Hello, and welcome to my very own 12 DAYS OF “AUTHORS!”  Today, I begin with my theme song:  “On the 4th day of authors, Ms. Nonnie gave to me, a P. H. SOLOMON!  You’ve heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, right?  Well, this is  my version of that, my gift to these very special people and to you!  This all started on Sunday, December 14, with John “Fio” Fioravanti,  as the 1st of my 12 Days of “Authors,” then Marlena Hand as my 2nd day, Kathryn C. Treat as my 3rd and it will continue until Dec. 25, Christmas Day.  Each day I will profile one very special author and their written work.  Because I am in awe of so many of you, (definitely more than 12), I had to come up with a process for my selection.  So, I threw a bunch of names into a pot and the ones that came out, will be profiled here in my 12 Days of “Authors!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you:



P. H. Solomon is getting to be a household name around these parts.  He’s uber-supportive and what I love about him, is that he’s always eager to help!  I LOVE THAT ABOUT PEOPLE!  Any time you need a host for your blog tour, any where he can jump in to assist, he will.  And his Twitter timeline says it all…he’s supportive of others! He’s also a member of RRBC’s VIP LOUNGE (now you have to be on the ball to get inside that private room!)

And now, a little more about P.H.:

P. H. Solomon lives in the greater Birmingham, AL area where he strongly dislikes yard work and sanding the deck rail. However, he performs these duties to maintain a nice home for his loved ones as well as the family’s German Shepherds. In his spare time, P. H. rides herd as a Computer Whisperer on large computers called servers (harmonica not required). Additionally, he enjoys reading, running, most sports and fantasy football. Having a degree in Anthropology, he also has a wide array of more “serious” interests in addition to working regularly to hone his writing. He is currently finishing the first book of a fantasy series and hopes to see it in print soon. He has also been chosen as a VIP member of Nonnie Jules’ Rave Reviews Book Club.

P. H. has authored a book entitled:  THE BLACK BAG and I’m asking that you pick up a copy today on Amazon.

The Black Bag by P H Solomon

My dear guests, I invite you to visit P.H.’s blog, Archer’s Aim,  also follow his blog while you’re there.  He’s a great supporter, so I would suggest that he be followed on Twitter as well.  People like P.H. are a rarity these days, so when we are fortunate enough to have these awesome supporters cross our paths, we should be extremely grateful!  I know I am!

CONGRATS, P.H. on being the 4th of my 12 Days of “Authors!”

Twitter:  @ph_solomon

Facebook:  Author P.H. Solomon

P.H. is a proud RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB Member.  You don’t believe me? Check his Twitter bio and then JOIN him!


  1. I follow his blog and PH is great! 🙂


  2. Congratulations on being featured here!


  3. PHS

    Reblogged this on Archer's Aim and commented:
    I may be tooting my own horn here with a re-blog but I am boosting Nonnie’s series…


  4. Congratulations, P.H. Working on servers… Hope that doesn’t mean you have to spend too much time in those chilly climate-controlled rooms. Bring along a sweater. 🙂


  5. Congrats, PH! You totally deserve it. 🙂


  6. PHS

    Thank you very much, Nonnie! I’ve been so busy today I almost missed this until I saw a tweet. Merry Christmas to everyone!


  7. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Hi PH. We have to quit meeting like this.(lol) I’m so glad you won this spot today. I am enjoying your blogs because they are so informational. Congratulations!


  8. Nice Post. Enjoy P.H.


  9. P.H., it wasgreat to learn a little bit more about you. You are always so supportive on Twitter, which I greatly appreciate. I’ve added your book to my TBR list, & will read it as soon as I can. I will also be trotting off to visit your blog as soon as I’m done here.
    Nonnie, another great post on this pre-Christmas party. What a great idea! 😊


  10. Congrats on your honor, P.H.! Looks like we are neighbors. I am in Georgia:)
    Enjoy your special day! Well-deserved!


  11. Congratulations, PH! I look forward to seeing who will be featured here each day!


  12. Congratulations PH! How awesome to be one of Nonnie’s 12 Days of “Authors!” I have Just downloaded The Black Bag to my Kindle.


  13. harmonykentonline

    Congratulations, PH! It is great to see you here on the Twelve days! 🙂


  14. Hi Nonnie,

    Tried to leave a comment for Peter – site didn’t like me this morning! LOL

    John Fioravanti Partner/CEO/Author, Fiora Books P – 519-725-0426



  15. Yooo! P.H. is next! I could almost say who will be next. They are usually our most #RRBC deserving members. P.H. have fun and enjoy your day.


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