Janice Ross Gives Us More of the Damaged Girls Series!



Damaged and corrupted was only the beginning of this journey.  Jessica Rodney and Jillian McConnell had traveled this road for years.  All that linked the two, a selfish male with a taste for youthful flesh, Steven Briggs.  As if he’d not ruined enough lives, Stevie adds to the equation.  Tension builds, drama unfolds and love crumbles.  Secrets have been unveiled, deep, dark lives exposed.  And with the revelations comes redemption.

As the Damaged Girls Series comes to an end, Jessica and Jillian are able to finally address their demons and move on.  Does it come at a price?  Most certainly.  With an end to their defeat and victimization comes a pathway to finally becoming drama free.


Jillian withdrew her knuckles from Stevie’s dark blue wooden door, resting her balled fist outside of the deep pocket of her melon-colored trench coat.  Her left hand grasped the handle of an old, bronze pocket knife.  She felt just as odd as she must have looked considering it was mid-June, and then reckoned that at five thirty three on a Saturday morning, no one would notice her standing on his porch.


The heavier vibration caused a slight jitter, extending down to the deep, gray planks beneath her feet.

“He’s home.  I know he’s home,” she thought while turning her head to gaze past the edge of the building’s vinyl siding, to the smoky, gray mustang settled in the driveway.  She even leaned back several inches more to verify that the older model station wagon was parked further in.


This time the knock was even heftier as the coat’s edge dangled.  Jillian marched steady and light on tan flats that had dainty rubber soles.

“Come on,” she mouthed.  Her head ached and her eyes twitched.

Still her silent dance continued – right, left, right, left – until the board began to squeak.  She stopped and drifted around.  Her gaze rested at her five year old green Altima.  It was maintaining a steady purr, reminding her that time was counting down.  She lowered her head and was barely able to see the neon flash of the key ring hanging from the wheel, through the clear glass window and felt at ease once more.

Jillian reached up to knock once more and was caught off guard.  Stevie appeared before her.  She hadn’t even heard the door open.  The two engaged in a stand-off and she felt the taste of hatred stirring in her belly button.  She badly wanted to release it all over his smug grin, yet she began to hear a tender voice.  It clearly rebuked her for what she had decided to do.  On the contrary, she wasn’t ready to take heed.  Her fingers massaged, then unfolded the object in her pocket.  She returned his smirk.

“Came to beg me to take you back?” Stevie was overly confident as he reached out and yanked her into his naked chest.

“What’s under the coat?  Nothing?”

She jerked back while shaking out of his harsh embrace.

“Never again!” she shot into his face and several spurts of liquid blessed him.

“Of course.”  His confidence was sickening.  He reached down and wrapped his arms around either side of her waist.  She was off the ground and her legs were wailing to and fro.

“Put me down,” she yelped and begged in usual Jillian fashion.  And in the entire fight, her left hand never departed her pocket, or her fingers the blade of her weapon.


Damaged Girls I & II are currently available through:


Barnes & Nobles

Google Books




& other online retailers.

Damaged Girls III will be released at the end of the year.


  1. Still loving the cover. I like the book so far and I wish you lots of luck, Janice!!


  2. jgrwriter

    Thanks for hosting my, Nonnie!



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