Enough Is Enough :)

…and yes, I did say that with a huge smile on my face.

Blushing dog

I know you’re curious about the title of this post and the fact that I’ve followed it up with a smile.  Well, stick with me here.  If you don’t know me, I am the President of Rave Reviews Book Club.  It’s an awesome organization built on support between members, most of whom are authors.  Now, when I founded this club, I didn’t think that it would take up so much of my time, but it has; I didn’t think that it would keep me from writing great books, but it has; I didn’t think that it would keep me burning the midnight oil well into the wee hours of the morning, only to jump out of bed after about 3-4 hours of sleep to start it all over again, but it has;  I didn’t expect that it would keep me from enjoying precious time with my family…THAT, IT CERTAINLY HAS DONE.

So, what have I had enough of?

*I’ve had enough of those folks who complain when they’re not getting something they want.  Would I be so bold as to call these “adult tantrums?” I would, and I just did.

*I’ve had enough of that one who claims that I abuse my position as President to promote myself.  Let me be perfectly clear here…now, I need you all to pull up your chairs, turn up your speakers as loud as they will go, and listen very intently to what I’m about to say – my novel, DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND was RRBC’s BOM in December, 2013;  my poetry book, “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…” was BOM in February, 2015.  I vaguely recall a #PUSHTUESDAY for my birthday in May, 2014 (which the Governing Board would have initiated without my knowledge, as a surprise.)  I’ve never been a “SPOTLIGHT” Author, never been MEMBER OF THE MONTHMEMBER OF THE WEEK or sat in any of those awesome seats (which I, just as any of our uber-supportive members, surely deserve to sit in).  As President of RRBC, I am a member just like everyone else, and am therefore entitled to every perk and promotion that everyone else is entitled to…yet, as you can see, the promotion that I get from RRBC is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY minimal.  But, I’m not complaining;

*I’ve had enough of those who complain that our Governing Board members should not be entitled to any perks, promotions and privileges of the club.  Well, that’s where they’re wrong, because just like me, our Governing Board members are members just like everyone else.  The only difference is, they bust their butts daily, give up their family time, burn the midnight oil and the candle at both ends, and also miss out on their writing time…all to work for the benefit of the club and to make the club better for the members.  (Uber-supportive members, we don’t want you to feel left out here…they complain about you, too.  Why you got this seat, why you got that seat, why you just joined and are being so supported already...)

#SweepAroundYourOwnFrontDoor  (In other words, do what you should be doing, and stop worrying about what others are doing.  What’s meant for you, will be yours.)

*I’ve had enough of  those who confuse our Weekly Club Updates with our Online Newsletter.  There’s a difference.  If you’re trying to appear knowledgeable, then learn it;

*I’ve had enough of those who say that I shamelessly promote my books weekly in the newsletter.  (I’m sure they mean the Weekly Club Updates because the newsletter is not a weekly publication. Heck, we’re lucky if we can update it monthly as I AM SO BUSY BUILDING THE CLUB AND PROMOTING OUR MEMBERS, that I don’t have much time to see straight, let alone get to those things that I think can wait);


*I’ve had enough of those who don’t take the time to read with enough clarity to know that just like I keep my 2 books in the WCU weekly (one, because it was voted RRBC’s 2014 Book Of The Year and the other, because it’s used as a tool to teach the importance of supporting), they can keep theirs in there, too.  All they have to do is send it in to Marlena, which obviously they aren’t doing.  So, because they aren’t taking the time to send theirs in, should I not include mine?


*I’ve had enough of those people who “think” that Rave Reviews Book Club and my company 4WillsPublishing are connected.  Let’s see, if Steve Job had been a member of RRBC and he worked for Apple, would people think that the two entities were in bed together?  Well, there are those minds -____________-

*I’ve had enough of those who continue to throw up implications which begin with, “I wonder if those members that left the club…”  Let me stop those of you who begin your sentences with those 9 words…we don’t concern ourselves with WHY those members left the club.  With every organization, there will always be some who won’t be happy about something.  And since I’m smart enough to know that I can’t please everyone, I don’t waste my time trying.  I do what I know I need to do, in all that I need to do.  I am much too busy to sit and concern myself with why those members left the club.  People leave clubs/organizations every 5 seconds around the world, our club will be no different.  And let me make this clear, tons of them left because they didn’t want to pay a membership fee.  Yes, sad but true.  We’ve received countless email from members who have left asking or stating, “Why do I have to pay?”  “Can you waive my fee?”  “What you have here is great, but I don’t want to pay for it” “Can I pay later,” and then they don’t.  So, you see, think about the many reasons why those who have left the club did, before you go mud-slinging, and trying to find the fault in our stars;

*I’ve had enough of those who think that the members who are also clients of 4WillsPub get some sort of special treatment.  Try digging a little deeper and get your facts straight.  Just because those members who are faithful to the club, utilize my services, does not mean that they are getting special treatment anywhere.  And for the record, RRBC is headed by someone who deals in, and operates within the confines of honesty, truthfulness, and that which is right.  I don’t just “make up” what’s in my non-fiction books…I live it;

*I’ve had enough of those who want everyone to perceive them as “professionals” and then turn around and show the world just how much they’re not;

*I’ve had enough of those who say they want to be taken seriously as an author, yet, are the very reasons INDIE is a joke in the world of traditional publishing.  Those are the ones who make it so hard for the rest of us;

*I’ve had enough of those who continue to align themselves with organizations that they do nothing but find fault with.  I can vouch for the fact that RRBC holds no one hostage;

*And lastly, I’ve had enough of those who get upset about not getting their way, then run off and blast us all over the net…actually, let me retract that one…that’s pretty comical to me and it keeps our light shining brightly too, so maybe I should be grateful for that one;  (Wait for it, it’s coming…LOL);

I’m sure you’ve had enough of all that I’ve had enough of, so let me wrap this up.  People, if we’re that bad, why are you still here?  I mean, I don’t get it.  We’re not perfect, far from it, but seriously, we do a damned good job trying.  WE GIVE tons more than we receive…so, when you see those blog posts about how horrible we are, remember this:  “Don’t judge us by our friends, judge us by our enemies.”  Pay attention to those that spew the negativity…I mean, take a good look.  And try not to catch a glimpse of their “good, public self,” try to catch that “self” that they really don’t want anyone to see.  Unfortunately for them, God gave me the gift to see people for who they really are.

I’m a professional and I care greatly about my reputation because I’ve worked very hard to build it, and although I’m not your typical President, which means, I’m not going to be someone’s stomping mat, you will never see me engaging in a back-and-forth war of “childish” words with anyone.  I’ll leave that to the 5th graders on the playground and those who profess so loudly to do so much for this club.  But you know what I say to that…my poodle can schedule auto-tweets (But I can’t, just for the record!  I do all of mine manually…lol).

Guys, make it a great day, or not…the choice is yours.  Oh, and why I chose to end that inciteful title with a smile…people can’t steal my joy, I can only give it away and giving it away, is not an option in my world!

#WearLoveNotHate It looks better on everyone!

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts below!

{Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything!}

 {Now, here’s another of my shameless plugs:  If you’re looking to join an organization that feels more like family than just a club, RRBC is the place to be.  #UnheardOfKindOfSupport! #JoinUs}


  1. There will always be those who find fault with something. They have sad little lives and spew negativity. Two years ago I determined I would stay away from all negativity when I can and move towards the positive every day, and for the most part I have done that. I agree with all the others who have said, I am sad but not surprised. All we can do is what we feel is the right and best thing to do, and I feel that’s exactly what you do, Nonnie. Try not to worry or give breath to those who aim to knock you down. There are some who thrive on drama. If it’s not there, they create it. I learned that the hard way many years ago. Enough said. 😉


  2. Having read all the wonderful comments in respect of your blog, including myself, you have tremendous support from all your members. Every organisation has its dissenters. You can’t please all of the people all the time, or words to that effect. There are many Independent writers out there, and the list is growing. Who else would give up their own valuable family time to support them? All I can add is that you and your team are doing a great job. Thanks for sharing the blog. But rest assured, you have nothing to worry about.


  3. RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB? Best book club on the planet in my opinion and its members ROCK! I’m a supporter and get great support in return. Author or reader? Come join us!
    4WillPublishing? I like what I’m seeing… I’m a tour host for many of my indie author friends and I like what I see. Keep up the great work (all around), Nonnie! 🙂


  4. I’m sure that I don’t do all I should to help, and I promise to do better, but you get what you put in so I can only assume that these negative souls do nothing and expect everything. Unless you’re royalty that’s not going to happen. EVER. Just saying. Well done everyone who supports the group and don’t slam the door on the way out to those that don’t. 🙂


  5. Every organization has its detractors – and with the Club these people can and will move on. I agree with all the wonderful supportive comments. It is indeed a shame to have to take valuable time away from more fruitful endeavors to combat this type of negativity.

    I liked Robin Chambers comments about concise and professional responses – and at times the best thing to do is not to respond at all.

    Nonnie, the comments left here reflect the part of the membership that supports and praises your efforts and wishes to work in a positive and constructive way for the betterment of Rave Reviews Book Club.


  6. John, I have loved all of the comments left here today. I love the fact that a conversation was started and the dialogue was open and honest….but you, my friend have made my day! Because, hauling their “weighty” asses is exactly what we’ve been doing. And I’m quite sure, we’ve all had enough! Register a complaint when your name is John Howell, Joy Bamijoko, Marc Estes, Shirley Slaughter, Rebecca Reilly, Helen Treharne, (everyone of the members who serve on the TST), Brian O’Hare, Nancy Bell, Bette Stevens, Jennie Sherwin, Tim Hemlin, Jennifer Hinsman, Rhani D’Chae, (every Governing Board member), P.H. Solomon, Jan Hawke, Bill Ward, or any number of the many uber-supportive members that we have in this club (because I couldn’t list them all).

    Kudos to you, my friend!


  7. Whew, I finally got to read this. Nonnie you have said it all and I can’t imagine what it feels like to be criticized for doing good. I just want to add; those who continually voice the contrary should take a hike. The rest of us, who work at this because we love it (supporting other authors) are tired of hauling your weighty asses along with those who appreciate what we do.


  8. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    It amazes me Nonnie how you run this club and keep all the wheels moving. Its a tough job. No matter if anyone has a beef with you they have to respect what you have accomplished. The haters won’t respect you; those with integrity and honesty will respect you. They are the ones to have by your side.


  9. It’s a strange but true fact that those who complain and moan the most, tend to be people who never waste time on anything else except…moaning and complaining! For those of us who prefer to spend our time more productively, by participating in a community that’s there to help us, we get far more out of our ‘joining in’ investment to learn by doing – to whit, profile,promote and propel others and they’ll return the favour right back at you and with interest.
    The Pay It Forward week just gone proved this in spades – I’ve discovered several great new books to read and sold a few of my own. In my world what goes around, comes around – far better that it’s returned generosity and comradeship than sour grapes and bile!
    Long may RRBC true spirit and poster girl, Nonnie Jule rule! 😀


    • Oh lord – sticky fingers today! rolls eyes I meant to say – Long may RRBC‘s true spirit and poster girl, Nonnie Jules rule!
      (little things and apostrophes mean a lot! 😉 )


  10. Now, I said above that we should be judged by our enemies and not our friends, but in the end, it’s our friends who are able to speak of all the “true” goodness. They know the truth and see you without blinders. As I was writing the blog I wondered “Why, if we’re that bad, do they stick around?” And then it hit me, in all honesty, how many times would our books have been read? How many reviews would our books have gotten? How many people would know our names WITHOUT Rave Reviews Book Club? That is why they hang around, because they know that the benefits are greater with us, than they are without us. Go figure…again, it’s all about “self” with some people. What’s in it for me? What can this club do for me? What can I get out of them?


    Thanks, J.V, Isabel, Kim, Andi, Joy and Carol! Your support is immeasurable!


  11. I’m so glad you spoke the truth, Nonnie, and for those who want to complain, shame on them! Nonnie, it’s obvious how happy you are supporting others. It’s because of your generosity, kindness and professionalism that so many members want to support you in return. This club is amazing and filled with smart people full of integrity. I’m honored to be a part of it. It’s hard to be out there writing in such a competitive world. I don’t see how writers can do it without support. I do have to agree also that it’s a shame that you had to take extra time to write this blog. People have to know how much time the board members spend making this group the success it has been so far. So forget the haters. Unfortunately they’re everywhere. However, good seeds bloom and grow, and that’s what RRBC is: an amazing organization filled with talent, decency and everything else good!


  12. I am appalled, but not totally surprised, to hear that there are those out there who are making negative comments about the book club. It seems that everything wonderful and good sooner or later falls under fire nowadays. Hopefully, there is now a great enough of an awareness of these types of senseless and completely unfounded troll (.and they are trolls, even if they are people who are or once were in the club)) attacks in all aspects of the media, that they will be seen for exactly what they are.

    For myself, I am so happy and proud to be a member of this fantastic book club, and am totally in awe of all that our amazing President does for the club and everyone in it. She always has time for anyone who enquires of her, and she does so much for each one of us that it is hard to fathaom that anyone would want to smear her in any way. One thing is certain…those people are definitely not worthy of RRBC or Nonnie.

    Shine on Nonnie!


    • WOW! It is a shame that this post was necessary, but we’ll said, Nonnie.

      Obviously the #RRBC detractors forget the basic premise of the club. That is to support one another, not bring each other or the club down. It is easy to criticize and find fault, but I wonder how many of these folks actually take the time to lend their support?

      I am proud to be a member of #RRBC and thankful to you, Nonnie, and the rest of the governing board for all you hard work, not to mention sacrifices.

      Smile and shine on!


  13. I agree with Andi O’Connor. It is a shame this post has to be written. The world is made up of two kinds of people, the doers and those who think they are born to rule, and therefore, expect to be served. I read in our weekly updates that we are over 500 members. If all of us work as hard as the few of us who do, no one will be complaining. But those who work the less are those who want the more.
    I am sorry Nonnie, but you just keep on doing what you are doing, and ignore the spoil sports. In an organization like ours, everyone will have something they don’t like, but the point is, life is not perfect. We deal with it or we know what to do. I only know a fraction of our members, those who are constantly out there promoting others. The rest are in the shadow, waiting to be promoted. They should understand that here, you support, and are supported. What you put in is what you get back, and if one hasn’t put in anything, one should not expect anything. That is how it goes.
    Let them complain, just let them know these things go two ways, give and take. That’s the motto.


  14. Kim

    Whomever made those comments about this club COULD NOT have read “SUGARCOATIN’ is for candy, PACIFYIN is for kids”… because they would have known better than to go there with Jules!! She holds NOTHING back! I’m not even an author and understand the magnitude of what this book club does. The hard work that I have seen done by all of the board and its members is commendable! Keep up the great job, RRBC!! Your light shines WAY brighter than the shade the haters are trying to throw your way! If they weren’t talking about you, you would have something to be concerned about! Thanks to each of you for doing a job well done!!!


  15. Like many others have said, It’s a shame this post needed to be written. You are a hard worker and do so much for the members in RRBC. You and the Governing Board members have provided us with many wonderful opportunities to share our works but to also discover, meet, and promote other wonderful indie authors. People are people. There will always be those who complain and think they deserve more than others, especially in a group as large as RRBC. Keep doing what your’e doing. And keep that smile 🙂


  16. I was about to say I’m speechless, but let’s face it: I never am. 🙂 This just makes me sad, Nonnie. Not that you wrote it, of course, but that it needed to be written. I think that each of us could name, off the top of our heads, 10, 50, 100 or more members of RRBC who are supportive, and thus supported. Who are kind, and thus regarded kindly. Who are continually pushed and propelled by you and our Governing Board, as well as other supportive members, because they deserve it. But isn’t it funny how easy it is to APPEAR deserving? And yet those people fade away, and in a little while, no one will remember their names.

    Keep doing what you do, Nonnie. (I tell you that as if you would possibly do anything else!) Most of us see it, and we appreciate it more than we can say. Those who don’t understand, well…maybe they will eventually. But those who don’t SEE it? Well, we can’t see them, either.


    • LOL, Bethany, too funny…I love it! Are you piggybacking off of my Casper the ghost comment I tend to make? LOL. You’ve been, not only paying it forward but you’ve been paying attention as well! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. The others said it beautifully and it’s not fun to type on my phone, so I’ll just say this: YOU ROCK!


  18. Chin up Poppet, some people are just ass hats or want everything gifted to them. I’m involved in an animal welfare charity and despite everyone being volunteers you still come across people who want everything done NOW, or special treatment, or us to fix a situation they’ve created NOW and not when we can. They fail to appreciate that we, like RRBC board and the members who are most often support others, have lives…. Jobs… Writing careers… Plus the basic human need to eat and sleep. The key point of RRBC is its a community and like one everyone needs to do their bit to help themselves and others. If they don’t find things helpful – then suggest a new tactic! Ask for help from others – members have always been more than giving to me. Thankfully I think naysayers are few and far between! That’s not to say the club will suit everyone and their needs, it won’t… But like a party that you’re not enjoying, you should just smile politely, make your excuses and leave. (Excuse odd capitalisation and lack of apostrophes .. iPhone has a mind of its own… Also feeling lazy)


  19. myrddinsheir

    I learned many years ago that it is no use expecting fairness from certain quarters when you hold a senior management position in any organization, big or small. I remember being devastated when it first happened to me: 45 years ago, a member of the English Department I was deputy head of accused me and the HOD of shutting everyone else out of the decision-making process and only deciding to do whatever suited us, in spite of what anyone else thought. It was because he hadn’t got entirely his own way on some matter, for good reasons he wasn’t interested in. It was so unfair, and so untrue, the injustice of it burned for years afterwards…
    I went on to be the head of an English Department in another school, and it happened from time to time there as well, either with disgruntled radicals who thought I wasn’t pushing the revolution fast enough or with died-in-the-wool old-timers who didn’t want me interfering with the way they’d done things for the last 30 years. I then became a deputy head of another school, and three years later the head (Principal) of a school I ran for 15 years, taking it through an amalgamation with another school a mile up the road. Both schools were in the most stressful social services area in England: 2,000 children and two sets of teachers in two sets of buildings. Hardly a week went by when I wasn’t accused of racism or sexism or class-ism or favouritism by somebody with a blinkered, self-centred agenda and no idea of or interest in the big picture or the complexities of the situations with which I was having to deal for 80 hours every week.
    I learned the hard way to take it on the chin, to respond in minimal, ultra-professional fashion, and where possible not to respond at all: because any response just seemed to provoke a further flurry and fan the flames. Remember the words of T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia): “I cannot answer for the desert, only for myself”. Plenty of people know you’re doing your absolute best and are grateful for it. I have no doubt whatsoever that you always do what you believe to be best for the club, and that it is safe in your hands. Anyone who doesn’t like it is free to leave. I wouldn’t dignify such accusations with a response, OR I would fashion a standard paragraph saying that I was disappointed that they were not happy with the way the club was being run, and while I would be sad to see them leave, I would understand it if they chose to do so in the circumstances. That way, you won’t waste any more of your valuable time than is absolutely necessary dealing with malcontents who aren’t going to be persuaded by your explanations, however heartfelt and well-intentioned.
    I have another rule too: that people accuse others of the actions and motivations they themselves would engage in were they in the other person’s position. I’d better stop now – this is turning into another blog. You keep doing this to me Nonnie! (LoL) 🙂


    • I’m sorry that I keep doing that to you, Robin…I notice this pattern, as well. I will try to not write any more blogs that will seemingly encourage you to write a matching blog…LOL. Seriously, thanks for the comment, it was great, but in true Nonnie fashion, I must be honest here in response to one thing you suggested: “Anyone who doesn’t like it is free to leave. I wouldn’t dignify such accusations with a response, OR I would fashion a standard paragraph saying that I was disappointed that they were not happy with the way the club was being run, and while I would be sad to see them leave, I would understand it if they chose to do so in the circumstances.” I deal in honesty and never would I say that I’d be disappointed to see someone leave who cannot be happy for the success of others, who are envious of other’s success, and who would “not be smart enough” to think before they put such communication in writing. I would prefer to not have “those” kinds in my midst. Just wanted to share that, Robin.

      Remember I said above: I’m not your typical President. I’m like President Obama…at the recent correspondent’s dinner, someone asked if he had a BUCKET LIST. His response, “No, but I have a list that rhymes with BUCKET!” And so do I, my friends. So do I! Enjoy the day and never let anyone steal your sunshine or your joy!


  20. It’s important for the rest of us to hear from you in this kind of a way. We want to be as supportive of you as you are to the rest of us. There are many here who are truly inspired by your commitment to all of your various endeavors, including being a parent, and who deeply care about you and love you, I’ve read it a few times already and will do a few more times to make sure I hear what you saying.


  21. Renee Hand

    Wow, that was some serious venting. It’s a great post. In anything in life, we can never focus on the nay sayers but on the people who support us, for those are the ones who really matter. You have a lot of support here. You work hard for the members of the club and have helped many. People who touch the surface of the club don’t see all the great things the club and it’s members can do and how supportive they are. But when you get involved you get enveloped in all the goodness it holds and get to meet the wonderful people within. Think of the family atmosphere you created and forget about the ones who don’t want to be apart of it. People can say what they want but it’s all of us who know the truth and that is the only shield you need.


    • Renee, thanks for your comment. It was truly a welcome “peace” for me this morning. And thank you, now I know I’m being shielded! Aren’t you RRBCers just the best!!!!


  22. Reblogged this on The GUNDERSTONE review and commented:
    I can honestly say as a member of less than six months I’ve gotten out of the club what I have put in – a lot.

    Am I selling thousands of books? No – not yet. But someday I will and if nothing else, the club certainly isn’t going to HURT or PREVENT me from doing so.

    The biggest issue I see (in general – anywhere in the world) are that SOME people can’t be happy for another’s success because it somehow makes them feel smaller about themselves.

    When I see someone excel past me (and have done so in an honest and non-combative manner i.e. not stepping on the backs of others, etc.) , I cheer them on, I am happy for the them, I hope they keep going and then I imagine one day, “when I grow up”, to have as much success and good fortune.


    • Jason, you’re like me in that regard…I can only be happy for the success of others. If I couldn’t, do you think I’d be here slaving away at this club thing instead of writing my own books? Do you think I’d be passing on my family time with my awesome bunch? Heck, no! You have the right idea. People don’t realize that they stand in their own way, blocking their own success when they behave in this manner. But, who am I to even comment on this? I’m just a little ole’ lady with a “BUCKET” LIST! 🙂

      Thanks for the reblog, Jason!

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Well written, understood, will join when I am able. I like the honesty.


  24. harmonykentonline

    Great post, Nons, and as the others have said, a real shame it had to be written. Love Bill’s comment about fools! 😉


  25. Bill Ward

    Interesting post! I’m afraid your experience is typical of many aspects of life. I haven’t seen much negative stuff about our club so I’ve missed out on a great laugh!
    As one of your famous Americans said, “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.”
    Keep your chin up!


  26. Nonnie, so sorry you have to deal with crap like that! You do more than anyone and get much less. Some people need to open their eyes and SHUT their mouths. Send ’em my way – I’ll give ’em the facts of life! 😃


  27. Spot on, Nons! I agree with John; it’s truly a shame this post had to be written.


    • Yes, Beem. But the saddest part is that I had to take time out of a life that already has no extra time to spare, to say what needed to be said. Robin suggested (maybe or maybe not) sending a response to such nonsense, but…we have a department for that and so I am forced to blog about it.

      When you say things such as (and I quote): “It’s about time someone told you folks you’re not as smart as you think you are, and the little guys do notice how you abuse your positions as board members”… as they say in my world… “themz fightin’ words!”

      I don’t mind simple minds going after me, but don’t go after my team. Because of these hard-working, dedicated, selfless souls, I have been allowed to build a club that is the greatest thing right now in the literary world, whether you view it so or not. THEY GIVE, THEY GIVE, AND THEY GIVE some more, until there is nothing left but the blood from their tired fingers.

      Again, I’m not “that” President…you know the one who is going to try to appease your nonsense…no, I’m more likely to be the one who’s flipping a finger (did I just say that? I didn’t mean to…LOL). #Sorry, HonestyIsAlwaysMyBestPolicy

      Have a great day you guys!


  28. Very well said, Nonnie! I’m very sad that this post had to be written at all. There is no one who gives more to and benefits less from Rave Reviews Book Club, than Nonnie Jules. I know I’m not alone when I say that you have my unconditional support, Nonnie.


    • John, I know for sure those who are firmly planted in my corner and you my dear, are that big, oak tree providing all the comfortable shade in my RRBC life! Thank you. And thanks to my TEAM and all the others who stand firmly planted in the world of Rave Reviews Book Club. You are noticed. You are appreciated beyond words!


      • John, for clarification purposes, in regards to you providing all the comfortable shade…. this is not to be confused with you being a #ShadyTree! LOL (Looking at Harmz)


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