Welcome Author, Lynette Creswell!!!

I’d like to welcome my friend Lynette Creswell, Author of the Sinners of Magic and Betrayers of Magic fantasy books.  She hails from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom and she’s here today to share a little of herself with us.  Let’s listen…


Thanks Nonnie for supporting me!

Defenders of Magic  

Book #3 of ‘The Magic Trilogy’

Book Blurb

In the final installment of the trilogy, Crystal will face her greatest challenge yet. There is a war coming and Elveria is after her blood. He alone knows he will do anything to prevent her from taking her rightful place, for if she is one day Queen and Niculmus is by her side, a peace will come to their troubled land that will leave him powerless and forgotten.

After following the princess back to the ordinary world, an accomplice tricks Matt into giving Crystal a potion which he believes will make her fall in love with him forever, but the ruby-red liquid is nothing more than a deadly poison. Crystal is taken by Abaddon to the very gates of Hell but much to his dismay, she will not take her final breath. Lost between worlds, Crystal’s only hope is for those left behind to find a way to bring her back to the light before it’s too late.

Each step they take will bring them closer to the truth, lead to a battle and, more importantly, decide the fate of Crystal and the Kingdom of Nine Winters …

Amazon link to Defenders of Magic US:  http://tinyurl.com/nmvb5z6


Amazon link to Defenders of Magic UK: http://tinyurl.com/pcp39wa

Pinterest Board for Defenders of Magic:http://www.pinterest.com/lyncreswell/defenders-of-magic/

‘The Magic Trilogy’

You Tube Book Trailer: 2013

Reader says about Lynette Creswell, Author  “… When I read her books I felt I was living each

If you’re interested in keeping up with this author, or catching up with the other books of the trilogy please check out the links below!

Lynette’s Website/Blog


Sinners of Magic the #1 Book of the Trilogy


Amazon.co.uk Link to Sinners of Magic:


Amazon.com Link to Sinners of Magic:


Sinners of Magic – You Tube Trailer:


Pinterest Board for Sinners of Magic:

Kobo Link: http://tinyurl.com/pqkbuv5

Betrayers of Magic the #2 Book of the Trilogy

Betrayers of Magic Amazon.co.uk Link:


Amazon.com Link to Betrayers of Magic:


Kobo Link: http://tinyurl.com/pqkbuv5

Betrayers of Magic – You Tube Trailer:


Pinterest Board for Betrayers of Magic:

Thanks, Lynette for dropping by sharing your books with us.  They sound so exciting and full of adventure.  Let’s all support this author who is wonderfully supportive to others, by clicking on the links contained with in and viewing her trailers as well as purchasing her books.  Can we all do that?  Sure we can!  Don’t forget to leave comments for this author below (authors really appreciate the comments as we all love interacting with our readers).  See you all next time as we all WATCH NONNIE WRITE!!!



  1. Lynette…your work sounds amazing! I love how you wrote about each step bringing them closer to the truth. “The truth” is a Big theme in my scifi/fantasty work! 🙂 Lovely to meet you…looking forward to reading your books! ((Hugs)), Danica


  2. This sounds like such an exciting read, Lynette. Look forward to reading it.


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