I thought it was too good to just leave it alone so I’m sharing it again for Recruitment Day!

Watch Nonnie Write!

…and I’m so excited about it, I’m over here Man Jumping!

Well, let me tell you a little about our RECRUITMENT DAY! It’s a day where all members of RRBC  get together and collectively introduce and recruit new members into our club. Now, some of you may be looking at our online membership roster thinking… “Well, you have enough members already, don’t you?” And our response will always be “NEVER ENOUGH!” We feel that the more members we have, the more support we have and the more support we can offer to our entire body of members. So, you see, we don’t recruit just for the sake of recruiting, there is a method to our madness.

You may be asking yourself, “Well, if I join, what’s in it for me?” That’s a fun question and one I’m happy to answer for you! Our goal is to PROFILE, PROMOTE &…

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  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    What an uplifting picture. It says a lot!


  2. Nice Re-blog. Great post.


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