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Well, the big day is upon us!  Yes, it’s Christmas Eve and we’re all prepped for our presents, most of which are hidden in my garage even though my daughters are teen-aged and adult, the presence of family and friends, and let us not forget that wonderful, aromatic dinner that awaits us this Friday.  If you all are anything like my family, Christmas dinner is had all day long:  for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner and each snack in between.  YES!  We are so excited about our Christmas dinner, that we’re holding our breaths in great anticipation.

Since we’re in Louisiana, you can imagine what our BIG dinner is, right?  Yep, a great big pot of cajun-style GUMBO!  This pot will contain the following mouth-watering ingredients:  chicken drumsticks, Alaskan snow crab legs, sausages, dried shrimp, fresh shrimp, crawfish, okra, tomato sauce, green onions and celery.  Now, I won’t be sharing my recipe as it’s a family secret (my family secret), but, I will give you a few pointers on how I create this masterpiece, if you ask.

In the midst of all this excitement, my family and I are not at all forgetting the reason for this season.  We are not forgetting that our Lord and Saviour died for our sins and this is the day we celebrate him, we are not forgetting that it always feels so much better to give than to receive, and we are not at all forgetting to give thanks for all that we have, with emphasis being put on the fact that we all have each other.

I am blogging today, as I’d like to publicly give thanks to all of you, especially those who support my work, my writing, my goals and my endeavors.  To those of you who stand steadfastly in my corner constantly, I am so thankful for you;  for those of you who are great members of the international literary success that is Rave Reviews Book Club and who make my work so easy, I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU;  for my TEAM of Gladiators (JOHN FIORAVANTI) who tirelessly work alongside me each day of the week as we struggle to meet deadlines and continually create the programs to make our club even greater, an even greater, awe-inspired THANK YOU!  I couldn’t do all that I do if I didn’t have your awesome, uber-supportive hearts by my side, cheering me on and lifting me up…and for that I am forever GRATEFUL to have you as “gifts” under my “tree of hearts” this season.

I can’t leave this platform without naming some of those people who, had it not been for the world wide web (which I’m not too fond of) I would have never met.  These people are so kind and generous, but most of all, supportive and extremely loving towards me.  This Christmas, I am thankful for their presence in my life:

Shirley Harris-Slaughter, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko, just to name a few, and some very special shout-outs for the following awesomely special and supportive members of RRBC:

Wendy Scott, Jenny Hinsman, Betty Stevens,  Peggy Hattendorf, Linda Mims, Kim Taylor, Yvette Calleiro, among many others who I’m sure I have missed here in writing, but you are in my heart.

To those “friends” on social media, whom I adore:  Vicki Case, Lynette Creswell, Brianna Lee McKenzie, Julie Valerie, Jenny Burnley, Drina G., among so many others who are wonderful and supportive.

Lastly, for those who have asked what’s the #1 item on my GROWN-UP CHRISTMAS LIST this season?  Well, my first book, THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS, 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love! is not getting as much attention as it did when it was initially released in 2013.  It sounds like a serious read, but although it was intended to help parents raise better children who would eventually lead our society, it is also a truly entertaining “little” book.  If you would all pick up a copy to read and review, or gift it to a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, god-mother, friend or any adult who draws breath around children, it would make me truly happy!  This book really can change the world, but we must get it into the hands of the masses!  The world isn’t getting any better as it stands right now, but if we all work together to ensure change, it can happen.  (Thanking you in advance for your support in this endeavor).  See the trailer here!

I would love to hear from all of you, some of your family Christmas traditions.  Share them below in the comments section so that we can all “virtually” relish and enjoy the thought of them, just as you will, on this very special day!


***If you haven’t joined the awesome community known as Rave Reviews Book Club, we invite you to check us out.  The absolute best gift for any Author!!!


  1. What lovely sentiment and special greeting, Nonnie. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas Celebration.
    Wishes for a Blessed, Happy, Healthy and Amazing 2016.
    Cheers and Happy New Year!!!
    Warm Regards,


  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nonnie!


  3. Merry Christmas, Nonnie! ❤


  4. Oh, Nonnie, thank you so much for counting me as one of your friends. I am honored. You are a great lady with a great heart. You have done a wonderful job starting something that will not only out-last us all, but something that is presently causing an internet wave. You should be proud of what you have created. I am proud of what you have created. May the good lord give you good health this coming year, and in the years to come. Remain strong as we continue to pray for you. Have a merry Christmas, and go softly with that delicacy. :).


  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Nonnie!


  6. Surely you heard me squeal when I saw my name on your list of supporters. I am in awe of the sacrifices you and each member the Board makes with each new endeavor to make our club great. Thank to you, as well! Next, I don’t want your recipe, but If you could send me a quart of gumbo… Finally, my niece is coming for dinner tomorrow and she has two daughters ages 2 and 7. I will get her email address and gift her a Kindle edition of The Good Mommies Guide! MERRY CHRISTMAS, NONNIE! MERRY CHRISTMAS RRBC!


  7. Such a lovely and thoughtful message, Nonnie! Much gratitude for all that you do. Wishing you a joyful Christmas and an amazing 2016! Cheers 🙂


  8. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours Nonni,e and to everyone at RRBC 😀


  9. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas. All the best with The Good Mommies Guide. I’m sure it will get a second wind in 2016.


  10. Nonnie,
    Thank you so much for being you. I enjoyed this post since it could stand as a reminder to all of us to reach out and thank those who are important to us. It also includes some tasty sounding gumbo which can’t help but warm the spirit. I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and blessed New Year and will look forward to your continued leadership in the year to come. Hugs.


  11. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Nonnie, you are so special. There is no one else like you. They say we are all unique but there are some among us who are simply a cut above the rest, and you fit into that category. I admire you for your brilliant mind that can dream up such awesome ideas for this club. You are a cut above the rest. I am grateful for having you in my life. Our meeting was not by accident but by design. And so I feel blessed for having known you. Thank you for acknowledging me in your blog. I am wishing you and your family a blessed and wonderful Holiday Season.


  12. Thanks, Nonnie, for helping to make 2015 a wonderful year for me with Rave Reviews Book Club! Today, we’re off to my daughter’s place to drink, open presents, drink, eat, drink, eat some more… only there won’t be any of that Cajun Gumbo you’re so famous for! (I think I should drop by with an empty pot and get me some!!) Merry Christmas and many blessings on you and your lovely family!


  13. Thank you so very much Nonnie – have a very Merry Christmas!! – Michael & Margaret Lynes


  14. Bill Ward

    Have a great Xmas and a brilliant 2016! I’m pleased I finally have no more shopping or wrapping to do! Now I am going to eat too much and play games.


    • Good for you, Bill! We have an annual Family & Friends game night here at our house. It happens after Christmas this year. Hey, just another excuse to eat more and laugh and love more, right? Merry Christmas, dear!


  15. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.


    • Same to you, Craig! I would say let’s not eat too much, but even I won’t be following that rule! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, not going to happen around this house either. Maybe Santa will bring antacids.


      • I’m hoping Santa brings more desserts! LOL. #WillLiveOnTheTreadmill on Monday!


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