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Friends, we are living through some very difficult times.  To me, it almost feels as if we’re all in this boiling pot and at any given moment, we’re all going to just boil right over.  Systemic racism is a real thing and it’s clear by the marches and peaceful protests that are taking place right now all over the world, that it isn’t just the black community who is angry – everyone with a conscience is pissed at what is going on right before our eyes.  And, because these protests and marches house more than just those from the black community, maybe now, change is really going to take place … positive change, that is.

I was excited when I learned that the network, BRAVO, had gathered and produced a show with cast members from various shows of their network, to discuss this racial climate we’re living in.

So, whether you want to accept and/or acknowledge it, there is a conversation right now that MUST be had.  And, since you don’t have to be black to initiate that conversation, here we go… (please watch or listen to it in its entirety)


For those of you who are quick to respond with All Lives Matter when you hear someone say black lives matter- those of us who are on the side of right, already know that all lives (should) matter, but, what we’re faced with today is the unlawful, random, and blatant extinguishment of black lives. 

For those of you who don’t know … when you counter with “all lives matter” after hearing someone say black lives matter, that’s a highly offensive and racist statement . Get off your defensive high horse and take the time to learn something new.  There has never been a better time to do so.  Step out of your “privilege” for a moment and step into the shoes of a people who have been oppressed for years and years – because whether you like it or not, equality for all is on the rise.  We should work harder at understanding where the black community is coming from, instead of trying to defend that which has been, and still is indefensible:  inequality and injustice.  And in case you’re wondering, their both intertwined. 

Many have asked why I’m so passionate about this, as if this isn’t my fight.  This is everyone’s fight, yours, theirs, and mine, and because I don’t like wrongdoing of any kind, I will not sit silently and let this moment pass me by.  We all have a moral obligation to stand, right now, today, and rebuke the hatred and blatant disregard that we have in the past, and are still today witnessing right before our eyes.  If you’re not part of the solution, you are a HUGE part of the problem.

I heard this just this morning and the actual post is here at ASK THE GOOD MOMMY“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected, are as outraged as those who are.” ~Benjamin Franklin.  So, are you unaffected yet outraged?  

What are your thoughts about today’s climate?  And, please, don’t be afraid to share.  Remember, silence is no longer an option.

I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done, does away with fear. 

~Rosa Parks



  1. That was a great segment! They hit upon so many topics in such a raw and honest manner. I especially loved when they spoke about voting at the local level and how people need to go out and vote to shape the local municipalities to demand the change that is needed.

    It saddens me that the opportunists who loot and damage property are getting more attention than the peaceful protesters, but that is another way that media tries to control the narrative. I just wish those opportunists would realize that their actions are actually thwarting positive change. They are so focused on their immediate gain that they fail to see the long-term opportunity for progress.


  2. I agree! We all have a moral duty to stand up for those who are being discriminated against!


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    I’m outraged too!


  4. As a white person living in Canada, I thought that after the riots and unrest of the 1960s, race relations were improving. Obviously, that has not been the case, but since I don’t experience racial discrimination, I have been oblivious to it. No more! The Black Lives Matter movement has been a great wake-up-up call for all of us to recognize the systemic racism in our white-dominated societies and take the necessary steps to root it out. I found the speech by the college football coach to be particularly moving. Thanks for speaking out so courageously about this issue, Nonnie, that has put our societies at the crossroad of change.


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    An excellent post by Nonnie Jules that eloquently states why none of us should be sitting on our hands watching the Black Lives Matter movement unfold.


  6. roxburkey

    Thank you for sharing and spotlighting the current issues. The perspective of each individual in the video is good to see and hear. I appreciated the specifics shared.
    We are at a time when awareness, conversation, and equality for all is key to improving as humans.
    It is shameful to have the unlawful, random, and blatant extinguishment of black lives.
    It is also shameful to have violence and destruction against people and property. All voices should be heard and respected. We need to protect all the children. We need to help one another first.

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    • Hi, Rox! Thanks for dropping in. Yes, that is exactly the way it should be viewed: the shameful, unlawful, random, and blatant extinguishment of black lives. I don’t condone the looting and destruction of property, but you know what, I care more about the lives being taken. And, we can’t, nor will we ever understand their position – their frustration and even their rage. Those feelings are entitled. What we can do is step outside of ourselves and have compassion, and then let that compassion for others move us into a united purpose. We have to stand as one. We have the most divisive evil sitting in the White House right now and we must turn against that. The ones who are destroying property and looting, whether they are black, white, blue or yellow, will use any opportunity to do so.

      Enjoy your extended weekend, Rox!


  7. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    When I hear the words “All lives matter” an anger boils up in me and I want to throw something. I couldn’t explain why. But you, Nonnie, are doing a good job of trying to explain it. Superiority has shielded the dominant race and so ignorance abounds when BLM movement appears. I hope that everyone will educate themselves instead of shying away from it. Ignorance is no longer an option.


    • Shirley, I think what angers me most is when I do see those who try to stay away from and brush these topics under the table. There has to be conversation. If not, we continue to walk around on eggshells, tip toeing around each other, not knowing what’s ok to say and what’s not. It’s time to educate ourselves and our children. If you don’t know, turn to your neighbor and ask! They will appreciate that. And you’re right, just as silence is no longer an option, neither is ignorance. If you’re ignorant to this topic, it’s only because you choose to be.

      Thanks for dropping by, Shirley. I always appreciate you having the bravery to speak your truth on matters that others will always run away from. As with me, it’s clear to me there is also #NoCowardice in your DNA 🙂

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  8. There is no doubt we are standing on the precipice of change around the world! Thank you for sharing, Nonnie!

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  9. There is a time for everything and THIS is the time for change!


    • Joy, although long overdue, this is the time that I feel we might actually get somewhere.

      Thanks for chiming in!


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    This is a must read!


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