Rally, Old Dogs! Time For A New Trick! A Twitter Lesson #RRBC

Many of you may have heard of Rave Reviews Book Club’s latest vehicle to Profile, Promote & Propel their members (they have so many awesome ways).  It’s called RAVE WAVES, a new BLOGTALK RADIO show which just made Saturdays, Thursdays and 1 Monday a month, a lot more fun!  It’s a series of radio shows in place to give member-authors a greater platform for themselves and their books to garner mega-exposure, and boy, it is awesome!  There are 8 shows a month, ASPIRE TO INSPIRE, AUTHOR SCOOP, BEHIND THE PEN, BEYOND THE COVER, BUY THE BOOK, BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT, and SPOTLIGHT HONORS…all hosted by phenomenal authors!  There is truly something for everyone and to find out more about these shows, click on each show title above and also, take a peek at the main RAVE WAVES page.

During each show, listeners who are tuning in, have the ability to interact with the host of the show and their guest via Twitter.  I remember when I first joined Twitter, I was invited to participate in many of these “Twitter Chats” as some were called, but I was completely lost.  I was given instruction such as, “To follow along in the chat, ensure that you always use the hashtag,” (whichever hashtag I was given for that specific chat session).  Well, I followed those instructions to the letter, yet, I could never grasp the full concept.

Now, back to listeners tuning in to the #RaveWaves shows.  On May 30th, 2015, #RRBC premiered a new show called ASPIRE TO INSPIRE.  We had a panel of tweeters ready to tweet questions and comments into the show’s host, specifically to get the word out about it’s premiere.  Well, me not being a Twitter-pro by any measure (although word on the street is I’M A PROFESSIONAL ON TWITTER…don’t know who started that rumor), tried to share my semi-knowledge of how to follow along with the show on Twitter, to another member.  I said to her, “When you’re ready to send a tweet or comment, make sure that you’re on your HOME tab on your Twitter page (top left hand corner), and also ensure that you include the hashtag #RRBCAspireToInspire each time you send a tweet.”  She said, “OK, but how do I follow along with what everyone else is tweeting about the show?”  Good question, right?  Again, me in all my Twitter-intelligence (remember, that’s the word on the street, not an actual fact) said to her, “Just keep hitting the refresh button inside of your browser where it reads *https://twitter.com.*”  I felt so knowledgeable sharing this information which did sound a little ludicrous…I mean, who wants to follow along that way, if you’re going to have to work so hard to do it?  “Silly” information, which at the time, didn’t seem so silly to me.  It felt…well, logical.

As I was logging in to enjoy the show, I went to Twitter’s SEARCH box (top right hand corner of your Twitter page), typed in the hashtag #RRBCAspireToInspire and waited for the show to begin.  While eating my morning oatmeal and sunflower seeds, I look up at the screen and I see *1 New Tweet* pop up!  I was so excited because I hadn’t done anything!  I hadn’t hit the refresh button, and the tweet popped in all on it’s own!

I picked up the phone hurriedly to test this, just to be sure I hadn’t imagined it.  Called the member, asked her to log onto Twitter and then into the hashtag #RRBCAspireToInspire.  I then asked her to send a tweet using that hashtag while my eyes were glued to my own screen, just to see if it would pop in without me having to refresh the screen.  Guess what?  IT DID!  *1 New Tweet* sat there waiting for me to open it up!  We were both elated!  Now, because I’m a real skeptic at times, and since I lost my eyes in WalMart last month, I wanted to be EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA sure this would work, so I asked her to glue her eyes to her screen, while I sent a tweet using the hashtag, just to see if it would *pop up* on its own, on her end.  WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT…IT DID!!!!

I was overjoyed!  After two years on Twitter, I had finally found a way to follow along in a Twitter Chat!  I couldn’t wait to share this information with the world and although some of you real Twitter-Pros probably already know this, there is still a very large percentage of us “oldies” who don’t, so this simple lesson is for us (I’m putting it in writing in case I forget my own story).  So, there you have it, in very simple terms.  Anytime you want to follow along in a Twitter Chat, simply type that hashtag into Twitter’s Search box, ensure that you’re on the tab that reads LIVE (in red) and just wait for the *New Tweet* notification to pop up, and if there is a conversation going on, the messages will just keep rolling in, but remember, you don’t have to continually refresh your page, but you will have to open each new tweet notification.

To send a tweet or comment to our show hosts and guests, ensure that you’re on the HOME tab of your Twitter page and always begin your tweet using the hashtag of whichever #RaveWaves show you’re tuning into and then begin your message.  A sample tweet will look similar to this:

#RRBCAspireToInspire John, that’s an interesting quote ur using today. Can u tell us who the author of the quote is again, pls?

John Fioravanti, host of ASPIRE TO INSPIRE, (or either of the other co-hosts > Bethany Turner, Nancy M. Bell, or John Howell) will see your tweet, read it and answer your question LIVE on air!  How much fun is that?

I hope this post encourages those of you who have been a little lost in trying to join in the conversation on Twitter for one of our shows, to take the leap again and join in to an upcoming show. As a matter of fact, BEHIND THE PEN with host, Bethany Turner, will be on the air shortly (Saturday, June 6th @ 12 noon CST), so if you’d like to test your new learned lesson, tune in here and then click the ON AIR NOW! link in the center of the page. (This link does not go LIVE until one hour before the show’s start time).  It really is a lot of fun hearing your name and question or comment being read LIVE on the air, but it’s even more fun, and there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’ve learned something new.  Who says you can’t teach OLD DOGS NEW TRICKS?  Well, they were wrong because although I might look a little confused, I learn something new every day that I breathe!

big eyed confused dog

{You haven’t joined #RaveReviewsBookClub yet? What are you waiting for?  Here, c’mon over and take a look around.  You will love what you see but most of all, you’ll love what you hear!}

What have you learned today? We’d love to share in the lesson!


  1. Great post Nonnie.


  2. Great post, Nonnie!! I have an interview on blog radio with John Howard on 7/23 and I’m so excited to be doing it.


  3. Reblogged this on Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules and commented:
    This is the first in a series of “Helpful” blog posts for those who are not as social media savvy as others. This series is being called SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY – RRBC STYLE!


  4. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    This is some good information! I was excited to learn this info straight from the “horses mouth!” lol


  5. Hi Nonnie, I tried your tips yesterday during the Behind the Pen show,was able to go from twitter to the show without refreshing, but I don’t think Bethany and guest saw my tweets. I was just happy to send many tweets while the show was on.


  6. Great post, Nonnie – well said, informative and fun to read! Brava!


  7. Great information Nonnie.


  8. Very good informational post, Nonnie!


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