#RRBC “The BEST” Place To Belong If You’re An #Author!

Happy New Year 2016

Welcome to 2016 and the first Recruitment Day of the year for the International Literary Sensation, RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (RRBC)!  Now, if you’re an author, or a reader, or a parent, or a dog, or even a rock, if you haven’t heard of us by now…well, then you must be a rock, buried really deeply

Dog digging hole…because we’re the cat’s meow when it comes to all things LITERARY, all things FUN and absolutely everything centered around SUPPORT!  Not support of self, but support of others.

Image of people helping each otherOur goal is to Profile, Promote & Propel our members to unimaginable heights in everything we do, and we’re pretty sure we’re doing a really great job of that!   How do we go about such hefty tasks?  Well, let me name just a few of the awesome ways we lift and support our members:

*3 Books of the Month (each month)

*Monthly Book Discussions/Q&A Sessions

*“SPOTLIGHT” Authors


*Members of the Month

*Members of the Week

*Have You Met…? series

*Pay It Forward Weeks

*RAVE WAVES BlogTalk Radio Shows (9 monthly)

*VIP Members

*Book & Blog Block Parties

*Book Trailer Block Parties

*Writing Contests / Photo Contests

*Book Purchases/Reads/REVIEWS!!!

*RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology (inclusion of members only)


*Daily Tweet Support (which keeps your name and your book out on the World Wide Web)

*Honors, Cash Awards and so much more!

I know, amazing isn’t it?  So you see, when we say that we’re a ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL THINGS LITERARY…when you hear the masses say that this is “the BEST” place to belong if you’re an author,  that’s exactly what we mean!  (It’s not a bad place for readers, either, as there’s so much to partake of!)

We are a community of friends, a family of sorts, and the great thing about us, is we’re not in competition with each other.  Oh, no! That’s a dirty word here at RRBC!  (Unless of course, there’s a contest and there’s cash to be had…then all bets are off!)

Couple fighting over money

We’re here to push, pull, propel, lean, and stand on each others shoulders, if that’s what it takes to get us to the next level, to get us noticed, to get us recognized as just as good, if not better, than those published “traditionally.”

We know that some frown on the word “Indie,” but we’re turning the tables on that silliness, and it’s no longer going to be great to be a traditionally published author; it’s going to be AWESOME to be recognized as an INDIE AUTHOR!  Our Members are extremely proud to be Indie.

Writing is a lonely business but the members of RRBC no longer live in that world of loneliness.  We are now apart of a huge family of like-minded and supportive individuals, who are as passionate about our success as they are their own.  That’s what makes RRBC great; that’s what makes us stand out from all the rest, and that is the very reason you should JOIN US TODAY!  You don’t have to go it alone anymore!  You’ll have the lot of us right beside you, offering support in every area that you need it!  Membership is only $25 per year but what this club offers, is worth so much more!

As I mentioned, it’s our first Recruitment Day of 2016 and we believe that the more members we have, the greater our support, so some of my fellow members have also taken the time to give you their “take” on why you should JOIN US.  Please stop by their blogs below and get even more encouraged to put your name on our roster of many!  After you do, I’m most positive that we’ll be rubbing elbows with you soon!  (If not, then you’re just still a rock, buried deep, with a dog trying to dig you out of a very dark hole!)  And who wants that?

Dog rolling his eyes

*Beem’s Blog

*Fiora Books

*Jan Hawke INKcorporated

Oh, and if you’re a really great friend, you’ll invite your friends and family members to JOIN US, too!  Friends don’t let friends “write/read” alone!

Please don’t leave today without sharing this post on all your social media forums! (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+, etc.)  We’re appreciating you in advance!!!

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  1. myrddinsheir

    This is you at your best, Nonnie (in my humble opinion). Will share the link and re-blog today. I do love the dogs… xx


  2. Reblogged this on Room With Books and commented:
    Come and join the fun! You’ll be amazed by all the people you will meet! This is a truly incredible group!


  3. Reblogged this on Kim's Author Support Blog.


  4. Reblogged this on Jan Hawke INKorporated and commented:
    Listen to the organ grinder! 😀 Nonnie Jules, President of Rave Raviews Book Club waxes lyrical on “THE BEST” place to be if you’re an author…


  5. Reblogged this on Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules and commented:
    This was originally posted in January, 2016 but it’s a nice post and it’s #RRBC’s Recruitment Day so here ya go!


  6. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Reblogged this on Our Lady of Victory Remembered!.


  7. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    I didn’t get my blog in but that won’t stop me from sharing yours. I love it!!


  8. Great post, Nonnie. Didn’t realize there was a curfew. My followers are loving it.


  9. Orsom powst said it all


  10. Reblogged this on Shirley McLain and commented:
    I belong to this club and I think it’s wonderful, so I’m sharing it with my friends. They do support Indie Authors. If you decide you want to share in our adventure when you contact them just give them my name. Shirley


  11. Nice one Nonnie! 😀 Sharing now…;-)


  12. myrddinsheir

    Well done Nonnie: indefatigable, indomitable,inspiring… xx


  13. Reblogged this on Lizzie Chantree and commented:
    Reblogged on Lifzziechantree.com
    If you haven’t joined RRBC already, its full of talented, authors, bloggers, readers and people who like to discover books they might not have found without RRBC. It’s a support network for anyone who loves to read and write in a diverse range of subjects. Join in!


  14. No one does this better than you, Nonnie. No wonder you pull in more members. 🙂



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