have shown me that you DO truly care…as I care about all of you.  Martin Luther King said it best when he said that “I will never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be”.  So maybe I do what I do for purely selfish reasons, because I believe what MLK said.  Maybe I support you and try to propel you, because I know that only then, will I be successful, supported and propelled to my greatest heights.  Or maybe…I truly care.  But what does that matter anyway?  What matters is I LIVE TO SERVE YOU, I LIVE TO SERVE PEOPLE and I personally think that’s how we all should live.   Are you doubting me?  Well, just ask @mommymdguides @kathrynctreat and @motorcityauthor, they’re able to speak personally of my real support as I am able to speak of theirs.

And so, I write this blog in reverence to all of you who have been lifting me up…..THANK YOU sounds like such a little way of expressing this overwhelming joy that you have caused to settle in my chest.  I’m proud of you all and I’m SO thankful for you all, and without naming a lot of names because I’d surely leave someone deserving out, I will simply say, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

For some strange reason, the poetic wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King is surrounding me this evening so I leave you ALL with this:  “We may have all come in on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now” – MLK.  Let’s continue to support, I mean TRULY support one another and lift each other up.  I’m humbled and grateful to each and every one of of you!


  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    I was reading your post and my how times change. Kathryn is gone, my tweet handle has changed and all within recent months. I don’t feel like I do enough but if you are satisfied with my performance then who am I to judge (me)! lol Great Post!!


  2. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    I am another one who may not always be on twitter at the same time everyday, but I am always there in spirit. Sometimes you ask me “where are you?” Just know that I have not gone anywhere, I just have another life. Twitters, emails, blogging takes so much time. I could be here all day if I don’t watch it. Sometimes I have to get away from it all. But I do so appreciate all the support I have been getting and I owe it all to you Nonnie. So whatever I can do for you—you got it! And you can take that to the bank.


    • Shirley, you already know how much you are appreciated, which is why you will always have my support!


  3. Wonderful quote. As you know I may not be on twitter every day but when I am I support those that deserve to be supported. I try to at the least RT what comes through my in box even if I am not up to tweeting myself. You are a great supporter of us all.


    • Kathryn, if you think I’m a great supporter, I say to that: I am who I am only because you are who you are! U are an awesome supporter, in more ways than one! Thanks for stopping by!!!


  4. *HUGS* And you will continue to get what you give. Have a blessed day! Ready for the world to hear you ROAR 😉


  5. Hey Nonnie! Though I didn’t actually get the chance to comment on the last post, I definitely read it, and I want to say thank you! You made me realize that I am still learning many of the small but significant sides to blogging and creating my own community of bloggers. I only figured out what #FF meant a week or so ago. 🙂 I am proud to be getting to know you and thank you for sharing the knowledge that you have! Have a great weekend! Many blessing for continued success! 🙂


    • Stacey, I still don’t know for sure what any of those hashtags mean! Really, I don’t. But i consider myself to be an innovator of all things, I create, I don’t necessarily like to follow, so when I use them this is what they mean to me: #MM=Marvelous Monday, #TT=Terrific Tuesday, #WW=Wonderful or Wacky Wednesday (whatever your mood), #TT=Tantalizing or Terrible Thursday (again, whatever your mood), #FF=Fabulous, Fantastic, Freaky Friday (you know what goes here), #SS=Super Saturday and #SS=Soulful Sunday! So, see I have my own take on those hashtags (because they’re all strange anyway). But, if someone wants to come along and school me, since it seems now Stacey’s got it, feel free! Stace, thanks for dropping by AND commenting. That truly means a lot!!!


  6. I am sending you virtual hugs by the dozens Nonnie. I am happy to know you and wish you nothing but blessings for many years and books to come. 🙂


    • Castro, I’m happy to know you, too! You’re a fabulous friend!!!


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