It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This! #CoolestPresidentEver @BarackObama

So, I’m watching the late night news and before I can turn off my television, Jimmy Kimmel rolls in.  By the way, I really like Jimmy Kimmel but I don’t just sit down to watch him, because I’m too busy for those kinds of life-luxuries. 

Jimmy’s guest (I think it was a replay) was none other than the coolest President ever… PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!

In this clip, Jimmy asks President Obama if he would surprise one of his super-fans. 

This is what happened next…

Let me reiterate…




President Obama, we surely miss you!  But more than anything else, we miss your DECENCY that left the White House with you in 2017.

I Thank GOD Joe Biden is returning to bring it back!


  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Nonnie I laughed so hard that I got a cramp on the left side of my torso. Joyce was a big fan of President Obama and it was a joy to see her infectious surprise and laughter. I admired this president but unfortunately it gave rise to the extreme hatred that bubbled to the surface on the right. These are people who just love stealing other peoples dreams and happiness. Its really a shame that now they want to overturn the will of the people. Thank God somebody came to their senses. Our democracy is under attack and there were 4 people from my home state of Michigan that had signed on to this coup.

    Thank you Nonnie for sharing. It was my morning pick-me-up.


    • Hi, Shirley! I’m so happy this made your morning! It gave me a huge feel-good that will last for quite some time!


  2. I saw this a couple of days ago and loved it! I loved his energy when he was in office, and I love his energy now. Thanks for sharing this, Nonnie.:-)

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  3. Thanks for sharing this awesome video, Nonnie! Heartwarming, to say the least!

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  4. Great clip, Nonnie, I just loved it! I agree – best President EVER!!!

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  5. No doubt, Nonnie, President Obama did all black people proud! He is proof that a human is precious in the eyes of God, not for his color.

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    • Hi, Joy! I don’t think that Obama made only blacks proud – he was a source of pride for every race!


  6. petespringerauthor

    I know he had his critics, but I always thought he did his best and was a kind, decent, and thoughtful President. The last four years have been a model in how not to be Presidential. If you haven’t seen this clip, you need to watch it. Michelle Obama is great, too! If you haven’t read her autobiography, it’s fantastic!


    • Hi, Pete! There’s a saying that I live by and it goes like this: Don’t judge me by my friends, judge me by my enemies. That means, look closely at the people who are against me and notice what they stand for. It will be far away from what I believe in and what I stand for. So, the same for this awesome man – don’t judge him by all those who love him, judge him by all the naysayers who get so riled up at the mere mention of his name… like the one who wouldn’t let the birther rumor die. I’ve no problem saying his name but just as I hope that the media drops any mention of him after he is escorted from the White House, I won’t give him any FREE attention on my blog. I’ll just reference him as …”The one who recently lost his job.”

      I ignore his critics – big time!

      I haven’t seen that clip but am going to watch it now. Thanks for sharing it!

      I have Michelle’s book on my TBR list and will get to it soon. I’m anxious to read both their memoirs.

      Thanks for dropping by, Pete!

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