Hello, my darling readers (as I shamelessly bat my long eyelashes at you).  Not one to be outdone by my fellow board members at RRBC, I am putting up this post to ask for your help for a couple of reasons:  1)  I had already thought about putting this post up but hadn’t gotten around to it, and 2) My fellow “slick-ster” board member, Nicholas Rossis beat me to the punch and put his up first!

The Rave Reviews Book Club, which I’m a member of (oh, well heck, I founded it), is gearing up for it’s first annual RAVE AWARDS!  That’s kinda-sorta like the Emmys and the Grammys, but it’s our own little version in the book world. (Hey, we’re gonna be big one day, too!) At the end of December, some of our awesome-tastic members will be awarded various prizes and recognition for the awesome-tastic things they’ve done thru-out the year.

Here’s how you can help me:  Two of my blogs, two of my book trailers, and my “Who’s On The Shelf With Me” Interview are all contenders in this competition.  I don’t care to win any prizes, but if you guys think my work is worthy (in creating my blogs as well as my book trailers), then I’d like to know!

The good thing about these particular awards is that EVERYONE CAN VOTE!  Yes, that means you don’t have to be a member of Rave Reviews Book Club (but we’d sure like to have you JOIN US) to share your opinion in these awesome contests!  The greatest part of all this is, even though it’s November, the lines aren’t long at these polls at all!!!!!

1In line to vote

{What I meant to say was, these lines move really fast!}  If you would head over to the RAVE AWARDS page and cast your votes for me, I would surely appreciate it!  Heck, if you went there and thought someone else’s material (blog site, book trailer and interview) was better than mine, heck, I’d appreciate you for that, too! (Seems I like the word “heck” a heck-of-a-lot today, doesn’t it?)  So, I guess what I’m really trying to do here is to just drum up support and votes for the work of some of our awesome-tastic members.  We do ask that you vote for those contenders who you feel ARE THE BEST in those categories, even if they’re not your friends.  (Even if it’s not me).

I do appreciate you stopping by today, and if you decide to head over to the RAVE AWARDS page and check out my blogs, my book trailers and even my ON THE SHELF interview,  please come back by, leave me a comment below, and let me know what you thought of them.  We all like a little “attaboy” pat on our backs at times.   (Yes, even me!)

Thanks, you guys for your support!  It really is appreciated!!!

(Please share this page on Twitter and Facebook before you leave and don’t forget to hit the LIKE button, if you do!)


  1. I am keeping my votes a secret LOL…Darn I should have voted for myself.


  2. Nice post and great campaign.


  3. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Can we vote more than once? Because I voted for one of yours.


  4. I’ve voted for your blog, Nonnie! I absolutely agree that small children need to be disciplined but also gently moulded into productive human beings. It can be done with patience and love.


    • Thank you so much, Stevie! How kind of you! Hope you’re feeling great!


      • I will be once I get this week out of the way….


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