I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge believer in signs.  Some might call it intuition, others might call it instincts, but, I believe that at times, God sends me signals of things I need to watch out for, or even things I might need to pause and ponder.

After the huge response to my block party post yesterday (boy, was that fun!), I stood at the foot of my bed this morning as this thought popped into my head and took a seat for a few minutes:  “How can anyone who claims to be or even those I perceive to be as decent people, not see the evil that Donald Trump exudes?  I mean, every time he appears somewhere, I literally see smoke coming from his pores, so, it’s not like it’s invisible. How is it possible that they find every reason in the world to NOT ACCEPT all the ugly that he is and that he spews?”  This leaves me baffled, with my mouth wide open on the floor.   

So, just a few moments ago, I get an email from a follower of my blog – my new friend!  Because I was sent this message privately, I will not identify this person but they are very welcome to speak up if they’d like to own their words.  Have you ever heard the term “like-minds”?  Well, this person clearly lives inside my head. 

Here is a portion of that email…

“I enjoyed your post yesterday about the upcoming election.  I was an enthusiastic supporter of Barack Obama and all that he stood for.  We have fallen so far from his “Keep Hope Alive” message.  The last four years have been one hot mess and have brought out the racists and hate mongers.  I have many friends of all political persuasions, but it is hard for me to rationalize how people I think of as kind and decent people can support such a ___________  __________.”

{Although not profane in any way, I have chosen to delete the last two words of that piece because they aren’t words that I typically hear, and they just might be too identifying for this individual, so, I again, will continue to protect their privacy.}

I have a friend who is Republican (and there’s nothing at all wrong with that), or, shall I say she is a DIE-HARD TRUMP FAN TO THE END, and we go at it almost daily.  I’ll admit, I sometimes kick this off just to get a rise out of her, but, most often, I’m just praying that she’ll get a grip and come to her senses.  She is such a good person!  She’s kind, she’s sweet, she’s generous, she’s loving, but she’s so far up Trump’s behind — I I just can’t understand it!  And no matter how much of his nasty is standing right in front of her, she has an excuse for all that he does and all that he says.  And her favorite word?  We all know it – his followers throw it around like it’s confetti on New Year’s Eve – SOCIALISM.  “He’s a socialist.”  “She’s a socialist.”  I have literally yelled at her, “WHO CARES???????????!!!!  If I hear any variation of that word one more time…!!!!” 

My friends, people who know me, think that I’m a rarity and I will agree … I am. When they say God broke the mold when he created that one, well, I was the one they were referring to.  There is no other like me, and that’s not coming from me, that’s what others say about me.  Those same people see me as being a little harsh at times.  Again, I wear that label well, too.  For starters, I’m demanding and I make absolutely no apologies for it.  I demand perfection.  I demand respect.  I demand loyalty.  I demand honesty.  But, above all else, I demand decency.   And the legacy I will leave behind will be first and foremost, one of decency. 

I don’t think yesterday was enough, so here I am again, giving you more of my truths that I proudly stand in…

  • Black lives should matter just as much as every other life in this world;
  • All lives can’t matter until black lives are recognized in the ALL;
  • I don’t care that there are moms and dads who are fleeing their country so that their kids will be safe and might have a chance at a better life.  My hope is that while they are here, they will go about the process of ensuring that they attain legal citizenship.  How far would you go to protect your children?  Me – well, I’d go all the way;
  • I don’t care that I might have to foot some of the bill for them.  God has blessed my life with more than enough – I don’t mind sharing my blessings;
  • I don’t care that they don’t speak English yet.  Maybe I need to learn a few more languages;
  • I am so bothered every time I think about those images of kids crying in cages after having been ripped from their parents’ arms at the border.  This angers me like you wouldn’t believe.  I feel this because I am a mother, just like those Hispanic mothers – and those kids could be my kids.  There but by the grace of God go I.  In my world, maternal instinct matters more than money.

Many of you refer to them as illegal aliens, migrants, foreigners, etc.  I simply see them as human beings – and though my skin might be lighter than theirs, they are still my sisters and brothers under God.    

So, while those of you who are worrying about how much they will negatively impact our economy, and that other crap you folks worry about, all I care about is that they are treated with common decency that all humans should be afforded.  They come here because they have been led to believe that our country is a country of great opportunities, liberties, and hospitality.  Why don’t we foster all the good which they believe we are?  Just as blacks should be treated fairly and be allowed to stand on equal footing with everyone else, so should all from the human race.  

If it means that I am more selfless than selfish, you can call me a socialist any day!

So, here I am again.  Hoping that each day I speak on it, more will soften their hearts and listen. It’s time to bring our America back to the greatness it once was before they let the reality show that’s in the WH now, invade and interrupt our viewing pleasure.  We must bring our country back to something we are proud to watch and claim.



Until next time…be kinder than you were yesterday!


  1. Nonnie,
    I just want to say I agree with Wanda. I’m so glad you continued your blog post on RWISA. it has been heartening to me too.
    This was an on-time conversation for us all.
    Thank you.
    Shalom aleichem


    • Hi, Pat! Just a minor correction here – I did not continue my conversation on RWISA. This conversation is here on my personal blog site.

      I’m glad you enjoyed delving into the topic with us 🙂

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  2. Yes, decency should be a given!

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    • Hi, Wendy! Yes, always. With me, it’s decency or I have no time or room for it in my world.

      Take care!


  3. Nonnie, I like this post even better than the one yesterday! I’m hopeful that a record voter turnout will send Trump and his mindless toadies packing in two weeks. I feel sad that so many people have been conned into thinking he’s good for America. Good grief!


  4. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Hi Nonnie. You are speaking your truth today. We all can and should be treated as equal, but unfortunately, throughout the ages someone decided to keep that from happening. I never understood where the hate comes from but it is man’s inhumanity to man. We are called “other” so it can be justified.

    As for the word socialism. That is a GOP talking point aimed directly at the rich in our society. My nephew gave me that definition and I’m sticking with it. If socialism means having health care coverage and social security then call me a socialist because I believe in those programs. I also believe in free college that the taxpayers are paying for anyway so we should not be double charged.

    I rest my case. And thank you Nonnie for stating yours.

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    • Hi, Shirley! I speak my truth every day. As I said in my post the other day, I am very comfortable in making others uncomfortable when it comes to standing in my truth. I feel that everyone should adopt my policy.

      There are too many untruths being spread around the world, all in the name of not offending or being afraid of the backlash you might get from speaking your truth. Fear is not part of my makeup. That’s something else I wish I could pass on to everyone in the world who lives in it.

      Thanks for always standing in your truth, Shirley. It is refreshing!

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  5. Hi, Nonnie, I come from a country that is now no more a country. Like me, many from my country ran for cover to America, the land of promise. Today, the question I ask myself is this, if America is so torn apart by this brazen lunatic, where do I run? It is troubling!
    I am a Catholic, and by the grace of God will remain one until the day I am called. But, the American Catholic church is seriously campaigning for Trump even on the EWTN. The other day, I received the following in my email, and my reply is right below it. The Holy Father,(may God bless him) when Trump sent his envoy, Pompeo, to see the Pope and prove to the whole world that not just the Catholic church, but the Pope is on his side, the Pope shunned him. And yet, the American Catholic Church is campaigning for Trump. See what they are pushing!

    catholic vote
    email logo

    Dear Joy,

    I had to tell you this —

    A moment ago a supporter called to share this quick story.

    He was visiting with a group of the Missionaries of Charity, the religious order of nuns founded by St. Teresa of Calcutta.

    He said he wanted to show them our recent video.


    According to my friend, the nuns watched the video and were astounded. They admitted that they don’t have much time to watch the news. Like many Americans, they mostly just see the headlines and hear the negative commentary.

    In the case of these nuns, they are likely too busy serving the sick and poor to spend much time on politics. God bless them!

    But after watching the video they said: “We had no idea.”

    After all, all they ever hear are comments about Trump being a racist, a white supremacist, terrible, and divisive…

    And we know why. Because 95% of the coverage by nearly every media institution is negative.

    Just look at what happened last night. In competing “town hall” events, NBC host Savannah Guthrie openly argued with the President, asking him 45 questions of her own vs. the 10 questions posed by the participants in the town hall.

    The Biden town hall, by contrast, was a friendly exchange that intentionally ignored the biggest news story of the day.

    This vicious double standard leaves so many voters with a slanted view of President Trump!

    GUESS WHAT? There’s also a lot of Catholic voters who are only seeing what the media wants them to see.

    It’s frustrating, but true. Not everyone is paying close attention like you and me.

    That’s why we are determined to show as many Catholics as possible the side of President Trump the media censors or ignores.

    From judges, to life, to schools, to jobs and religious liberty, Donald Trump has been our champion.

    Just this year, President Trump has fought hard to make sure Catholic organizations, parishes, schools, and hospitals would not be excluded from emergency pandemic aid because of their religious beliefs. More than likely your parish or Catholic school got help — thanks to President Trump.

    And of course he has issued executive orders to protect the religious freedom of our cherished Catholic organizations, including ensuring the Little Sisters of the Poor would not have to violate Church teaching when providing health care for their employees.


    Did you know that Joe Biden recently pledged yet again that he’ll force the Little Sisters to violate Church teaching?

    And last night Biden said he supports giving puberty-blocking drugs to 8-year old children, even if the parent objects!

    This is child abuse. It’s unreal.

    President Trump has been there for Catholics. He’s fought for us day-in and day-out.

    If we want him reelected, we must keep fighting for him.

    My Response:
    Hi, Brian,

    I am a Catholic, and a black woman. The problem I have faced in America is not that of being Catholic, but mostly that of being black. I have been disenfranchised, relegated, sidelined, neglected, and forced to live on the fringes. These are problems that matter to me. I want to matter, and if this makes me a bad Catholic, let God be the judge. Trump is evil. His lies cry out to the heavens. He doesn’t even believe in God, and he can say anything to win a second term. I believe God wanted to punish America for her numerous sins against humanity by giving Trump the first term in the first place, but God is merciful. He will forgive our sins and free us from the scourge of Trump. I stand with God!!!

    Signed: Dr. Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko.

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    • Great response, Joy. I saw a meme somewhere that said, “Don’t trust a religious leader who tells you how to vote, and don’t trust a politician who tells you how to pray.” Shame on that church for sowing division within its walls by supporting one politician over another. I hope they lost many followers after that email.

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    • Wow, Joy! I’m speechless. Your answer was perfect! Kudos to you for replying!

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    • Good for you, Joy. We were recently watching Catholic Mass on EWTN when we couldn’t go to church due to the pandemic. They are preaching for Trump from the pulpit. That’s ILLEGAL. I reported them to the FCC and told the FCC in my complaint that they are violating FCC rules, since they are a not-for-profit entity and are using their not-for-profit for political gain. I then wrote to the New York State Attorney General and told them that EWTN needs to be warned about this, because it jeopardizes their not-for-profit status.

      For those like some of my in-laws who stand by Trump because “he’s done more to abolish abortion than any other president”: Isn’t that great? But what about what happens to babies once they’re born? Those same people (my in-laws) don’t seem to care about what happens to them once they’re down the birth canal; instead, they push for cuts to all sorts of social programs, education, healthcare, housing, you name it. Don’t even get me started on what they think about refugees and/or immigrants.

      If I were in the position of immigrants from Central America, you can be damned sure I’d put my kids on my back and walk thousands of miles trying to get a better life for my kids and get them away from the gangs. And now, Trump won’t allow the Iraqi and Afghani people who helped our troops and were PROMISED to be allowed to come to the United States to come here. They put their own lives in danger as translators and in other roles to help our military. Now he says no? Those promises go back to the George W. Bush administration, not just to Obama. This man (Trump) has no sense of humanity.

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      • Good for you, Wanda, I should also report EWTN to the authorities. I saw that homily. I attend EWTN Mass every morning when I cannot attend Mass at our local church.

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    • Hi Joy,
      I have to admit that I am surprised at the Catholic Church. They are repeating the same error that they did from 1939 to 1945 and even some years afterward during World War 11 in Germany.
      I applaud your response. It may not have made you a good Catholic in their eyes, but it definitely confirmed your faith in God and not in a religious system.
      I also agree with you that the chaos that the United States is going through is because God is trying to wake us up and open our eyes to see that we need to repent and get it together. And by repentance I mean to turn back to Him and stop worshipping the dollar.
      Shalom aleichem


    • Joy, your response gave me such joy! Kudos to you!

      Thanks for sharing with us today!

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  6. petespringerauthor

    I like this whole post, but especially your last line, “Be kinder than you were yesterday.” Those are words we should all try to live by.

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    • Hi, Pete!

      Yes, those are words we should all try to live by. You know, I don’t profess to be an angel – actually, I’m pretty far from it. But, what I am proud to be is a decent human being. I’m also proud to be someone who cares enough about what’s going on in this world that I will stand up for it or against it, in hopes that I’m giving the next person the courage to also do the same.

      We can only have change when everyone stands up against wrong.

      Thanks for dropping by, Pete!

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  7. Hi Nonnie.
    You should have been a preacher. I was amening a lot of what you said. Although I don’t live in the States, I do know American people outside of the US who think that Ex Vice President Biden is a socialist. That’s a big topic over here, is he or is he not one?
    Besides, this election has turned so bitter that I doubt that the American people will come together afterward. It will probably take a year or two years for the nation to calm down and get on one accord with each other.
    I hope it doesn’t take that long,l but at the moment I have my doubts.
    Take care.
    Shalom aleichem


    • The Republicans have used the socialist propaganda for decades. There have been plenty of Democratic presidents, and we haven’t become a socialist country. It’s just fear-mongering propaganda. Unfortunately, I agree with you. The American people won’t come together after this election. Our current president has made sure that our division is very deep. But maybe, just maybe, the newly elected politicians can set a better example than the current ones and work together to bring our two sides closer to the middle. Then, maybe the next president can continue that trend until the next generation learns from the mistakes of the past decade and (hopefully) vows to never let it happen again.

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      • Most people don’t even know what socialism is. Keeping roads maintained, public education, clean water coming through the tap, snow plowing (in my area, not yours, Yvette!), rescues at sea are all examples of “socialism.” Socialism isn’t communism. But you knew that. The socialist propaganda trope that the Republicans throw around is to instill fear. I’m old enough to remember the Cold War with the Soviet Union. We were fighting communism. But if some people had any concept of historical facts, maybe they’d have a clue.

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      • Correct, Wanda! What is most infuriating for me is watching my fellow Cuban Americans buying into this “Democrats are communists” trope all while following a man who is doing everything in his power to become one of the dictators that they all swear to hate. Fortunately, there is a large (and increasing) group of Latinos who are starting to open their eyes and see our current president for who he truly is. They are still conservatives at heart, but they will not be voting for him this year. They are joining a growing group of Republicans who are voting for Biden this year because they see him as our only opportunity to bring our country back together.

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      • Hi Yvette,
        I believe that change begins in the home. How children are trained. A President alone does not have the power to reach inside the homes and change the children. That has to come from the parents. Whatever happens in this election will, we cannot say. What I hope will happen is that people will turn a mirror on themselves and ask as John F. Kennedy so adequately said in his inauguration address, Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. For me, that is what makes the United States great. We look out and support each other not looking at what we can get but what we can do for others to help them move further.
        Shalom aleichem

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      • Absolutely! I agree with you completely. 🙂

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    • Hahaha – I’m far from a preacher, Pat, but I’ve got a lot of teaching blood running through my veins, that’s for sure. I heard a song that said for us to have change it’s going to take the wisdom of the old and the energy of the young – old…I’ve been called worse. I’ll take it. Wisdom – I’ve got plenty to share!

      Thanks for dropping by, Pat!

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  8. Oh, Nonnie! Thank you for speaking your truth. When one person speaks their truth, it empowers others to do the same. I have friends and family members who support Trump and will continue to do so because they support the party. They will admit he has “faults.” Well, they are more than faults. He has torn our country completely asunder and it’s going to take some doing to put it back together. I pray that we can still return to our days of decency and pride. Right now, I am not proud of our country, but I have great memories of what it can be again. Thank you again, Nonnie, for standing up. We are stronger together!

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    • Hi, Jan! I know how one voice speaking out can empower an ocean of voices. I’ve never been afraid to speak my truths and in my old age, I’m certainly not going to start now. I will reiterate what I said yesterday … “That which you don’t speak up and speak out against, you condone and you’re OK with.”

      There’s no amount of money or wealth that would ever make me sell my soul to the devil. If I had to give all that I have to someone who needs it more, then that is what I would do. Life is not about what we have … it’s about how we use what we have to help those less fortunate than us.

      I stand for decency and I will accept nothing less from a world that is to hold my daughters long after I am gone.

      Thanks for not being afraid to speak your truths, Jan! It is what we do today that will negatively or positively affect our children and grandchildren, and all the other children of the world, tomorrow.

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      • These exchanges are so heartening to me, since I’ve been getting more and more nervous about the state of politics. Thank you all. Nonnie, thank you especially, for beginning the discussion. I look forward to voting on Saturday, when early voting begins in New York state!


      • Good for you, Wanda! Get out and cast that vote! Our lives depend on each and every one being counted.

        Let’s just pray that we come out on top of what we’ve been living through these past few years. Some have said it can’t get any worse, but, I beg to differ. There’s a lunatic on the loose in Washington and it was time for him to go 30 days after he walked into the OO.

        Thanks for dropping by, Wanda!

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