Why I Want To Be An Author….

When people find out that I am a published author, that’s one of the first questions they ask…”What made you want to be an author?” Well, I wish I could answer and say “because the pay is really good”, (but it’s not, at least not yet);  I could say “because the hours are so much better than that 9 to 5 I had many years ago”, ( but they’re not, I mean the hours really suck. I spend more time at this job than any other job I’ve ever had.  And I’ve had tons of jobs);  I could say “because I get lots of praise and recognition”, (but I don’t.  Actually, I’ve come across lots more people who’ve wanted to criticize than praise my work and efforts);  I could say “because it’s all I think about doing, even when I’m in the middle of doing other things I love,” and that’s the line that would be the most truthful.

The truth is….

I write because I love it.

I write because I want to give people great books to read.

I write because I have lots to say.

I write because I am a writer.

I write because I’M DAMNED GOOD AT IT!

“Why do I want to be an author?” you still ask….CAN YOU NOT HEAR THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING FROM MY FINGERS?




  1. Great post. I love your work.


  2. Far better than expressing that you love to write and being asked, “Why didn’t you become an author”? 🙂


  3. Hell yes! I hope everyone can find that thing that they can’t imagine not doing.


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