Block Party Badge(1)Welcome to the 21st day of the Rave Reviews Book Club’s 1st BACK-TO-SCHOOL BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY! 

In Memory of:  Author, Kathryn C. Treat

Location:  California

Departed this earth:  December 21, 2014

DAILY GIVEAWAY (2 Winners): 

(1) $5 Amazon Gift Card

(1) Ebook copy of “ALLERGIC TO LIFE”


Hello, and thank you so much for taking the time to join me as I celebrate the memory of our friend and family member, the late, Author, Kathryn C. Treat.

Kathryn Treat IAOTM72913

Kathryn is never far from my mind, as I’m sure is the case for many of you who were blessed to know her.  Anytime the club creates a new program, the first thing to pop out of my mouth is, “Kathryn would love this.”  When I formulated the concept of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, there were a few people that I knew I just had to have on board to help me carry out my vision…Kathryn was one of those people.  Although I wanted to give everyone I’d selected to serve as part of the GOVERNING BOARD, the opportunity to decide which title they wanted to hold and which hat they wanted to wear… I knew that Kathryn would be the best candidate for Membership Director.  You see, I met Kathryn on Twitter back in 2013 and what I immediately liked about her was that she was very welcoming.

I remember clearly the day she sent me a tweet, letting me know that she had purchased my first book, “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS,” and that she was on her way to read it.  She later chimed in with another tweet that a review would soon follow. (As an author herself, she knew that those words were always music to an author’s ears).

AS promised, one of the first reviews I received for that book, came from Kathryn, and it was so kind that it is one of the special reviews that resides on the back cover of the paperback edition.  Kathryn and I immediately bonded when one day she tweeted, “I also have two (almost) perfect daughters.”  After that, Kathryn and I spoke over the phone quite often, comparing notes on parenting daughters, among many other things.  We found that we had much in common.

Because of Kathryn’s medical issues, she could no longer work outside of her home.  RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB became her full-time “job,” and the one she loved most, as she would tell me.  Many of the members that we garnered in the first year, were recruited by Kathryn C. Treat.  Everyone who knew her, loved her, because it was obvious that her kind heart, and supportive, giving nature were all genuine.

When Kathryn’s father passed away (also in 2014), Kathryn, along with her sister, were both left to spend more time than ever caring for their aging mother, and this, along with her own medical issues, was wearing on her physically and mentally.  She decided to step down from her position as Membership Director in October, 2014, while still serving as an active member of the club, as well as managing most of our social media forums. Her love for RRBC never wavered and for her dedication and support, she is, and will forever hold LIFETIME MEMBER status with the club.

On December 19, 2014, after calling me asking if I had opened my Christmas presents which she’d handmade and sent to me, we both said goodbye and went into an online chat room to celebrate the club’s 1st “virtual” Christmas party.  Kathryn was so excited to be there, as she always was in regards to any RRBC event.  A few minutes after we were in the room, Kathryn announced that she had a horrible headache and had to leave.  We all wished her goodbye and she left.  It was the next day that we learned Kathryn had been rushed to the E.R. after leaving our Christmas party.  It was the last time we would get to chat with our friend.   I won’t go into anymore detail here as I’ve said enough, and I don’t want all the memories of that time to mark today’s event.

We, the Governing Board of RRBC, have designated the 21st of each month as KATHRYN C. TREAT Day.  It’s the day we all head to her IN LOVING MEMORY… page on the RRBC site, and send it out onto social media as much as we can.  This post will be no different.

If Kathryn were here physically (because she remains with us in spirit), she’d be so excited about this event!  Her eyes would sparkle and you would know by all her tweets and FB shares, how much she loved the idea and wanted to spread the word about it.  I’d like for you all to imagine that she IS here in the physical, spreading her love, her cheer and her special way of always making others feel special, and I want you all to appreciate and THANK HER for the kindness she always showed towards EVERYONE.  I am asking each of you to THANK HER by helping me to keep her name and her memory alive by picking up a copy of her book, “ALLERGIC TO LIFE:  MY BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL, COURAGE AND HOPE.”  

Allergic To Life cover

(A 4WillsPublishing production)

Kathryn is not here to promote her own book, so we at RRBC, continually do all that we can to ensure that it is not forgotten.  I checked a moment ago, and her ranking on Amazon was at #698,056.  I’d like to see, from the support here today, how low we can get that number.  The cost of her e-book is only $3.03 US Dollars.  If it were you, rest assured that Kathryn would be the first to jump in and show her support.

Thank you all for stopping by today, and aside from supporting my efforts to continually keep Kathryn’s book alive, I hope that you will stop by the other legs on today’s tour, as I’m sure their parties are simply awesome!  Click here to visit the line-up and register for more DAILY GIVEAWAYS!  Don’t forget, leave a comment below!  It’s what Kathryn would do!


  1. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. I met her on your interview and took a liking to her at once. How could one not? Reading and reviewing her book brought me even closer to her her. Rarely has a memoir touched me so deeply on so many levels. I think she looks down from heaven’s realm with that wonderful smile and keeps tabs on what we’re doing.


  2. Joe Stephens

    I’m sorry to be a day late in commenting. I was swamped yesterday and am still catching up, but I didn’t want to neglect saying just how heartfelt and moving your tribute is. She must have been a remarkable woman and you are kind and thoughtful to commemorate her like this.


  3. What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for keeping her alive in our hearts.


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