Homewreckers…BEWARE! A Husband Scorned #RRBC

You know, I try not to sit in judgment of anyone and I don’t condone violence of any kind.  But, since I am so opposed to HOMEWRECKERS, I’m OK with this husband “fighting” for his family.  (Personally, I think the butt-whipping should have been reserved for the wife, I mean, maybe she lied to the homewrecker and said she was single!)  LOL!!!


My daughters both laughed when they saw this (and then shared it with me).  After a moment, my youngest said:  “I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to laugh or feel sad about that.” My oldest said:  “Sis, that was sad.  The music was really dramatic and just made me sad, but I couldn’t help but laugh initially.”

Well, both my daughters have these amazing hearts (they got them from their dad), but me, I just couldn’t help myself!

It’s the weekend, people, and I hope I just got yours off to a really great start!  #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine

Tell us what you think about homewrecking (Penguins) in the comments section below!


  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    WOW! Brutal!


  2. Good point Yvette. I t looks like breaking their lifetime vows has to really be worth it. And no female rights in penguin life.


  3. The concept was funny but I was horrified by the amount of bloodshed they inflicted upon each other. Certaiinly sending mixed messages to the youngsters. I never knew those cute penguins had such a violent streak.


  4. Wow! Remind me never to invite penguins over for dinner! Then again … lol.


  5. Talk about a smackdown! I had no idea penguins could do that much damage to each other. Ugh! I feel awful for the poor husband. I wonder if he’ll turn out to be a homewrecker in another nest.

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  6. This fight didn’t amuse me at all, Nonnie. I have zero tolerance for home wreckers, and I always wish them bad. The loser penguin got what he deserved.


  7. Aww – poor hubby penguin! I’m sure he’ll find another lady to take him under her wing again soon! 😀

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  8. I feel very bad for the husband without knowing why the wife chose the home wrecker over the husband. It occurs in so many lives, human and animal.


  9. OMG! It was humorous until they started the beak fight! The gouging of eyes was too much for me! LOL!

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  10. Hmmm. She sure wasn’t worth the bloody fight to me. Poor loser. I’m on his side!!


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  12. LOL….funny and wow, what a fight.
    Kinda feel bad for the original mate being “dissed”….suppose in thinking this thru the female made the wise choice in choosing the homewrecker; otherwise she’s spend the rest of her life with him holding the cheat over her head….

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  13. I guess even penguins who “mate for life” can sometimes have a wandering eye. Lol! Then again, maybe the reason they are known to mate for life is because of the kind of whoopass they get if they stray. Lol!

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