Highly Disturbing And What I’m Most Thankful For….

Happy Thanksgiving  to all you wonderful people out there in cyber-land!!!  It is my sincerest hope that today you are with the ones you love most and that in the midst of all the good food and camaraderie you share, you are also giving thanks for all your blessings.  I would also ask that you count each and every one of those blessings, and then name them one by one.  Here are my tops  for starters:  “I am so thankful for Darling Daughter #1, Darling Daughter #2, DH….”

I know you’re curious about my title.  In your mind you may be wondering how I could include HIGHLY DISTURBING AND WHAT I’M MOST THANKFUL FOR in the same sentence.  Well, twas easy.  So first, I am going to share with you the MAIN reason for this blog today.

Recently, my daughter brought to my attention a video that has gone viral.  By the time I got to see it, it had been retweeted over 24 thousand times and when I checked this morning, it had been viewed 9,590,907 times.   Now in this video as you will see below, I must warn that there is violence and I must share that there is also horrible profanity.  I know some of you may be immune to this, but even at my age, I will never, ever be comfortable with what I saw in this video clip.  Yes, there is much violence in the world, we know that;  we see it every day on the news, sometimes 2 and 3 times a day.  Sadly, there are those whose worlds are filled with these kinds of ills and they are very comfortable with it.  But, although I’d like to say that this particular piece of violence is being committed by your typical perpetrator, I cannot.   What you are about to see has become all too common… and what’s even scarier, is it’s more like the norm.

Take a look, but you must scroll just a little to the video clip which should start playing instantly.  It’s title begins with “OUTTA NOWHERE…:

The Reason Why I’m Thankful I Raised My Daughters The Way I Did…

As I warned, there was violence and profanity.  But since those are sometimes common place in our society let me just point out WHY this particular piece was so sad to me: 1)  the perpetrator in this video clip was a young girl;  and 2) the victim was also a YOUNG GIRL and someone’s daughter.  Neither of them could have been any older than 15 years of age.

From the comments listed about this video, I take it that some thought it was extremely hilarious.  To me, it was the saddest thing I think I’ve ever seen, and it truly pained me to watch it.  Because I could not believe what my eyes saw the first time, I watched it again, just to be clear.  I wanted to be absolutely sure that this was no joke or hoax, but from the impact of the punch to the victim’s face then the subsequent kick to her face and other parts of her body, I came to know that it was all real and none of it was a laughing matter to me.  My heart truly almost stopped.

I felt pain for the young girl who was being attacked, because the violence came out of nowhere.  I felt sadness for the perpetrator because she had to have witnessed or been exposed to that kind of  violence to know how to inflict it on someone.  And I also felt sad for the bystanders.   Yes, the ones who knew that this young girl would be attacked so violently and who, instead of reporting it to an adult or some other authority figure,  then planned to ‘record’ it for all the world’s entertainment.  And what about the others who just stood around and watched…and laughed…and did nothing to help or stop it?  Someone had taught them to feel nothing when they witnessed behavior such as that.  Lastly, I then felt pain for my two daughters, who I brought into this world to live among such vileness, such ugliness, such monsters.  Because, that’s how the kids of today are being raised, more-so than not.

Now just for one second, I want you all to stop and just imagine that the young girl who was being attacked, imagine that it was your daughter instead, or your granddaughter, or your niece, or just someone you truly, truly love.  How would you feel?  Would you be bothered by the clip above or would you be un-moved by it all?   Would you do nothing about this?  Or would you react, stand up and say “NO MORE, THIS HAS TO STOP NOW”?  Well, I hate to lay this on you, but it could have been your daughter, your granddaughter, your niece or just someone you truly, truly love.  Could have been?  One day, what IF someone attacks the child you love so very much just the way this girl, who displayed this animalistic behavior, attacked the other one?  Would you want to try and change the world then?  Well, then is too late.  You must act NOW, BEFORE this happens to your own child, or grandchild, or niece or someone else you truly love.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but we no longer live in a world where we can sleep soundly and safely with our doors unlocked.  We no longer live in a world where we can just drop our kids off at school and expect them to always leave there unharmed.  We no longer live in a world where our kids can get up and ride their bikes to the end of the street and then expect that they won’t be abducted.  We haven’t lived in that world in a very long time.

What you saw in that video, that’s the world we live in now.  That’s the world we send our children out into every day and that’s the world I want to change before something like that happens to my (almost) perfect daughters, or even to yours.  I never want to witness anything like this again.  People, we have to do better and it’s time we returned to being a VILLAGE of people raising all the kids of the world.  We can’t just sit by any longer.  We have to act.  We have to care about them ALL.   And before someone pops up and makes the idiotic comment that this only happened because these girls were “black”, you need a reality check.  I’ve seen equal violence in Hispanics and Caucasians as well, so let us not go there.

Now, I will share with you what I’m most thankful for:

1)  I am so very thankful that GOD blessed me with the desire to want to raise my daughters better, and that he loaned me the two angels he did;

2)  I am so thankful that I made raising them properly (to be loving, caring, kind, patient and a host of other attributes they carry), my top priority;

3)  I am so thankful that when my youngest brought this video to my attention that I could see the empathy for this young victim in her eyes and how she found what the perpetrator did so very vile, and not humorous at all;

4)  I am so thankful that I work tirelessly to right the wrongs of the children that are not being taught any better and I am thankful that GOD always places them in my path;

5)  I am thankful for my beautiful family and the love and respect that we all have for human life;

6)  And lastly, I am thankful that GOD put it on my heart today to share this message with you.  Hopefully, it moves you to want to make a difference.  I hope it makes you want to step in and help change the world.

Ask yourself this question…If no one is teaching them, then how will they know?  I wrote “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS” to help those parents who didn’t know how to do it or even where to start.  I also wrote this book for very selfish reasons.  I wrote it in hopes that it would make its way around the world and get into the hands of every person who breathes around a child, just so they could teach and possibly change a child in some profound way, thereby creating a safer, more loving and tolerable world for my daughters.  Again, my selfish reason comes out, but believe me, my selfishness extends to all the precious children of this world.

You don’t know where to start?  Well, let me introduce you to the game-changer, “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…

It is my sincerest hope that you will introduce it as well to your community of followers, family and friends.

I wish you much Peace, much Love and on today, much rest and relaxation, because that’s all that I’m after.

So, what are you going to do to keep this violence from happening to another child?  Possibly your own…..


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  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Reblogged this on Motorcitywriter and commented:
    Still cannot get over this video in Nonnie’s blog post.


  2. Thanks for sharing this video, Nonnie. While I can’t say I’m surprised by its content, I certainly am saddened by it. When young people act out I often find myself wondering about their personal circumstances. Too many children are growing up in the shadows of domestic and community violence which are often portrayed in television, movies, and video games…in other words, this is something that surrounds many of our children. Great of you to bring this issue to all of our attention. 🙂


  3. servantrose

    I haven’t watched the video and I don’t intend to, I take your word for it. However, I just wanted to say that children have increasingly become worse because they don’t have guidelines. I mean we all have evil in our hearts, but within guidelines (parents, police, religious beliefs) we don’t let it run loss. The thing is, guidelines are disappearing. It began when they took the Bible and God out of schools. There are many MANY Americans who haven’t even set 1 foot in Church – so what are they guiding their children with? Evolutionary ideas which lead people to think there are no ultimate consequences for my behavior. Sadly, they also think there is nothing to live for, so live it up then die.


  4. There are no words to describe the horrid feeling this video gave me. As parents, our number one job in this day and age is to protect our children. The violence just keeps escalating. I really make an effort to encourage both of my daughters to have their friends here. It is very difficult sometimes as I work at home, but after seeing this video, I’ll take that frustration a thousand times if it means my daughters never face an altercation like the one in that video. I have absolutely no words of wisdom for this right now. What I do have is pure gratitude for my girls’ sweet dispositions and for our neighborhood. There are thousands of youth living in violent environments where this is an everyday thing. My heart goes out to them. Thanks for sharing.


    • All good parents share your exact same sentiment. Thanks for stopping by, caring!


  5. This is indeed a sad state of affairs, that this is the way of things. Color is definitely no barrier, this happens in all races, and it is just plain sad! We mom’s have to band together and raise our “almost perfect children” to never find this kind of thing acceptable! Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great week!


    • Stacey, you’re so right. We must ACT on this NOW! Not when it happens to one of our own, we must stop it so that there is never a chance that it can happen to one of our own. So sad.


  6. Dear Nonnie: What you wrote about the violent video your daughter brought to you disturbed me so deeply, I could not watch it but elected instead to take your very good word for it instead. All violence pains me deeply, and educating those who do not teach their children to be compassionate beings is a God driven mission. Thank you for the message you share in your book and on your blog. Jennie


    • Jennie, the fact that you couldn’t even LOOK at the violence, says so much about you. Now, it makes you wonder about the child/person who recorded the entire thing, laughing all the while. What kind of children are we raising that could be so cold and heartless and un-moved by such cruelty being inflicted on another human being? The world that’s being created frightens me. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.


  7. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    When my son was little he got his dirt bike stolen right off my porch. Well this mama grizzly went hunting until I found it and the culprits. I got a phone number and called the mother. She saw her son come home with a bike and didn’t question it. That’s where it starts. Parents ignoring items that come into their kids possession. I got the bike back and hope I didn’t embarrass my child too much in the process.


  8. Shirley, I was also very sad to see that. It was so hard to watch. I actually saw it on the news last night and the story only made it worst. The rumor mill has it that the culprit has been arrested (not sure how true that is), but I hope it’s very true. This kind of violence must be stopped before one of these monsters hurts the wrong child (for example, one of mine). Mistake on their part. #FerociousMommyHere


  9. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Can’t tell you how saddened I am after seeing that video. It breaks my heart. I know from first-hand knowledge that if you don’t raise your girls well they can become horrible people. We as a society should not tolerate it. I would like the girl who got attacked press charges against her attacker and her family so that she (the attacker) is given not only some jail time but some community service where she will feel the full impact of what she did. And she needs to be made to stand on a corner with a sign on her saying, ” I attacked someone and this is my punishment” or something similar. Now I feel better after venting.


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