“Ohhhh, Now I Know You!” WHO WERE U BEFORE #RRBC?

…no, seriously, please answer that question?  Who WERE you, before you became a member of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB? 

Question mark imageLet’s all stop, take a moment, and savor that question so that we’ll all be able to answer it HONESTLY.  I know, that comes hard to some, but, let’s just try it, please.

Before RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, these were the people I “knew”:

Kathryn Chastain Treat

IMG_2869_1Bruce A. Borders

Bruce Borders photoShirley Harris-Slaughter

SHSlaughterand, Beem Weeks


…along with a few others who are not members of #RRBC.  Back then, in 2013, I didn’t know them as the “people” I know them to be today.  At that time, they were just @KathrynCTreat @BruceABorders @MotorCityAuthor and @VoiceOfIndie.  Today, they are known to me as very dear friends…no, wait, I’ll take that back, today, they ARE apart of my awesome extended family.

Why are you asking this question, Nonnie?  you wonder.  Well, as my husband jokingly puts it when I’m pretending to be my uppity self, “Need I remind you of from whence you came?”  Well, I also like to remind people of from whence they came from time to time, and in all honesty, the great MAJORITY of us, came from extremely loud OBSCURITY BEFORE #RRBC!!!  Yep, I said that!  You all know I don’t bite my tongue!  That $#!& hurts!

Who knew you before RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB put your name out into the vast World Wide Web?  Who knew me?  Who were you BEFORE this club put your book on a map?  And for some, albeit a smaller map than others, it is what the club did for you;  how many REAL Twitter followers did you have BEFORE you joined RRBC?;  how many of you were having your books read BEFORE you joined Rave Reviews Book Club? Yes, there are some who need these reminders but quite frankly, I’m not one of those people, because I am gravely aware of, and forever grateful for what RRBC has done for me.

For those of you who follow my blog or visit from time to time, you know that I typically only blog on two occasions:  When I’m hosting fabulous authors on my site, but ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVE SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE TO SAY.  Today, I have plenty to say, but I won’t share it all here, as it’s just way too much, so, I’ll just whet your appetite a little, and since I find you to be very smart people, you can just about figure out the rest on your own.

I wanted to bring this reminder here for those who, since RRBC has made them known, now think their britches are way too big and feel that they can throw tantrums, fits and threats (not in the violent sense), and of course they do this, when they can’t get their way within our club.  These people think that now that there is a world out there that RRBC has clearly put them in, they can move on (and speak ill of us and write nasty blogs about us…well, we all have to get our 15 minutes somewhere)…and for some, think they can thrive without us.  Well, KUDOS to those who can!  Personally, I only wish for the best for everyone.  You see, I am a strong believer in Karma and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that when you wish ill on others, that ill comes back to you ten-fold, OR, as is said down here in the South:  “When you go to dig a ditch for one, you may as well dig two, because the trap you set just may be for you.”  By a show of hands, can any of you tell me what that means?  I sure hope I’m not the only Southerner here today.

In my world, I believe in things being done “proper and in order” (something else we say down here in the dirty ‘ole South).  I believe in treating people fairly;  I believe in being as extremely honest as I can be in my day to day dealings with others (I’m keenly aware that this is not the norm for some); and I believe that when someone has helped you, you don’t turn around and try to drag their name thru the mud (or “bite the hand that has fed you or the hand that’s continually feeding you if you’ve been a member of RRBC long enough, because hey, who knew you before the club?”).  Unfortunately, I am also aware that these are my beliefs, and honestly, I think that they are shared by very few.

I sent an email to my TEAM recently (the Governing Board Members at Rave Reviews Book Club), and it read:  “I believe what people show me, NOT what people tell me.”  Now, I like to use positive, inspirational, uplifting quotes as often as I can…I also like to use quotes that cause people to think, because some of us don’t even bother.  We operate on hot steam, fueled by our emotions, and that, my people, can get you into a major world of trouble if you don’t check it before you react in situations.

Some of you may not have ever heard that quote before and may not even know what that means in the context in which it is written. I would ask Author, John Fioravanti, Host of RAVE WAVES “ASPIRE TO INSPIRE” BLOGTALK Radio Show to dissect it, cut it up into very small bits, and then spoon-feed it to us, but, John’s not here yet, so I will give it the good ‘ole college try.

Because we’re in this virtual world, where we don’t get to actually “see” our friends, or touch them, or even feel the “vibes” they may give off during certain situations, it is wise to try very hard to discern what is real and what isn’t;  who is real and who isn’t;  and lastly, who is putting on a “FALSE” FACE for us, and not revealing their true selves.

Being the President of the hugely successful Rave Reviews Book Club, I get to see two sides of people (on some days, sometimes three).  I get to see the sweet, charming side that is “pushed” around social media so that you will all buy their books, and then I get to see that ugly side of some of those same “sweet” people, when things are not going the way they would have them go;  the face they show when they are throwing childish tantrums;  the face you all don’t see.  I’m here today to say to each of you, don’t be an easy sell!  Just because you see them “tweeting” someone else’s message (excited that it’s yours), don’t believe the hype;  just because they invite you onto their blog to guest post (some do have agendas and sometimes, they aren’t for your benefit), don’t believe that hype, either…these people (not all…just the ones I’m referring to and they know who they are), know that getting you to their blog means more exposure for their blog;  getting you to their blog, means you “pushing” their blog, and getting you to their blog means your followers will probably follow you to their blog.  I’m not saying that anything is wrong with this, but I am saying, don’t be so easy to believe that just because you see these people doing these things, that they walk around with halos around their heads.  Don’t be such an easy sell, that you are willing to put your reputation on the line for someone who may be showing you “FALSE” FACE;  for someone you REALLY don’t know, because as the leaders of RRBC will tell you, we’ve been greatly surprised at some that we thought were something they really were not.  #WeCouldGiveYouNamesThatWouldShockYouToNoEnd,  but, we won’t, because we pride ourselves on “not stooping to the levels of others.”  We always hope that those who sit so low will rise to ours.  I say all this to say, that we’ve been fooled a time or two, as well!

I’m wrapping this blog up now, but I came here today to say, “Ohhhh, Now, I Know You!” and it’s all because of RRBC that I do.  I’m grateful that this wonderfully awesome, welcoming club has introduced me to some of the most wonderfully REAL people who I would not have known had it not been for the club.  I am so grateful that this club has led me to find some really great reads, some INDIE reads that I might never have been introduced to, because we typically aren’t allowed to grace the shelves of the big boys like Barnes & Noble.  I am so very grateful that this club, the most wonderful book club ever, has brought such special people into my life, people that I can call friends and family, people that support me and stand firmly in my corner.

THANK YOU, RRBC for putting my name on the literary map as you have done for SO MANY OTHERS, even those who didn’t deserve it.  But, I am constantly reminded that “no good deed ever goes unpunished.”  Those who tend to speak ill of the hard working members of the Rave Reviews Book Club when they aren’t getting their way, will surely always be the ones speaking the loudest.  And when you here them speak so loud, think back to the time when you heard them do nothing but praise RRBC, (check them out here at WHAT RRBC HAS DONE FOR ME…but remember, we won’t call any names), then just sit back and wonder what the REAL story is. The real story will be the one that only we know, but we’ll never tell it, because again, we don’t stoop so low.



  1. I would say, Nonnie, that you got your point across. I don’t have an earthly idea of what went on but I can’t say anything but good things about you and the rest of the gang. I just rejoined RRBC a couple of weeks ago. Since this is my second time around I know a little better how things work and how helpful everyone is. I enjoy reading the books and doing the reviews. You always have something positive going on. Have a blessed weekend.


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  3. As I believe I can share this post with the social media world, I’d like to post it on my blog as well. I hope that is agreeable. If not, let me know, and I will take it down. (my blog spot is: http://www.paguthrie.blogspot.com)


  4. Through Micki Peluso, I became aware and joined Rave Reviews Book Club–thank you Micki. I haven’t been here before and haven’t been too active in the few days I’ve been here. (although I’m trying.) But the blog left by Nonnie left a feeling of deja vu. Been there–done that from so many people who join clubs or organizations and then feel they have the right to bad mouth and complain, especially against people who work their tails off for the betterment of the organization or group. Who was I before RRBC? Hopefully, the same as I am now and will always be, but as Bruce put it, perhaps not as enriched and empowered as I will be when I get to know this group. I’m looking forward to knowing the members here.


  5. Before RRBC , I was… Bruce A. Borders – the same as now – just on a MUCH smaller scale! Thanks, Nonnie!!!


  6. What was I before RRBC? I was a foreign correspondent covering war and mayhem in Asia and Latin America. Then, after surviving years of that, I became a Dean and professor of journalism at the University of Illinois. The minefields of academia are even worse than the ones I encountered in places like Vietnam, El Salvador, etc. I have written professionally all of my life and my non-fiction work was published by traditional publishers–in the U.S. and Japan. My book Finding Billy Battles is my first foray into fiction and I decided to publish it via the indie route. I am not sure how I found RRBC…but I did. It has been a blessing. The support that exists within its ranks is truly commendable. I have enjoyed reading what fellow members write (though I need to get moving on a few books that I have downloaded from Amazon). Anytime authors can share experiences, problems, etc. it is bonus for all–especially when dealing with a genre that I am still learning–historical fiction.

    I look forward to much more interaction with my fellow RRBC members and to supporting them.


  7. Before I was introduced to RRBC by R.L.Morgan, I was working 8-10 hours a day promoting and marketing. It was a thankless job as I was getting one step ahead and two back. It took me a while to acclimate to this immense organization, but gradually, I found and made friends who helped me along the way. Thanks to you, Nonnie, I learned to actually use twitter to our mutual benefit. Still have a way to go but I’m getting there. I am thrilled to announce that in the last month I sold 40 books, most of them in one week. Nothing had changed except my joining this group. I got some great reviews for my book from this group too and made lasting friends. Do I still get lost? Yep, but that’s me. And now I have a support team willing to leave a trail of crumbs to help me find my way. It’s been a year now and I can’t remember what it was like not being a member of this unique, group of talented, friendly people.

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    • Micki, I think we all mimic your sentiments here. I can’t even remember my writer-life before RRBC, except that it was a lonely one. I was typing an email the other day and I was including Shirley Harris-Slaughter’s name and I thought to myself, “We don’t even have to list our member’s full names, we just know who’s being referred to!” When we say Shirley, we know which Shirley, when we say Beem, we know which Beem, and so on and so forth! Again, it does feel like “CHEERS” here. You know, that place where everybody knows your name. It really should be our theme song:

      “Sometimes you want to go
      Where everybody knows your name,
      And they’re always glad you came;
      You want to be where you can see,
      Our troubles are all the same;
      You want to be where everybody knows your name.”

      Thanks for stopping by sharing with us, Micki!


  8. Nonnie, I am sorry to hear that RRBC is getting grief. RRBC has provided so much support for Indie writers. I have written to board members on several occasions to thank and commend them for their volunteerism that benefits us all.
    What was I before RRBC? Not a lot different than I am now.
    But at an important time in my writing career, RRBC members ‘lifted me up’ by reblogging and retweeting some of my posts, encouraging me, and — more generally — imparted a strong sense of “we are all in this together”.
    When you, Nonnie, took the time to read my book and review it, that also was a gift at an important time. I didn’t get many book sales from it — I got something more important: that someone who loves books thought enough of my own book to not only read it, but review it too and tell others about it.
    I have strongly recommended RRBC to others and have done my fair share of spreading the word. What I’ve not done is read all the books that I should have. But I will come back to that when I am better.
    RRBC is a young organization with a vision. It cannot possibly deliver on that vision all at once, nor should it try to do everything that Indies need done. But it definitely occupies a valuable space in our universe of writers and readers. THANK YOU, RRBC.

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    • Hi, Cynthia! I only talked so much about your book after reading it because it really was a great read and I would still highly recommend it to everyone!

      Grief? No, we’re good over here! We are mature ADULTS, who realize that there are some who just aren’t built to behave in the appropriate manner in which all adults should and that’s so sad because they are parents. The blessing in all this, is that RRBC members no longer have to be surrounded by these pitiful, negative souls. As the saying goes, “Misery loves company.” And in this particular case, it seems they are trolling for it all over the place. I say more power to them all!

      Thanks for stopping by, Cynthia!

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  9. Well, I’ve only been a club member since the middle of August. I started on twitter the same day I joined the RRBC. Pinterset soon after. The club started banging away for me on day one, which taught me how to bang away for others. Learned how to make better tweets and pins by watching what club members did. Had never seen a book blog page before September. Now I’ve seen lots of successful ways to do that. I’ve been Member of the Week, I’ve won 2 books, and I’ve reviewed 2 books. So this had been a steep learning curve month. Thanks to everyone. Still learning how to participate.


    • Michael, we are so happy for you! But, stick around, there so much more where that came from!


  10. Love this blog post! I’ve always said that Karma can be a b*tch or your best friend; it all depends on the choices that you make. 😊 I’m a big believer in integrity and honesty. I’m also a big believer in the concept of namaste, and RRBC has been so good to me that I enjoy returning the favor by honoring the members of this group. Before RRBC, I was not only clueless but alone. Now, I am more confident and I feel a part of a supportive family. For those who do not feel that…well, you have to give to receive. 😁😘


    • Yvette, I’m a huge believer in Karma, that’s why there is no need to worry about these things. It’s a GOD job, you need do nothing…but wait!

      I’m so glad to know that RRBC has strengthened your confidence to go out and succeed! I’m also always happy to hear when one of our own feels the “family” side of RRBC. It is what we are here!

      Thanks for stopping by, Yvette! Do come by again soon!


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  12. This post is simply the truth. I know what RRBC has done for me over the nearly two years I’ve been involved. And I’m not just talking about book sales or reviews, either. I’ve met some amazing indie authors who just so happen to be equally amazing human beings.

    I have personally witnessed the time and effort that has gone into making RRBC what it is today. Sitting on the board has given me a bird’s eye view of the hard work you, Nonnie Jules, have put into this unique club. It boggles the mind to consider what RRBC has become in such a short period of time. You must be doing something right.

    There will always be those who stand in opposition to you, your work, your ideas. But that cannot–and will not–hinder the the cause that is Rave Reviews Book Club. As John Wayne once so famously said to Barbara Walters: “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” Onward and upward, Nonnie.

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    • Beem, I’ve been sitting here mulling over whether or not I could follow your lead and say the word “Bastard” here. I’m sure I can…but I won’t…LOL. I’ll just use the quote I sent out onto Twitter yesterday that I’ve heard kids use: “Let your haters be your motivators.” Well, I haven’t missed one beat or lost a bit of sleep over this so I guess we can all say I’M MOTIVATED! So, thank you to all the detractors who make me smile and keep me succeeding as I do!

      You know, if you visit my Quotes page at http://www.BooksByNonnie.wordpress.com you will find these awesome quotes of mine, which are very appropriate here:

      *If I really cared what others thought about me, I’d had in a corner and hold my tongue, but since my being speaks so loudly…”

      *If my mere existence makes you ill, hold on a moment, because the great thing I’m about to do next will send you straight to the emergency room!”

      I share these because I want all to know me and my attitude about such nonsense. The ones I speak of above have very low self-esteem, that’s obvious, and for them, I can only feel pity.

      Thanks for stopping by, Beem!

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    Nonnie Jules is preaching the truth again! Have a read.


  14. I had just finished publishing my first novel and was searching for ways and approaches to assist with book marketing, promotion and branding. Then I caught a tweet from Nonnie introducing RRBC. I had spoken at a couple of book clubs enjoying coffee and scones and answering questions about my book. I had no idea what a “virtual” book club was but I was intrigued enough to find out.

    As one of the earliest members, I’m pleased and proud to see the growth and momentum. There is a sense of community, engagement and support.

    It is disheartening to deal with people who resort to tantrums, fits and threats and believe this is acceptable adult behavior. I wonder how those with an “exaggerated sense of self importance” – too big for their britches” – find the time to center attention on RRBC through their nasty on-line chatter?

    Nonnie, with success comes detractors. Carry on with your positive attitude and classy manner and the club will continue to flourish.

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    • Hi, Peggy! What’s most disheartening to me, is to see adults behaving worse than Jr. High school kids. It really is a sad “look.” Since being on social media, I have witnessed some of the most horrible “word” fights in history, but what baffles me most is…the ADULTS who allow themselves to stoop so low, or to engage in a war of words for the world to see, it matters not that a child, their child, or their grandchild could at any moment log onto social media and see their poor behavior. But, no matter the behavior of others, I must stay focused on my own. The reason that my daughters are as awesome as they are, is because they had a mom who ALWAYS, and continues, to exemplify the BEST behavior for them.

      Thank you for your kind words and I think you’re a #CLASS ACT, too!

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  15. Before joining RRBC I had been reading a lot of advice about book promotion and the common wisdom was that Twitter did not sell books. I tweeted and retweeted for the club, because I try to always fulfill my obligations…but I didn’t think it was doing much good. Then I was selected Member of the Month…
    Wow! The scales fell from my eyes in a big way. The support I received was reflected almost immediately in downloads, purchases, pages read and rankings of my books. Obviously, the common wisedom wasn’t all that wise.


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    • Jonna, you, along with so many others have felt the awesome power of RRBC. Thanks for being the kind of member we so appreciate!


  16. Hi NJ – Good post – and a very good reminder that no matter who you think you are – who you really are will always show thru in the end.
    As my dear departed Dad always used to remind me – ‘Be yourself…Treat everyone as you would want to be treated and in the words of the great Rudyard Kipling in the inspirational poem ‘If..’
    “…If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!” – now go out and be a good one.
    Sadly he is gone now – more than sixteen years ago and far too soon. But I hope that no matter what comes in the future or what came before, I can always say to him in my heart of hearts, “…I was a good man and I hope to always be…”

    Thanks Nonnie!

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    • “Who you really are will always show thru in the end…” Michael, I couldn’t have put it any better. At the end of the day, it all always comes out in the wash!

      Thanks for sharing your father’s pearls of wisdom!


      • Thank you NJ! I hope each day that I am able to live up to his example.

        Best regards,



  17. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Again, a post written in “Nonnie Style!” When I think about “Who were you before Rave Reviews Book Club?” I think back to a very alone woman who was just about to pack everything up and quit. I was on twitter which I didn’t know how to use when along came Nonnie in a tweet. That was the tweet that changed my life and my direction. Finally I was getting a conversation out of my first book; something I had dreamed of doing from the moment I first got published. I got a bump here and there but nothing like what happened when I joined this club. With a club this size there are going to be some people who will try to duplicate, but they won’t be successful because it is not true to their heart but just a replica of someone elses. The heart will not be in it to do all the hard work that goes into keeping a club like this going because it will not be their passion. So Nonnie, I’m glad you are you and no one can duplicate you period. I’m just waiting for the next big idea to come from your brain. lol

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    • Shirley, I’m sure there are copy-cat book clubs being patterned directly off of RRBC as we speak. I should be extremely flattered, right? I mean, that is what they say, right? Imitation is the highest form of flattery. So, to all of you who are riding my coat-tails, I wish you all the best!!! But, Shirley, you’re right about this…the one thing they won’t have, is “MY” BRAIN!!!!! I mean, this thing is scary!!! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, my dear!

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  18. I keep waiting for something to bring all this to an end because Rave Reviews Book Club is just too awesome to be real. I wanted to start something like RRBC when I couldn’t get my writing off the ground, but I didn’t know how. Then, one day I discovered that RRBC already existed and I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel! To speak against an entity that exists to help, push, and support its members, to me, is blasphemy! Now I don’t know all the ends and outs of RRBC’s Board and policy, but I know SUPPORT when I see it. I know OPPORTUNITY. I know a FAMILY, and I know RECIPROCITY! What’s not to love? Cut the dumb stuff. I have a “RRBC Book and Blog Block Party to attend!

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    • Linda, this quote made me laugh out loud! CUT THE DUMB STUFF? I think I should get that on a tee shirt! THANK YOU!

      My dear, lady, you have quickly turned into one of RRBC’s superstars, and you have no idea just how much we speak of you and just how much you’re appreciated for your support!

      Now, get to that Block Party, and try not to win anything…you’re making it hard for the rest of us!


  19. reanolanmartin

    RRBC and Nonnie Jules are fuel in an author’s engine! Thanks so much for the hard work and generosity of you, Nonnie, and your entire board. xo

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    • Rea, there are absolutely no words to describe how much I adore you! You are such a treasure. Thanks for your kind words!


  20. PHS

    Wow, Nonnie – good thoughts. I really had no exposure and the club has really given me that. I truly appreciate all the support I’ve received. My hope is that I can increase my support for the club and others once I’m clear of the initial book release this coming week. I’ve truly enjoyed hosting people on my site and helping them with club blog tours and interviews I’ve initiated. I’d be nowhere near the point I am now without RRBC.

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    • P.H., although many won’t own the fact that they are where they are today because of RRBC, we know, and we are so thankful for members like you, who proudly spread the word and continue to support the club on a top-notch level. THANK YOU!

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  21. PHS

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  22. First off great post. I always enjoy it when you have something to say. Second let me answer the question. Before RRBC, I had 400 twitter followers and maybe 500 WordPress followers. I had 23 reviews on Amazon. Today I have 4,960 followers on twitter, 1500 WordPress followers and 40+ reviews on Amazon. I have no false delusion that I did this myself. Supporting others and being supported by RRBC is how I got here. I am getting ready to launch my second book, and you better believe I’m going down the 4Wills tour route and will continue to support and be supported by the club. (sounds like a stand-up testimony doesn’t it? Well it is)

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    • John H., you know how much we appreciate you, your service, your support, your dedication but most of all your loyalty to this club. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You’re truly one of the most decent human beings I have ever met!

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      • Gee. I would say the same about you.


  23. Well, I’m a Popeye kind of lady (I yam what I yam!), but I can tell what I wasn’t before I was with RRBC – confident with social media. In fact I was positively phobic about it, so when I joined I was more than happy with the read and review basics – I could do that standing on my head. No, what I wasn’t expecting to embrace so wholeheartedly was the whole ‘Tweet’ thing – it really did leave me cold, in the icy sweat way, which is not a great look of course! Ditto Facebook, although I understood that better, as I was very familiar with the delights and drawbacks on being a part of online roleplay communities.
    I DID have a Twitter account that was a couple of years old but it had a ton of cobwebs and I only had 28 followers and only followed about half a dozen other people… That soon changed when I signed up after Robin Leigh Morgan mentioned RRBC on LinkedIn. A couple of weeks later and I’d got 1000% more followers and followed about 2000% more people and couldn’t quite bring myself to believe how many connections I’d made!

    Getting active on Twitter came a little more slowly as I needed time to come out of my self-imposed state of hibernation cum petrification over the horrid thought of – shock horror! – ‘marketing’ myself and my books. But I got the bit about supporting others OK, and was more than content to start tweeting away about other people’s books, once I got over the writerly stumbling block of having to limit myself to 140 characters – mainly by dint of joining the Tweet Support Team! lol After that things began to look brighter as I emerged from my little hermit’s shell and started to join on the site forums a little more and started to get to know people better.

    Now I can’t imagine a day where I’m not on RRBC in some shape or form, for at least a hour or so, and that’s because it’s without fail such a pleasure to come out and play with amazing, talented and helpful people – no, that’s friends and family! – and to help coax out new friends who’ve just joined and, like me, don’t quite realise just what kind of a wonderful place they’ve discovered when they signed for a simple ‘read and review’ club.

    It’s true that ‘you can’t please all of the people, all of the time’, but RRBC comes pretty close and it’s down to the ethos and atmosphere built up by Nonnie and Kathryn, Bruce, Shirley and Beem – and I bless the day, everfy day, that they did, ‘cos I’d still be quivering in my boots with 28 tweet-mates and not even a handful of reviews if they hadn’t decided to give the world this amazing sanctuary of brotherhood and excellence. 😀

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    • Jan, we are also blessed to count you as one of our very own! Thank you so much for being who you are and for supporting everyone the way you do!


  24. I am very grateful to the RRBC for the exposure and connections I’ve received and am saddened that some have created bitter feelings. I do my best to walk out my faith and treat all people with love and respect, although I am human and mess up sometimes. I am reminded of this scripture: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

    The character of a person is revealed by how they treat someone who can do nothing for them and when others are not looking. We are all works in progress. Love to you all, Tara

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    • Tara, thanks for stopping by!!! You know, all too often I hear people say that they are “Christians.” And, I’m completely aware of what a Christian is, I mean, by golly, my husband is a Pastor. That being said, I find myself completely torn by the definition as it is conveyed. In my mind, and I will boldly say it should be in everyone’s mind, that when you walk around confessing to be Christian (to me, Christ-like), at the very least TRY a little harder to be the most decent person you can be.

      Everyone who knows me, knows without a shadow of any doubt, that I have zero tolerance for hypocrites, and what I have found more-so than not, would be those who profess to being that which they clearly are not.

      I’m not one of those who walk around with the “I’m a Christian” spill dangling from my tongue, waiting to flow from my lips each time someone greets me with “Good Morning”; I’m the one who prefers to SHOW people what I am as opposed to “professing too much.”

      I’m glad to know that you do your best to walk the talk. I truly wish that for so many others.

      Tara, thanks for showing your appreciation for this awesome club but more than that, thanks for taking the time to stop by my little blog and share your thoughts with us. You are so very appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Hi Nonnie,

    People have always underestimated me and my knowledge. Some have taken me for granted. I usually wind up giving more than I have received. Which you and others have probably noticed; but with my dear OH being in the hospital and REHAB twice this year, and needing a home attendant at home, my thoughts are with my family first and other things are more secondary in importance, which is why my presence have diminished somewhat since the beginning of this year.

    Before RRBC I could count my fellow author friends on my fingers. Now with my shoes off and counting my toes as well, I need a few more sets of fingers and toes to do the counting.

    So if you don’t know anything about me, I invited you to visit:

    Have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do my friends !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Robin Leigh

    Liked by 2 people

    • Robin, I think BEFORE RRBC, we could all count those things on our one hand…the club has done a lot for a ton of folks.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  26. It saddens me Nonnie when I hear you lament about people within our great book club who are not open minded, giving and taking, and looking at @RRBC as God given, because, that’s how I see the club, God given! Inspired! And truly phenomenal! Not everyone will be satisfied with what we are doing here, and there is nothing one can do about that. It’s either one is in or out. If you are in, you work for the good of all. Your good work will alway pay off in the end. I said it clearly in my blog on “What #RRBC Has Done for Me.” You work and wait your turn, and when your turn comes, it rains!
    Today, I am getting gifts right and left. Sometimes, I am tempted to hide some of them for fear that some people would think that I am being favored. But the truth is, you give, and continue giving, and you will receive and continue receiving when that time comes.
    Folks, if you are one of those Nonnie is talking about today, search yourself and see how much you have given. Believe me, the more you give the more you receive.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Joy, we’re always excited when you drop by and share your thoughts with us! Mind you, the people I speak of, are the ones who have nothing but praise for RRBC UNTIL, as I stated above, something doesn’t go their way; OR, they WANT to do something which is not aligned with our processes or practices; OR they are in breach of our CODE OF CONDUCT. Whether you feel that what you “want,” is or should be OK in our eyes, the club has processes, procedures and rules that must be followed so that our club remains the epitome of success which it is now. If we allowed every member to do as they pleased within RRBC, how would that make us look? Like a heap of mess where everything goes. I personally would never belong to, or align myself with organizations which operated in this manner.

      Our guidelines are made clear on our site, and we encourage every potential new member to take the time to READ up on every important bit of information on our site before they join. When they don’t take the time to do so, then, that is their issue, not ours.

      If an organization I was interested in joining, was not operating the way I felt they should, I wouldn’t join. But, those are my standards and I do realize…not everyone shares my high standards.

      Thank you, Joy, for dropping in!


  27. Nonnie, it was your review that pushed my book out from obscurity. What was I before RRBC? I was searching for a group to feel part of, and with RRBC I’ve found it. Love the ‘If you go to dig a ditch for one, you might as well dig for two’. Yes, that makes sense to me; if you bring somebody down, then you only succeed in doing the same for yourself. RRBC thankfully only works to bring everybody to the top! Carry on carrying on, Nonnie. You’re doing a grand job!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you so much, Stevie for your kind words and your praise of RRBC! We certainly appreciate members like you!

      Liked by 1 person

  28. Marlena H.

    As always, Non, you have such a way with words. I adore my RRBC family (and am so thankful to Nonnie for introducing me to this amazing club) and would not be where I am today without them. RRBC has been the encouragement I needed and the #push to get my writing done! So, who was I before Rave Reviews Book Club? I can’t even tell you! I just know that I have taken my passion and my dream, and am turning it into a reality, one day at a time. All thanks to RRBC. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  29. A truly fascinating read! As I read the opening question, my mind raced back to a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about this very topic: “My Journey… My Way” I know who I was… an Indie author/publisher drifting and looking for direction. When I found RRBC I found not only direction, but a new career in a magnificent international literary community. RRBC did not make me a best-selling author – that’s up to me. But it did put fire in my gut and a great vision in my mind. Today, I’m a much happier guy – and in Nonnie Jules’ immortal words, “You just can’t buy perks like that!” Thanks Rave Reviews Book Club! Thanks Nonnie Jules!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thanks, John F! It’s members like you who make RRBC what it is now…and that’s a GREAT PLACE TO BE! Now, let’s carry on! We’re on a mission, and unlike others with ill intent, ours is not to try and bring anyone down. RRBC uplifts, not tear down!


  30. Again, THANK YOU RRBC, for all you’ve done for me!

    Liked by 3 people

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