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On the 5th day of the May “12 Days of Authors” Series… Nonnie’s gift to you…


Author bio:

I grew up in Colorado and attended and The University of Colorado in Boulder where I received a bachelor’s degree in business marketing.  I now live in Michigan with my husband and two sons.  I also have two rescue animals, a dog and cat, that are part of the family too.  I’m a huge animal lover and support animal rescue organizations that help save all types of animals.  I’m an avid reader and love to escape with a great book.

NJ:  Hi, Jennifer!  Since we’re running a bit behind today, let’s just get to it!  Is your author name a pen name or your birth name?

Jennifer:  My birth name.

NJ:  How long have you been writing?

Jennifer:  I’ve been writing since high school, short stories, poems, journaling and such, but I finally published my first book about ten years ago.   ANGEL OF DEATH is my latest.

Angel of Death by Jennifer Hinsman


Friends from college, Tancy and Audrey love one another like family. They grew up in very different worlds, one poor, with absent, drug-addicted parents, the other with wealth and privilege. As roommates, they delve into the seedy world of escorts as they try to solve a cold case murder from Tancy’s childhood. Chance meetings and twists of fate alter both their lives. Romance, steamy sex and danger await the women, as everything about the murder is uncovered. Shocking details emerge that change their lives forever and reinforces the bond of true friendship.

NJ:  I have been in this business long enough to know that quite a few readers have a purchase price point and will only spend so much on an e-book. How do you price your books and what is your logic behind the pricing? 

Jennifer:  I do like to price my books low so that people will give them a try since I’m not famous yet.  I also like the idea of Kindle Unlimited, I know for myself I have taken a chance on a lot of books that I may not have otherwise tried because I felt like I wasn’t losing any money in the process.  Perception can be a very good thing.  That being said, I have been delighted with most of the books I’ve taken chances on and my hope is that people will do the same with my books. 

NJ:  I got on Twitter many years ago because my social media manager at the time, told me that I needed to be on Twitter. He did not give me an actual reason as to why (I had to learn my “why” on my own), just that I needed to be there.  What was your main reason for getting on Twitter?  For support? For fun? 

Jennifer:  Initially it was for support, and I found it with RRBC!  I learned a lot too.  I really started having fun with Twitter as well and made lots of author friends that have helped me along the way.  I also found readers and some very good books to read myself. 

NJ:  That’s awesome, Jennifer!  RRBC has put so many of us on the virtual map!  Now, what other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) do you use to market your book(s), and have you found them to be beneficial?

Jennifer:  I have used Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Goodreads and WordPress.  Twitter and Facebook have been the most beneficial though by far.  The others have been, just OK. 

NJ:  I know.  I love Twitter!  More-so than any of the others.  Jennifer, supporting others is a huge part of my identity. I believe that when you invest your time and support in others, you find that your circle grows by leaps and bounds of others giving the same to you. When I first got involved heavily on Twitter, I was pushing others more than I was pushing myself – I continue to do so. Do you support others on social media?  If so, how?

Jennifer:  I certainly try to; I firmly believe that you get what you give.  I do a lot of retweeting on Twitter.  I try to do shout outs and likes when I see them and make others aware of blog tours or special promotions.  I let friends and followers know when I’ve read a great book especially from an indie author. 

NJ:  Do you actually take the time to read tweets from others before you retweet them, or do you just hit “retweet” without ever engaging in the tweet?

Jennifer:  I do a little of both to be honest, if I have gotten to know the author or have read their books, I’ll often retweet no matter what.  I try to be careful as well though, because there has been a time or two where, for example, I might love the picture posted and am getting ready to retweet and then read the content and realize it would have been a major mistake. 

NJ:  I am different in that I read every tweet that I RT to ensure that it is something that I can stand behind, etc. For everyone’s information, I don’t RT books that I haven’t read that might state “It’s the best book ever!”  I want my word and my opinion to mean something to others so I am very selective about what I tweet out and what I stand behind.  Just as you know certain celebrities will not attach their names to just any and everything (i.e. Barbara Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, etc.), I’m that way.  I know we’re all super-busy (some of us busier than most) but, it will serve you better to read each and every tweet that you decide to support.  Now, if you could map out the perfect way that you would want others to support you on social media, how would you ask your followers to support you? Just imagine that everyone who reads this interview will run out and follow you.  How could they best support you?  What would you have them do? 

Jennifer:  The best way to support any indie author is to read their book and post a review.  If you liked the book, please let everyone know!  Tag me in your post, tell other readers to get a copy, give them the link. 

NJ:  OK.  We all learn something new almost every day while on social media and I like sharing what I have learned with other authors, in hopes that it will benefit them in some way. Have you come across any writing resources that might benefit other authors?  If so, share 2 or 3 of them with us, please. 

Jennifer:  I find a lot of posts that will list synonyms for overused words, I love saving those.  I have also explored the idea from other authors of outlining stories, which I’ve found somewhat helpful as long as you have the whole vision for your story.  There have also been some ‘virtual’ workshops that writers can use as well as author groups like RRBC that constantly offer ideas. 

NJ:  Authors are always seeking good formatting services. Who do you use to format your books, and would you recommend them? 

Jennifer:  4WillsPublishing did an amazing job with Angel of Death for me and made it super easy. 

NJ:  Why, thank you!  That was kind of you to share.  Can you share with our audience 2 or 3 of the top methods you use to market your books?

Jennifer:  Run promotions, do giveaways and encourage reviews.  Once some good reviews come in, blast them on your social media platforms.  Join an author group like RRBC

NJ:  Jennifer, you’re filled with great advice today!  For those of you who haven’t picked up on it yet, RRBC is the place to be if you’re an author!  It’s also a pretty cool place for readers, too!  What is the one bit of writing advice you would give to any author, experienced or newbie?

Jennifer:  Patience is something you will need.  If you enjoy writing it will somehow come together. 

NJ:  Is your reputation as a writer important to you, OR might we look up one day and find that you are in a Twitter brawl with someone?

Jennifer:  It’s important to me.  I try not to get too political or one sided on Twitter because I don’t want to alienate potential readers/fans, but I will say if was pretty difficult to do that the past four years.  I can confidently say that I have not been involved in any on-line brawls, nor do I ever plan to be.

NJ:  Good for you, Jennifer!  In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between the writers you see today around social media, versus the writers of old? (Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, even Stephen King)

Jennifer:  I suppose the biggest difference would be that you didn’t really know the author’s personality, maybe what they looked like, how they behaved or what their beliefs were about day to day things.  Today, with social media, authors have flooded the internet.  There are so many it is sometimes overwhelming to me.  Authors, including me, have personal pictures, personal opinions and sometimes unflattering things typed and shared for the world to see. 

NJ:  True.  That’s the downside of the internet.  I loved the fact that you didn’t know too much about the authors of old.  I’ve tried to pattern myself after that model – it’s an easier (and less messier) road to travel.  Do you value professionalism in the literary arena and worry that the lack thereof makes it harder for those of us who wish to be taken seriously in this business? Or, does the unprofessional behavior of some around social media not bother you at all? 

Jennifer:  It makes it tough I think, because the whole world sees it.  Even when a person deletes their temper tantrum, for example, millions have already seen it and saved it or taken a picture of it. 

NJ:  BINGO!  You hit the nail on the head with that one.  Your poor behavior, once you let it out online, will follow you everywhere you go for the rest of your life.  Even when you think others have forgotten about your bad behavior, WRONG!  We all still remember vividly.  Jennifer, if you have ever received any, how do you handle not-so-flattering reviews of your book(s)?

Jennifer:  As long as it is constructive and tells me something I can use, I really try to take it to heart and use it.  Negative reviews always hurt, but when you put creativity out in the world it comes with the territory, not everyone is going to like it. 

NJ:  And that is so true.  The business we’re in requires that the skin on our back is as tough as an alligator’s.  You won’t last long in this industry if you “attempt” to retaliate against someone who gave you a not-so-glowing review.  So many authors have gotten accustomed to being lied to about their writing, that when the real truth stands up and points a finger at them, they lose it – completely become unhinged and embarrassingly so.  I’ve seen this more times than I’d like to recount.  Sadly, I’ve heard many say, after witnessing how an author poorly handled a negative review, that they would never touch another one of that author’s books again.  I mean, who in their right mind would?  Knowing that you would be expected to give a glowing review on the read even if it wasn’t deserving – basicly, you’re feeling that you have to lie.  And now that I’ve gotten on that topic, let me ask – do you appreciate honesty regarding your writing because you know that only honest feedback allows you to grow as a writer, or are you one of those who would prefer that others lie to you and tell you only what they know you want to hear?

Jennifer:  Like I said previously, as long as it’s constructive and honest, I don’t mind it at all.  I realize with good comes bad as well. 



  • Writes under Romance, Thriller & Mystery genres
  • Writing is her hobby
  • Indie
  • 2 books to date
  • Angel of Death is her most favorite out of the 2 as it is a bit more polished.  Amazon, $2.99 / FREE with Kindle Unlimited



Twitter:  @JennyHinsman1


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  1. Hi Jenny, what an awesome interview. Your book Angel of Death sounds amazing.

  2. jacob mical

    Hey Jennifer! Great interview! I really enjoyed your point about authors today being more visible (as far as our daily lives) than authors of old! This implies that you have to sell yourself (not just your book) these days but some authors of yesteryear were somewhat reclusive and that wasn’t an issue. Thanks for your support on Twitter!

  3. It’s nice to meet you, Jennifer, and learn that you attended the University of Colorado. I’m a Colorado native and also attended CU in the 80s. Your novel, Angel of Death, sounds like an intriguing crime thriller. Thank you, Nonnie, for highlighting Jennifer and her book.

    • It’s great to meet up with a fellow Buff! Thank you for stopping by and commenting, it’s truly appreciated. Hope your reading and writing are going well.

  4. Hi Jennifer–It’s great to “meet” you here. I am loving t these interviews, Nonnie! I am learning so much more about our fellow RRBC members. What a distinct pleasure. Thanks, Jennifer, for stressing the patience aspect of being an author. It’s such a great talent to have as a writer. Hope to see more of you soon (I am flipping over to Twitter to follow you!).

  5. Reblogged this on Novels by Jennifer Hinsman.

  6. Hi, Jenny! Great to find you and your chat with Nonnie on today’s tour. ❤

    • Hello Bette, it’s great of you to stop by, thank you!

  7. Ewurum Blessing

    What a nice read, thanks nonnie, am enjoying this series

    • Thank you for commenting. ☺️

  8. roxburkey

    Hi Jennifer, I apologize for being remiss. I have not seen your books before, but am impressed with the Angel of Death and added it to my reading list. I like your straight up responses and am so glad you participated in this tour.

    Nonnie, another great post, thank you. Rox

    • Hello, I’m so happy you stopped by today! It’s my good fortune that Nonnie interviewed me and wonderful people like you come along and discover you might like to read my books. Thanks again.

  9. Hi, Jennifer! It’s so nice to see you here. I still remember your book, Souls: A Novel. I loved that storyline. I believe I have Angel of Death on my kindle. I’ll have to check.

    It’s great to see Jennifer as part of your list, Nonnie! 🙂

    • Hello Yvette, thank you for coming by and commenting, it means a lot! I loved your book series,Chronicles of the Diasodz, and have recommended it several times.

      • Aw, thank you, Jennifer! You made my heart smile. 🙂

  10. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Hello Jennifer. Its nice to be introduced to you again. There is always more to learn. Congratulations!

    Informative interview – very nice.

    • Hello, it’s great to see you here today Shirley! Thank you 😊.

  11. Hi, Jennifer! I didn’t know you were an RRBC member and am now following you on Twitter. I love the premise of your book, with two friends supporting each other and solving a murder! Sounds like fun and I will add it to my Kindle lineup. Totally agree with you on avoiding anything political on social media – poison! Also, am a huge animal lover and supporter – rescued fur babies are the best!! Thanks for introducing another interesting author, Nonnie!

    • Thank you for commenting and I appreciate the follow, I’ll be sure to get on Twitter and follow you back. I’m so happy to hear you are a fellow rescuer too! It’s great to meet up with you here. Thanks again.

  12. Hi, Jennifer. Patience is certainly a virtue in the writing world, but persistent patience pays off. I look forward to reading your book! Thank you for introducing Jennifer today, Nonnie!

    • It’s a great pleasure to read your comment today, I truly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read a little about me and join our wonderful hostess, Nonnie.

  13. Randy Overbeck

    Jennifer, A very constructive way to look at bad reviews and a view that is very close to mine.

    • Thanks Randy. Writing is an art form, my creativity isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, I’ve tried not to take any of it personally. I’m glad to see we are like minded. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Hi Jennifer,
    It is nice to see you here. I didn’t know you were a member of RRBC. I don’t know if you remember me but I bought your first book. We met on Linked In and were both members of one of their writing groups.
    Your advice is Right On. I agree and especially with the fact that patience is needed in marketing your book or books.
    Now I must read your new book, and I will. I enjoyed the first one.
    Take care and keep writing.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem

    • Hello again! I do remember you and thank you so much! It’s so wonderful to reconnect here, and yes, where would we be without some patience? I am so happy you took time out of your schedule to stop in and comment, it was very kind of you. Please take care.

  15. Wonderful interview with great suggestions. looking forward to learning more from you. Enjoy the rest of your tour. Thanks, Nonnie, for featuring Jennifer.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words and taking time to stop by and comment.

  16. Jennifer, I liked your comments on a writer’s reputation and not to get one sided or political on social media. That was a mistake I made in the beginning but not anymore. It’s not worth it and my reputation as a writer is what’s most important to me now. I think politics just gives people too much frustration not to mention lost friendships. I’m glad Nonnie brought that out in the interview.

    • Hello and thank you for stopping by to comment today. I think it is pretty murky out there when you are trying to sell your art/creativity if your reputation is tainted by bad behavior or polarizing behavior. It sounds like you lived and learned, but a lot of people don’t, so good for you!
      Thanks again!

  17. Great to get to know more about you! Have a great day!

  18. It was great to learn more about you, Jennifer! I agree with you that patience is a key factor in writing. It is a marathon, not a sprint! Best of luck to you and I look forward to your tweets on Twitter!

    • Thank you Caroline, I’m so happy you were able to stop by today.

  19. Jennifer, it is nice to meet you. Your book sounds enticing and the cover is excellent.
    Nonnie, I’m so glad you’re doing the “12 Days of Authors” series. Thank you!

    • Thank you for stopping and commenting today, I really appreciate it. Nonnie always has something great going on, doesn’t she?
      Thank you for the compliments 😊.

  20. Hi Nonnie, another great read. I enjoyed meeting Jennifer and learning about her book and her thoughts on social media and book reviews. It is hard, but it is best not to be to personally involved with reviews of your books, good or bad. I try to treat mine from a business perspective rather than a personal perspective.

    • Hi, that is great advice about reviews. Thank you so much for learning more about me and my books today.

  21. Have an awesome day today, Jennifer!

    • Thank you very much. Thank you for hosting me today among the many other things I have learned from you and RRBC through the years.

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