Loren Kleinmann has never stopped by WATCH NONNIE WRITE! before, which is why we’re all extra excited today because she is here!  She is debuting her new novel, “INDIE AUTHORS NAKED”, which she has co-written with a host of other authors.  Loren is about to share with us what makes for a successful writer and  is also sharing a day in her writing life. Take it away, Loren…..

A Day In Your Writing Life

Zadie Smith once wrote, “Don’t confuse honors with achievement.”  I’m on a constant path to achievement. I’m never quite there, which, I think, is what keeps me hungry.

I’m disciplined when it comes to my writing regimen. But I think that’s what makes people successful. Successful people are successful because they are disciplined. They are not partying on Saturday night; they’re working.

7am: work out (30 min)

8am: Healthy breakfast of eggs, spinach and wheat bread or Kashi and Greek yogurt with some coffee

9-6: work full time

7: dinner

8-10: writing/revising/editing

In between all of this, I’m managing all of my social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogging).

Saturday is the only day I take off and relax, go to the Farmer’s Market, shop, etc.

I’m always reading, every day.

I’d never want to stop growing. How boring, right? Challenge yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you can do. I’m a poet that wrote a novel. It was one of the hardest things I did, and I’m not done (yet). I cried during the revision process. I cried a lot. But I kept going and the book came out better in the end.

I’m dedicated to writing. It’s my life. True story.


  1. Very inspiring…can really relate to the challenge yourself, you’ll be amazed at what you can do portion of this post. Thanks for the reminder. ((Hugs)! 🙂


  2. Indiewritersreview

    This is an awesome post…what a schedule, I’m inspired…that you stick to a writing regimen while maintaining full time job and other daily activities…I wish you well on your tour!:O)


  3. Sounds like a great book. And gosh, do I wish I had all those hours in the day available for writing – that’s terrific!


  4. Great post! -Pit crew


  5. burtmorgret

    Thank you for hosting today:)


  6. I need to get this book. Thank you for sharing this.


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