I Love Promoting #RWISA #RRBC Books, But… (#AnOrphanNoMore) @IAmReginaLouise

…every now and again, I come across those that I think might be so good, that I have to promote them just as hard as I would a really good #RWISA or #RRBC book.

Everyone knows that I love Lifetime Television.  My husband and children would tell you that I watch too much LT  but, I would be quick to counter that I don’t watch enough.  I mean, LifeTime is where I garner much of the knowledge I use to keep them all safe.  You’d think they’d appreciate that.

Although all the stories on LT aren’t based on true stories, they are stories that make you feel so deeply, they could be.

Today, while watching LT in my office as I often do on Saturdays, a movie trailer came on that left me confused.  The title, “I AM SOMEBODY’S CHILD:  The True Story of Regina Louise” stood out for me, as I have an unpublished poem entitled “SOMEBODY’S CHILD” that I penned in 2011.

I will admit that even though some of the imagery from the trailer was a bit enticing, it was lacking in so many areas.  As my youngest daughter put it, “Most trailers leave you in suspense and anxiously awaiting the movie.  This trailer was just plain stupid.”  I had to laugh at her assessment, as the trailer also left me wondering why anyone would want to see the movie after viewing that poor production.  When it ended, I found myself asking the television, “Who the heck wrote that and what did they expect me to learn from it?”  

Since the creator of the trailer wasn’t in my office to answer my questions (nor was he or she inside of my television obviously), I headed to Google to find out for myself who Regina Louise was.

I learned a lot about her from that simple search, but, it was this poem of hers that I happened upon that left me breathless and wanting to see the movie behind that poor production of a trailer.  The words and the delivery literally forced me to Amazon to purchase her books, and now, I (along with my daughter) anxiously await the movie’s premiere in April.

During this month of Black History, I find the sharing of this poem by bestselling author, Regina Louise, highly appropriate for the time.


Here are the only two books that I found by this author and I just can’t wait to read them:



Let me reiterate that I have not read these books and therefore am unable to share any insight into the worthiness of the reads…yet.  I have purchased them on the basis of the profoundness and the delivery of the poem above, by the author herself.

If you’re curious about the hashtag in my title, #AnOrphanNoMore, click the link for more beauty behind this unique mother/daughter love story.  (I must share that this article starts off with a few typos, but the story itself is so wonderful, you’ll soon forget those little hiccups).

Regina Louise and mom photp

Now tell me, have you ever been so moved by a trailer that you couldn’t wait to rush out and get the book or see the movie?  Or, has a certain piece of writing felt so phenomenal to you that it left you panting for more of that author’s work?  If so, please share your stories in the comments section below.

Thanks for dropping in and I wish for you also a beautiful LifeTime Saturday!


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  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    It seems like most trailers I’ve seen over the last decade have come up short in a big way. But I thought it was just me. They don’t seem to want to put any money or thought behind them nowadays, and so I have had no desire to go the the theater to see the movie(s). I have read books that left me wanting more. Its a good feeling. Regina Louise’s delivery in this video is very powerful.


  2. I absolutely love spoken word, and this was phenomenal! My tears are flowing! 🙂 As for your question, I have also been moved by a trailer/movie. When I saw the trailer for The Maze Runner, I was fascinated with the story line. After watching the movie, I absolutely had to read the book, and I ended up reading the whole series. Usually, I like the read the books first, but that book had never crossed my radar until I had seen the trailer. 🙂


    • Hi, Yvette! I do o love the spoken word (or, “readings” as they are also referred to). Hers was so powerful, I wanted more so I had to get her books.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Gwen Plano

    Thank you, Nonnie, for posting this story and the poem. It moved me to tears. I look forward to reading “I’m Somebody’s Child.” ♥


    • Hi, Gwen! When I heard her poem, you came to my mind. I just knew you would enjoy this.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  4. Simply beautiful! Oh yes, It cut me hard in my heart to think that all this happened to her. In the end, she survived! God was watching over her all the time!


    • Yes, God was with her, Joy! Now I’m waiting for April 20th when the movie premieres. Put it on your calendar so that you can tune in to Lifetime then!

      Thanks for dropping by!


  5. This moved me to tears, made me angry, and left me nodding my head in recognition. Predominantly it left me hungry for more. I have purchased “Somebody’s Someone.”


    • Awww, Suz, I knew that you and Gwen Plano would really appreciate her books. Thanks for supporting this author. I’m now a fan simply because of the poetry and her story. Can’t wait to read her books.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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