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On the 9th day of the May “12 Days of Authors” Series… Nonnie’s gift to you…


Author bio:

Suzy Davies was born in Reading, England. The family lived in Wales in her early years, moved to England, and then back again to Wales, before finally settling in middle England. Suzy attended Nuneaton High Schools For Girls, where she excelled at English, and failed dismally at Mathematics.  After a successful business career, she read for a degree at The University of Leicester, where she graduated with a B.S.C (Hons) in Applied Sociology with Social Psychology.

Suzy lives and works in Florida, where she resides with her husband, Craig, and two semi-wild cats called Dinky and Cubbie.  When she’s not behind a book, she enjoys listening to music, cooking and painting. When things get back to normal, Suzy looks forward to getting out and about in Florida and beyond. She gets inspiration for her books from her own experiences, and her travels.

NJ:  Hi, Suzy!  Finally, you’re here!  So tell us, is your author name a pen name or your birth name?

Suzy:  It’s a pen name. My family name is Davies, but I have changed my first name.

NJ:  If it is a pen name, what made you decide to write under a pen name?

Suzy:  I decided to call myself Suzy because my late dad always used to call me that, and everyone knows me as Suzy.

NJ:  That’s special!  How long have you been writing?

Suzy:  I have been writing ever since I can remember. I went professional in 2012.


Luna The Moon Pig

This story began when a little teacup piggy ran away from her owner and spent several nights in my yard. There was a magical Harvest Moon in the sky on the night she arrived.

I looked after her for several evenings, feeding her plenty of fresh lettuce and supplying her with cool drinking water. She was a very shy piggy and insisted on sleeping under a bush. She never came out in the day; she loved moonlight.

When the owners came and collected her, she peeked out from her hiding place, and after a little chase she was back in her owner’s loving arms. Now, Luna was feeling happy and more confident, so I whispered a secret to her “I’m going to tell a story about YOU!”

NJ:  What an interesting tale.  Where can readers purchase your book and how much is it?

Suzy:  This new release, which is being published by Ventorros Press, is coming to Amazon and all good bookstores soon. So, wait and see!

NJ:  OK.  I have been in this business long enough to know that quite a few readers have a purchase price point and will only spend so much on an e-book. How do you price your books and what is your logic behind the pricing?

Suzy:  Nearly all my books are available in paperback. As far as e-books are concerned, I try to make the price fair and similar to comparable titles. From time to time, I make my Kindle books super-cheap. I enjoy giving back to my readers who want to try out a new book from an author they know, and, of course, those who are completely new to reading my children’s books. I’m happy that Kindle Unlimited gives members the chance to read my fairy tales for free!

NJ:  I got on Twitter many years ago because my social media manager at the time told me that I needed to be on Twitter.  He did not give me an actual reason as to why (I had to learn my “why” on my own), just that I needed to be there.  What was your main reason for getting on Twitter?  For support? For fun?

 Suzy:  I spend time on Twitter to reach out to other authors, help them, and to help people find me. It can be great fun! It’s good to be part of the publishing, reading, writing, educators, creatives and entertainers communities.

NJ:  Supporting others is a huge part of my identity. I believe that when you invest your time and support in others, you find that your circle grows by leaps and bounds of others giving the same to you. When I first got involved heavily on Twitter, I was pushing others more than I was pushing myself – I continue to do so.  Do you support others on social media?  If so, how?

Suzy:  I offer advice to authors when they ask me. Very recently, I gave my time to an author who was new to writing children’s books. I was there once, and I am still learning. Very often, in my experience, when you help others it helps you clarify what you are doing and why, so you review your own strategy and benefit from that revision. You also become aware of any gaps in your own knowledge, which you can research. You can learn and grow from sharing knowledge with peers. So it’s a win-win.

  • I read Indie Author’s books, and craft quality reviews which I post across social media, 
  • I create articles about writing to inform and help others.
  • I promote authors by tweeting their books and sharing their books with others. I often buy books, and recommend my peer authors to readers on Facebook and in person.  I try to connect with authors on LinkedIn and like their posts.
  • I am passionate about promoting authors and bringing on the next generation of Indies, and I do all I can to help.

NJ:  Awesome!  Now do you actually take the time to read tweets from others before you retweet them, or do you just hit “retweet” without ever engaging in the Tweet?

 Suzy:  I engage with the tweets. Again, it’s interesting to share ideas and information. It’s good to spread the word about authors’ new releases, their achievements and their writing journeys. It’s a tough road, but well-worth traveling.

NJ:  If you could map out the perfect way that you would want others to support you on social media, how would you ask your followers to support you?  Just imagine that everyone who reads this interview will run out and follow you.  How could they best support you?  What would you have them do?

 Suzy:  I think the best gift an author can give another author is a genuine read and review of their books. Other than that, being open-minded, genuine, helpful and respectful. I like to be fair and treat others as I would wish to be treated.

NJ:  We all learn something new almost every day while on social media and I like sharing what I have learned with other authors, in hopes that it will benefit them in some way.  Have you come across any writing resources that might benefit other authors?  If so, share 2 or 3 of them with us, please.

Suzy:  I think the books you read in and outside your genre are a good writing resource. You can pick up writing techniques from good authors. This is not about copying. It’s about understanding how to craft an excellent book. The best non-fiction book I have ever read on writing is “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White.

 NJ:  Good, sound advice!  Suzy, thanks for being here today!  Enjoy the long holiday weekend!



  • Indie & traditionally published
  • Children’s books
  • 7 books published to date / LUNA THE MOON PIG her favorite



Twitter:  @birdwriter7


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  1. This really does sound like a delightful story for children. It reminds me a little of Charlotte’s Web.

  2. Kathleen Harryman

    Hi Suzy, it was really great reading your interview. I bought my daughter, Snugs The Snow Bear a few years back. It’s such a beautiful book. My daughter is 12 now and has put your book in her memory box. She refuses to part with it.

  3. Jacob Mical

    Nice to meet you Suzy! I love your point about how teaching and helping people put with their work will give you inspiration and ideas for your own! Best of luck!!

    • Suzy Davies

      Hello, Jacob! Thanks, so much.

  4. Hi Suzy! It’s fab to meet you here and to learn a little more about you! I can testify that you are a friendly and supportive member of the Twitter #writingcommunity, and I thank you for that xoxox. Love you Suzy 💖

    • Suzy Davies

      Kacey – so nice to meet you here:) Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. Love to you, Kacey, and good luck in everything you do!

  5. Suzy, so nice to meet you! I have seen tweets about your books on Twitter and love learning about the story behind Luna! What a charming backstory! Your other books look great, too. Nonnie, another wonderful pick for an interview. Thanks!!

  6. Another great interview, Nonnie. Great to meet you Suzy!

    • Suzy Davies

      Likewise! So humbled and grateful to be part of this lovely team!

  7. Suzy, Luna the Moon Pig sounds interesting to say the least. Can you tell me what inspired the story?

  8. Hi Suzy,
    I admire how you give back. I do the same things. I like sharing what I have learned. My belief is that I don’t want to take it with me to my grave because then it will help no one..
    Thank you for your openness. I have not read one of your books yet, but I am sure I will because I like reading children’s books and I learn from them.
    I am also amazed that you left Europe to live in Florida. That’s interesting.
    Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Thank you, Nonnie for presenting Suzy. Again, I have met another author that I will follow on Twitter as well as get to know her books.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Shalom aleichem

    • Suzy Davies

      What a beautiful way to make an author feel included:) I am so moved by your kind words. Thanks, so very much. All power to you! Suzy

  9. Randy Overbeck

    I’m truly impressed and inspired in the many ways you support your fellow writers. Best of luck with your writing as well.

    • Suzy Davies

      Thanks, so much. Let’s say it’s part of my philosophy for living. That’s how things work. You help someone, and you never know when, but the generosity comes back to you when you least expect it. Life is short, so I’m grateful that I can give back, and I will do so for as long as I am able.

  10. Suzy, your cover is adorable!

    Nonnie, thank you for the introduction to Suzy.

  11. It’s nice to know you, Suzy. Keep writing books and keep the kids happy. Consider joining our club…you’d fit in perfectly. Thank you, Nonnie, for another great interview.

    • Suzy Davies

      Thanks, so much, for your warm invitation! I’m tempted but in a really busy writing phase. I’m in the process of writing a sequel.

  12. roxburkey

    Hi Suzy, what a delight to learn about your books. I like your approach to writing and support. Your books sounds like fun and Luna the Moon Pig graphics are adorable. I know this will be a treasured work.

    Nonnie, thank you for sharing. Take care all.

    • Suzy Davies

      Thanks, so much. Yes. Luna the Moon Pig is a bundle of fun!

  13. Hi, Suzy! I love how a little pig inspired you to write her story and I look forward to reading it. As a grandmother of many, I’m drawn to good children’s books and often purchase them for the youngest in the family. You have a great attitude about supporting other authors. Nonnie, thank you for introducing us to Suzy.

    • Suzy Davies

      How sweet of you! Yes, I’m very grateful to Nonnie.

  14. Reblogged this on Novels by Jennifer Hinsman.

  15. Luna the Moon Pig sounds adorable, Suzy! I looked at your other books, and they all look like great children stories. Thanks for introducing her to us, Nonnie! 🙂

    • Suzy Davies

      Yes, I have seven books in total. My most recent one is “The Girl in The Red Cape” for older children, say 9 to 12. Adults love this one as well.
      Luna the Moon Pig is released by Ventorros Press later this year and is the first book in our Luna the Moon Pig Series.

  16. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Hi Suzy Davies. I love your ideas of supporting other authors. It sounds like your heart is really in it. If you are not a member of this club, you will fit right in nicely. Lovely interview with Nonnie. Congrats!

    • Suzy Davies

      I’m not a member yet, Shirley 🙂 Thanks for your lovely support and Happy Writing, All!

  17. Hi Suzy–It’s a pleasure to learn more about you and to find out that you are originally from the United Kingdom. I’ve had the opportunity to visit various sites in England and Wales on business and personal trips. I still have good friends from Hitchin. “Luna the Moon Pig,” sounds like a fun read for children. Picking up points from other authors in and outside your genre is also good advice.

    • Suzy Davies

      Hello, Linnea. Yes, I know Hitchin! Lovely part of The U.K. I like to make my books fun and entertaining as well as educational because the fun motivates children so they love reading 🙂
      Thank you for welcoming me here. I appreciate it! Yes, reading books is a great way to develop as a writer.

  18. Nice to meet you, Suzy! I agree with a lot of what you said about respecting others and treating people the way you would want to be treated. That is a great policy for living life, as well as writing, reading, social media and doing reviews. I wish you the best of luck on your 7th book coming out, it looks really fun! I look forward to see you on Twitter. Take care!

    • Suzy Davies

      Hello, again, Caroline. I hope I am following ALL of these lovely people here. If I have missed anyone, then please DM me with “Nonnie” mentioned and I will follow you right back. Same on my social media sites. I can’t promise to answer straight away, but I’ll try my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Look forward to many happy tweets with you all :0 Thanks, Caroline, for your warm support, and every success to you with your books!

  19. Suzy, enjoy your day today!

    • Suzy Davies

      What can I say? Wow, just Wow! 🙂 Everyone have a Happy Day! 🙂

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