Kelly Vs. Hughley…Rudeness Rules Our World #RRBC

“Rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength.”


I have come to the realization that I am a very strong advocate for Social Justice, which would probably pit me against, or make me a strong opponent of Social Injustice.  Agreed?  OK.

While tuned in to The View Show this morning, I find that Comedian and Actor, D. L. Hughley has been invited to sit down with Megyn Kelly of Fox News.  Now, I love news talk, especially when the hosts and the guests are very respectful of one another and there’s intelligent dialogue. So, when The View plays the ‘clip’ of that back-and-forth interview, it gave me a reason to chat with you today:

Many of you have often heard me say that I don’t “do” rude.  I have absolutely zero tolerance for rude people anywhere in society, especially when it isn’t warranted…or when someone’s rude to another, simply because they’re having a bad day. (Bad days should be kept in the privacy of your own bedroom).  Whether it’s in the supermarket, in the restaurant, in the movie theater, or on television, rude is just unacceptable.   There are many, many reasons to extend kindness towards others, so why would anyone drive away opportunities to land on the positive side of things, just to expel such negative energy?   Rudeness is also wasted energy.

It matters not who was right or wrong during this sit-down, Hughley was an invited guest in Kelly’s “house,” so to speak.  Now, would you ever show rudeness in your home towards your guests?  If you did, I can assure you, that soon your address would be placed in the ‘no-visit-zone’ by many of your friends.

Getting back to this awful display of rudeness above, in horror, I watched Megyn Kelly raise her voice at D. L. Hughley and on several occasions, she even cut him off mid-sentence, and was just plain insulting.  When he made a “WOW!” comment, she said, “Don’t WOW Me,” and that’s when he growled back…with reason.  Did she expect that because he was in ‘her’ house that he was going to back down from her sarcasm and rudeness?  I, for one, am glad that he did not.

I’m not writing this piece because I have anything against Kelly, Hughley, or even Fox News.  I’m writing this piece because I want to bring to light, that no matter our differences on race, politics, religion or even the weather, it’s  important that we allow the other side, the other opinion, the opinion that is so far away from ours, the courtesy and respect of being heard, being listened to, and feeling safe in the fact that we don’t, and won’t always agree.  We must always remain open to the fact that there are opinions and views that won’t always resemble ours and that’s OK.

I’m saddened by all the chaos that we’re living thru right now.  Every time I turn on the news or log onto my computer, there is a story about the two black men who were senselessly killed by white police officers, and also the stories of the five white police officers who were targeted and senselessly killed in Dallas.  My heart aches with sadness for all.

But, here’s my stance:  #BlackLivesMatter #WhiteLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter.

Daily, we sit behind keyboards without the luxury of being able to lunch together in the same restaurant, or even share a cup of tea in a local Starbuck’s, but I love all my people here, and their skin color, matters not.  I love Gwen Plano, Rhani D’Chae and Marlena Smith and they’re white (per the textbooks);  I love Shirley Harris-Slaughter, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko and Linda Mims and they’re black (per the textbooks);  I love Jan Hawke and Harmony Kent from across the pond and they both speak funny because they’re from the Queen’s land, (but, I still love them!).  I’m saying this to say, that there are clearly those obvious differences in the shades of our skin, the texture of our hair and maybe even, the color of our eyes, but how important are those things, really?  In the grand scheme of things, they shouldn’t matter at all because WE ALL BLEED RED.

In closing, I’m asking you all to lose the rude and gain momentum on the respect.  Learn to listen and appreciate the views and differences of others…grow in your tolerance of those things that don’t mimic what you see in the mirror, and stop allowing those little things to separate and divide us.

Lastly, always remember that when you invite someone into ‘your house,’ please allow them to express their opinions freely, openly, without interruption and name-calling, and most importantly, without judgment.



…equates to a better and safer world for us all.

What is your stance on rudeness?  We’d love to hear from you below.


  1. sistercrystalmary

    I could not agree more, well said!! In fact people who use swear words disgust me also. We can’t change other people, but we can choose not to lower our own standards. God Bless you. xx


  2. LOVE this! I wish more people would feel this way!


  3. Good article here, Nonnie. I’m just surprised that you’re shocked by Megan Kelly’s behavior. She goes for the shock value. I don’t watch The View for the very same reason I don’t watch Kelly. We have devolved as a society. Pretty soon we’ll have little–if anything–left to deem us civil. Our leadership (or lack of) has failed us.

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  4. Gwen Plano

    Your last words say it all, “#MoreRespect …equates to a better and safer world for us all.” I watched the interview until the “Don’t WOW me!” statement, but then I had to stop. It’s rare for me to watch political pundits, because this type of exchange is commonplace, and I can’t bare it.

    Thank you for bringing this to our collective attention. It feels as though our entire world is weeping, and if we don’t respond with love…I fear what lies ahead.

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  5. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Nonnie your point is well taken. I recall while riding an elevator at my place of employment, a colleague stepped into my space and didn’t open her mouth to say anything to me. It was the most uncomfortable moment for me. How can you know someone and not speak to them? I was appalled at her rudeness and she did it with a straight face. Now that I think back on it, that was my first brush with racism and its awful. Wern’t these people taught manners? But I guess that doesn’t apply to people they hate or look down on. So sad. So Nonnie keep on pointing out the rudeness. I looked at your tape and was appalled. That’s why I don’t watch Fox cable News and only a few shows on their affiliates. I’m not lining their pockets.

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  6. Being different is only skin deep. Thanks Nonnie! We need reminders from time to time that being polite really costs nothing other than a bit of effort to remember that others have as much right to be on our planet as we ourselves have. Of course, rudeness is often “taught” at home when children do or don’t do what their parents do, for example the way a married couple behaves in front of their children, either treating and speaking to one another with respect or not.

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  7. Well said, Nonnie. That wasn’t an interview. Unprofessional at best.


  8. Great commentary, Nonnie. I spent years writing commentary on social and political subjects and took great care to express the the views of two or more conflicting sides in a mature, adult and professional manner. I did add my views but did not impose them upon my readers, rather let them decide for themselves. Today I no longer discuss politics or religion because so many refuse to look at both sides of any issue. People who say they like to debate defer to name calling and rudeness that is usually found among children not raised properly. The world has turned upside down. Lately, when someone attacks what I say, I just remark that ‘I hope you are right, but sadly I don’t believe you are.” And i move on. I really have no answers as how to handle the increasingly bad mannered people I see on social media. Then I think of all those who are not that way and try to reassure myself that like goodness overcoming evil, politeness will overcome rudeness. I pray that I’m right.



  9. Yes Nonnie, it is difficult for one with a huge chip on their shoulder, as well as one with a preconception in what they believe, to pretend to have an open and objective conversation.Megyn Kelly clearly fit this description, and it is clear where she stands. My question is, why invite someone you know is opposed to your beliefs to a conversation? She knew how it would end…


  10. I am scrambling to see a You Tube of The View! I am surprised that this time D. L. is the one wronged. Rave Reviews is my safe haven. Thanks for reminding me!


  11. Erm… we speak funny? 😉 Nonnie – you’re quite right of course. We do all bleed red. We all need to eat and sleep; feel safe and valued; and want to live cleanly and comfortably. We have far more in common than we have differences and yet still we let the rowdy, the bigots and the manipulators inside our heads to twist all the good things about people into shreds and stomp all over them.
    Courtesy is the language of diplomacy for a reason – it’s the way to end wars and remove the bad taste of ill-feeling and discord. It’s about care and respect. We need more of it.


  12. This is a truly outstanding commentary about how we need to behave towards each other, no matter the issue or the circumstances! My jaw dropped as I watched the interview in question: browbeating at its worst! Sigh. You hit the nail on the head, as usual, Nonnie! Thanks for this straightforward and effective reminder about the more important things in life!


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