Hello and welcome to my very own 12 DAYS OF “AUTHORS”!  You’ve heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, right?  Well, this is  my version of that, my gift to these very special people!  Starting today, December 14, until Christmas Day, I will profile one very special author and their written work.  Because I am in awe of so many of you, (definitely more than 12), I had to come up with a process for my selection.  So, I threw a bunch of names into a pot and the ones that came out, will be profiled here as one of my 12 Days of “Authors”!



IMG_2790 2 (1)

John is our newest addition to the Governing Board at Rave Reviews Book Club.  He has assumed the role of Membership/Incentives Director and he’s doing an awesome “bang-up” job of it!  He’s kind, gentle, positive, hilariously funny and he’s also a GOOD WRITER!

“Fio” has authored a few books to date and here are two titles:  “A PERSONAL JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF TEACHING” and “PASSION & STRUGGLE (THE GENESIS SAGA BOOK 1)”.  

And now, a few words from “Fio”:

“I taught high school history for thirty-five years in just two schools in the Waterloo, Ontario region. My wife and business partner, Anne, and I have been married for 40 beautiful years.

Fio and Anne's Wedding Photo

John and Anne Fio

We have three adult children and three grandchildren. In 2002 I wrote an educational book for high school students about writing skills in the discipline of History. “Getting it Right In History Class” is available in Canadian and International editions at Wintertickle Press.

In 2006 Iceberg Publishing commissioned me to write an inspirational book about my years in the classroom. “A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching” was published in 2007. The book won a Bronze Medal at the IPPY International Awards in Los Angeles in May, 2008. I retired from teaching the next month.

A Personal Journey by John Fioravanti

My wife and I decided to strike off on our own and founded our own publishing company in December, 2013. We called it, Fiora Books. Our good friends at Iceberg Publishing turned my award winning book back over to us to publish under the Fiora Books imprint. The 2014 edition of “A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching became available in May, 2014 on Amazon in paperback and eBook formats.”  And then…“PASSION & STRUGGLE.”

Guests, please join me in celebrating my gift to you, AUTHOR, JOHN FIORAVANTI!  Run out and purchase a copy of either of his books (I hear they’re getting Rave Reviews!), follow him on Twitter and share this page on all your social media forums.

CONGRATS, “FIO” on being the 1st of my 12 Days of “Authors”!

Twitter:  @jfinwat & @FioraBooks

Facebook:  Fiora Books


“Fio” is a proud RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB Member!  Join him!

I wonder who will be here tomorrow!  Maybe YOU!


  1. Reblogged this on rhanidchae and commented:
    Today, I’m sharing with you a reblog of an earlier post by Nonnie Jules. This was the first day of her “12 days of authors” series, & it spotlights author John Fioravanti. Learn a few things about this talented author, & check out his books on Amazon.

  2. Fio rocks! 🙂

  3. Congratulations, John. Well deserved. The little I’ve had contact with you, I’ve found you quit friendly, just the way your book portrayed you. 🙂

    You and your wife look so somber in your wedding picture, and quite the opposite in the recent one.

  4. PHS

    Reblogged this on Archer's Aim and commented:
    Re-blogged on Archer’s Aim for those who missed this one…

  5. I LOVE the 12 Days of Authors!! Such an awesome idea, Nonnie! Congrats to you, John, for being Author #1. An amazing honor to be featured and one you are very deserving of. 🙂

  6. John, yet another great look into you and your writing. Loved it!
    Nonnie, what a great “12 days of” idea! I can’t wait to see who all turns up.

  7. What a lovely idea! Congrats, John. I love your wedding photo.

  8. harmonykentonline

    What a fantastic idea! I love it! Congratulations, John! It’s great to see your wedding photos 🙂

    • Thank you Harmz! That picture was taken June 30, 1973 – I started my teaching career the following September – just a kid of 22! Good memories!

  9. Reblogged this on Fiora Books and commented:
    I am overwhelmed by this great honour!

  10. How can I thank you enough for this wonderful surprise, Nonnie! You make me feel so special. I’ve felt very special since the day I joined Rave Reviews Book Club and the good folks here enveloped me in a warm welcome. Thank you, dear lady… I owe you a big hug!

    • You’re so very welcome, my dear 🙂

  11. Congrats, John! This honor couldn’t happen to a nicer guy:) You have really taken the initiative with your position in RRBC and made a lot of exciting things happen! I plan to dive into your book soon after the holidays, when things slow down a bit:) Enjoy your ‘much coveted’ spot on Nonnie’s blog:)

    • Thanks, Traci – I appreciate your ongoing support! I’m having the time of my life… now where’s Nonnie… gotta give that lady a hug!

  12. Hi ALL
    I’d like to invite everyone to read the 5 STAR REVIEW I gave John’s book. You’re also invited to read the interchange we had afterwards

    • Thank you, Robin Leigh – I really appreciate your wonderful review!

  13. Great time for you John. You are getting the support you deserve. Congrats.

  14. What a wonderful idea Nonnie! Lovely to read more about John. I’ll definitel be recommending the book to all my teacher / former teacher friends and relatives – of which there are many! It’s already in my kindles TBR list 😃

    • Thank you, Helen – I appreciate your support!

  15. Congratulations John. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person

    • Thank you, John – your kind words mean a lot!

  16. Congratulations John! December has been an excellent month for you! As someone married to a now retired teacher and a daughter who teaches, I look forward to reading A Personal Journey Into The Heart of Teaching.

    • Thank you very much, Kathryn – I hope you and your family members enjoy it!

  17. Bill Ward

    Have just finished reading his book and posted a 5* review! Is a great book from a great teacher.

    • Thank you, Bill. I felt quite humbled when I read your review. It means a lot!

  18. I love this idea. SO FUN to see John when he was first married. Congrat’s John. 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie… yeah, back when I was 22 and skinny! Sigh…

  19. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    This is so nice. The first day of Authors and John is featured. That’s as it should be. He always steps up to the plate whenever needed. Congrats John.

    • Thank you, Shirley… I’m in shock! What a delightful surprise!

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