Hello, and Welcome to a NEW day at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB! If you’ve never heard of us, you must not ever turn your computer on because we are the Virtual Book Club that everyone is buzzing about!   We’ve been around now for five (5) months and our membership has almost reached 500!  Our website is an extremely busy place…again, in five (5) months, it’s been viewed almost 43,000 times! Boy, there must be a lot going on there for all that traffic, right? YOU can bet your bottom dollar there is!

We aren’t your typical book club. First, our membership is open to Authors and Readers. Our mission is to PROFILE, PROMOTE & PROPEL INDIE AUTHORS via book sales, “honest” book reviews and name recognition. That means, that if no one has ever heard of you before, if you’re an active member-author at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, your name is probably on a lot of tongues now!;  second, we are here to foster an environment of positivity and support and we do an extremely good job of supporting our members; and thirdly, we offer so many perks and privileges to ALL members which include: BOOK OF THE MONTH Winners, “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHORS, #PUSHTUESDAY winners, and we offer writing contests and fun photo contests to help you earn some of these fabulous spots! If you’re a Reader, how would you like your chance at winning Amazon gift cards just for referring new members who join? And what if you’re an avid reader? How would you like to win a $50, $100 or even a $200 Amazon Gift Card for having read the most member-author books during the year? These are just a few of the many perks we offer at RRBC.

Some of you reading this are already aware of the fabulous club we are, so let me tell you WHY there’s a new day at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB.

When we first formed, we accepted any and everyone who submitted an application. Then, we noticed that some of the people who were aligning themselves with us, just weren’t the right “fit” for us, so we became a bit more selective. {We do offer an overwhelmingly huge amount of support to all our members and we do ENCOURAGE all of our members to support one another, but the ONLY real requirement of RRBC is that each member purchases, reads and reviews a minimum of 4 books per year. Weekly, many member-authors list their books at only $.99 and some for FREE! It has been shared with us by some members that they have completed all four of their required reads for the club for only $3.98! UNBELIEVABLE!}. Even with us becoming more selective, we still encountered those members who would join for one second and then turn right around a week later to say something to the effect of: “I realize my dog is going to be sick for the next two weeks so I’m going to have to cancel my membership.” Really, some of the excuses we’ve received are so laughable and unbelievable, all you can do is stare in disbelief!

So, because our board of 8 members work extremely hard at propelling our members and constantly devising NEW plans to propel our members, we thought instead of just adding members to the roster, we’d add a second step to the process. This little step merely asked the prospective member to return to our site, to READ OUR FAQ page FULLY and after that, “let us know if you’re sure you want to become a member.” We did this because it is a hassle to add members to our online roster, to our internal rosters, to add and link their books to our online book catalog, to only turn around and have to remove it all. Please believe me when I say in the voice of the very entertaining, Youtube sensation, Sweet Brown, “AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHAT!”  We are much, much too busy!  But, believe it or not, this STILL didn’t stop the revolving door of “join/quit, join/I don’t have time to support anyone but me, join/I only joined to see what you could do for me quickly”, etc.

So, we implement yet another step in the process…on May 18, we instated a 30 day probationary period. What this entailed was new members joining on or after this date, would not have their name OR their book(s) listed in our online roster and catalog, but they would still be allotted all of the other perks and privileges of membership. If after their 30 day probationary period they were still with us, we would then add their names and books to the rosters for the world to see. During the first 10 days of this new policy, we received almost 50 NEW member applications. So you see, even with a new stipulation to our membership in place, these new people STILL wanted to join us because they’d heard the stories about how SUCCESSFUL we are in PROFILING, PROMOTING & PROPELLING our indie author members.  I know, you want me to hurry and get to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT….THE REASON THAT WE’RE REALLY HERE TODAY…THE NEW DAY AT RRBC!

Now that our membership is nearing 500, and to ensure that we are aligning ourselves with the BEST OF THE BEST and the MOST SERIOUS-MINDED INDIVIDUALS who take what we do here seriously, we are implementing a NEW MEMBERSHIP FEE!

Beginning June 1, 2014, our annual membership fee is $25.00/per member. THIS FEE IS FOR *NEW* INCOMING MEMBERS WHO JOIN ON OR AFTER JUNE 1ST, and current members will not be assessed a membership fee until their anniversary date. For most of you, that won’t begin until January, 2015 or one year after your join date (which is different for everyone).

*NEW* MEMBERS: Here is what your membership will entail:

(If you are a current member, some of these FREE services may not apply for you yet)

*The listing of up to 3 of your books in our online catalog (right now, members are allotted only 1 listing, with the ability to add one additional in the near future);

*The ability to add book covers to 2 of your titles;

*FREE 3 months of One-on-One consultations via phone calls, email or e-chat with your very own Mentor; a critique of your partially completed manuscript, which includes helpful hints and suggestions about what could make the writing better.  (Right now, this service has a fee of $10 on its own);

*FREE entry into all our fee-based writing contests;

*For approved works, inclusion in our upcoming RRBC Anthology;

*Discounted rates to our future Writer’s Conferences and Book Expos;

*Our site receives upwards of 500 hits per day, and the majority of those hits are views to our Online Catalog, where member-author books are being purchased, read and reviewed; GRAND EXPOSURE FOR YOUR BOOK(S);

*Our Online Catalog is now about to be made available for download to libraries, booksellers/bookstores and shared via regular press releases; MORE EXPOSURE FOR YOUR BOOK(S)

*Being selected as BOOK OF THE MONTH, “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR and #PUSHTUESDAY winner has taken some of our member’s Amazon rankings from the 1 million plus mark, down to #38, #35 and as low as #22 on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Seller’s List! Just wait until it’s your turn!

See what some of our members have to say about RRBC:

Member: LINDA MIMS: “RRBC is like a slice of Heaven in the humongous publishing world. Since being accepted into this family of writers I have been welcomed and treated with respect and I have yet to complete and publish my novel. My social media accounts have grown and I have a sense of fellowship with a kindred community. I fully embrace Rave Reviews Book Club (blowing kisses to all of you)!”

Member: TLCKIDS4915: “Even if I never get a chance to be in the hot seat with RRBC, I will always be a part of this club because of the awesome people I have connected with here. These authors are among the most selfless, positive minded, and supportive people I have come across yet – from any author site I have been a part of. My followers list on Twitter has increased majorly because of the support I have found at RRBC. I truly enjoy reading and reviewing the books to return the favor!”

Member: KINDLE NINJA: “Being a ninja in a sea of talented authors, I sit and wonder what am I doing here. I have no books to share, no tours to promote, and no manuscripts for editors to scrutinize. But I have a book review blog with a cult following of 4 people (on a good day!). To support the RRBC, I added a ‘Conversations over Milk & Cookies’ segment in my blog and featured the Board members. Episode 1 pulled my blog from utter obscurity, with over 500 page views in the first two hours of posting. It’s astonishing! Thanks, Rave Reviews Book Club!”

Member: WENDY STORER: “I am still smiling from the effects of being the lucky recipient of yesterday’s #PUSHTUESDAY initiative. I woke up to a deluge of tweets and book sales, and this continued throughout the day. I felt very supported by other RRBC members, and sold more books on Amazon.com than I had sold in months! Beyond this one day, I am looking forward to being connected to such a great bunch of writers and having the opportunity to support them as they have supported me. Thanks, Rave Reviewers!”

I wish I could list all of the nice things members have to say about us, but you would get tired of reading, so feel free anytime to pop over to the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB site and check out our “WHAT RRBC HAS DONE FOR ME” page.

We’re wrapping this up now, but not before we let you in on a very special offer: FOR a limited time only, we are offering our AWESOME membership package for only $15.00! That’s it……15 little one dollar bills will get you aligned with the most illustrious member-authors and readers around. For what we do and how we do it, for the support we offer and the way we offer it, the REAL price tag could not be afforded. But right now, you’re able to get in at the low, low cost of only $15! I encourage you to act now, as we don’t know when it might jump up to its original price of $25/yearly! By imposing this fee, we will be able to now weed out the junk, and align ourselves with only the best!  NOW, RRBC is all about QUALITY MEMBERS not QUANTITY MEMBERS!

If you’re serious about support, if you’re serious about having the opportunity to be PROFILED, PROMOTED & PROPELLED in unimaginable ways, JOIN US NOW!

When you get there, be sure and tell ‘em NONNIE sent you!


(If you’re a current RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB member and you believe in what we do, and you’d like to support the club by posting the blog on your own site, please CONTACT US! or simply re-blog this post!)



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