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Welcome to Day 4 of the 



Who was Hugh Bigod?

Hugh Bigod, the son of Roger Bigod, became the first Earl of Norfolk after his older brother, William, drowned when the White Ship sank on the 26th of November 1120. Hugh was allowed to inherit William’s office of royal steward and the estates in East Anglia.

William Adelin, the only legitimate son and heir of the ruling king at the time also drowned during the White Ship disaster. When King Henry I died one of his male relatives, Stephen of Blois, usurped the crown resulting in a lengthily civil war. During this period of mayhem, Hugh Bigod formed a huge gang of bandits which went about the countryside spreading terror, burning villages, capturing and torturing people, and holding them for randsom.

The villagers living in Suffolk described his actions as being so cruel and evil that the grass withered and died in his shadow.

Bungay Castle, Hugh Bigod’s primary residence is reputed to be haunted by his ghost in the guise of a black dog.  The Bungay Inn, which features in Through the Nethergate, is believed to share a wall in its cellar with Bungay Castle.

An extract from Through the Nethergate

““You have special powers, Margaret,” said Henry. “We can sense them and know that you are our only hope of escape from bondage to the Master. As soon as you entered the Inn, we started our process of reincarnation and, with that process, came a faster reversal of the external manifestations of our dark pasts. We need your help to rid the world of the depraved and degenerate Bigods.

Their evil acts have imprinted themselves into the very walls of Bungay Castle. The Inn has become a central point for the ghosts to congregate because the cellar is part of the original structure of the castle. Your presence at the Inn is like a magnet for all of us, good and bad.”

“But how?” cried Margaret. “How am I to help you?”

“You have the power to exorcise the Master. You are the reason we are able to be seen, are able to interact with humans and are able to touch people. We are no longer ghosts, we are now incarnates.

We want to help you overcome the black dog of Bungay. We also want another chance to enter the White Light. Helping you may give us our opportunity.”

“What about Hugh Bigod? What does he want from me?”

“He wants you dead so that you can’t interfere with his control over the Bungay ghosts. Judging from his actions last night, he is happy to kill anybody else who happens to be stand between him and his goal of killing you.”

“I thought that might be his plan,” Margaret whispered, “I’ll do my best to help you. To help us all.””



Margaret, a girl born with second sight, has the unique ability to bring ghosts trapped between Heaven and Hell back to life. When her parents die suddenly, she goes to live with her beloved grandfather, but the cellar of her grandfather’s ancient inn is haunted by an evil spirit of its own. In the town of Bungay, a black dog wanders the streets, enslaving the ghosts of those who have died unnatural deaths. When Margaret arrives, these phantoms congregate at the inn, hoping she can free them from the clutches of Hugh Bigod, the 12th century ghost who has drawn them away from Heaven’s White Light in his canine guise. With the help of her grandfather and the spirits she has befriended, Margaret sets out to defeat Hugh Bigod, only to discover he wants to use her for his own ends – to take over Hell itself.


Hello, my name is Robbie, short for Roberta. I am an author with seven published children’s picture books in the Sir Chocolate books series for children aged 2 to 9 years old (co-authored with my son, Michael Cheadle), one published middle grade book in the Silly Willy series and one published preteen/young adult fictionalised biography about my mother’s life as a young girl growing up in an English town in Suffolk during World War II called While the Bombs Fell (co-authored with my mother, Elsie Hancy Eaton). All of my children’s book are written under Robbie Cheadle and are published by TSL Publications.

I have recently branched into adult and young adult horror and supernatural writing and, in order to clearly differential my children’s books from my adult writing, I plan to publish these books under Roberta Eaton Cheadle. My first supernatural book published in that name, Through the Nethergate, is now available.

I have participated in a number of anthologies:

Two short stories in #1 Amazon bestselling anthology, Dark Visions, a collection of horror stories edited by Dan Alatorre;
Three short stories in Death Among Us, an anthology of murder mystery stories, edited by Stephen Bentley;
Three short stories in #1 Amazon bestselling anthology, Nightmareland, a collection of horror stories edited by Dan Alatorre;
Two short stories in Whispers of the Past, an anthology of paranormal stories, edited by Kaye Lynne Booth; and
Two short stories in Spellbound, an anthology of horror stories edited by Dan Alatorre.


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  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Congratulations Robbie. Your tour is going well.

    Congrats to 4WillsPub and Nonnie Jules.

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    • Thank you, Shirley. The tour is going very well thanks to all the great support from members like you. Nonnie did such a great job with this video. I am thrilled.


      • Shirley Harris-Slaughter

        Yes. The video seems to capture what you were describing. It is very graphic and chilling.

        Congratulations to you and 4WillsPub.

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      • Thank you, Shirley.


  2. I’m reading this one currently and enjoying it immensely. Robbie has a way of getting deep into the history of a setting. Makes it come alive.

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  3. I enjoyed this excerpt! I can’t wait to read your book, Robbie. 🙂

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  4. Robbie, I imagine you had heaps of fun creating this cast of characters – you have a vivid imagination.

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  5. Gracie Bradford

    Very impressive, Robbie. Good luck on your journey.


  6. Hi, Robbie. Your blurb is captivating. It sounds like a good book! Best wishes for a great tour.

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  7. Hi, Robbie, your excerpt brought back a sweet memory of your story. It was a great story. Thank you, Nonnie, for hosting her today.

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  8. Hi Nonnie, thank you so much for hosting me here, it is appreciated.


  9. Thank you, Jan. You are amazing with your support.

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  10. Such a powerful line: “You have the power to exorcise the master…” Great excerpt. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and it’s great to see it on tour! Congrats, Robbie, and best wishes!

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    • Jan, thanks for dropping by to support Robbie on her tour!

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    • Thank you, Jan, I’m glad you liked that line. I have taken your advice about showing and not telling and filter words on board and hope it shows in my new novel.



  1. #RRBC #4WillsPub Through the Nethergate tour – Nonnie Jules and a Youtube video

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