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12 Days of Authors Colin Ridyard


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On the 5th day of the June “12 Days of Authors” Series… Nonnie’s gift to you…


Author bio:

Lives in Wales with his family and writes children’s stories


photography of three dogs looking up

Uh, Colin … when I said “brief” bio, I meant at least a paragraph or two.  But, let’s just move on.  Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to introduce you to my world.  Is your author name a pen name or your birth name?

Colin:  Birth Name

NJ:  OK.  How long have you been writing?

Colin:  20 years but only recently published

NJ:  20 years?  Really?  You look like a baby!  Good genes, my friend!  What genre or genres do you write under?

Colin:  Children’s stories

NJ:  Great!  And are you indie-published or traditionally published?

Colin:  Indie-published by an independent book company

NJ:  OK.  How many books have you published to date?


NJ:  OK, how about giving us just a little background on that book. What is it about?

Colin:  An elephant who turns up to a birthday party after a slight misunderstanding with an invitation.

BookCover (1)

NJ:  Cute.  Where can readers purchase your book and how much is it?

Colin:  All good online book retailers RRP £5.99

NJ:  I got on Twitter many years ago because my social media manager at the time, told me that I needed to be on Twitter. He did not give me an actual reason as to why (I had to learn my “why” on my own), just that I needed to be there.  What was your main reason for getting on Twitter?  For support? For fun?

Colin:  Same as you, the book publisher advised it

NJ:  Colin, you’re a man of very few words.  So, what other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) do you use to market your book(s), and have you found them to be beneficial?

Colin:  Instagram and Pinterest, Twitter is better

NJ: And you’re straight and to the point, aren’t you?

big eyed confused dog

Supporting others is a huge part of my identity. I believe that when you invest your time and support in others, you find that your circle grows by leaps and bounds of others giving the same to you. When I first got involved heavily on Twitter, I was pushing others more than I was pushing myself – I continue to do so. Do you support others on social media?  If so, how?

Colin:  Yes, by RTing and putting up reviews

NJ:  Colin, do you actually take the time to read tweets from others before you retweet them, or do you just hit “retweet” without ever engaging in the tweet?

Colin:  Always read


Shocked looking dog

Well, OK.  If you could map out the perfect way that you would want others to support you on social media, how would you ask your followers to support you? Just imagine that everyone who reads this interview will run out and follow you.  How could they best support you?  What would you have them do?

Colin:  Buy the book and leave a review


What the funny face dog

WOW!  Colin, can you share with our audience 2 or 3 of the top methods you use to market your books?

Colin:  I try and put together appealing advertisements and arrange storytelling sessions

NJ:  You do?  Do you speak at these storytelling sessions, Colin?  OK, ignore that question.  What is the one bit of writing advice you would give to any author, experienced or newbie?

Colin:  Keep trying


Confused dog pic.jpg-

NJ:  That’s it?  Oooooooook then!  Colin, is writing only a hobby for you or do you write full time?

Colin:  More than a hobby but not full-time

NJ:  Is your reputation as a writer important to you, OR might we look up one day and find that you are in a Twitter brawl with someone?

Colin:  Reputation is important


Dog rolling his eyes

Colin, you and I are going to find ourselves in a brawl if you don’t give me more than a 5 word response to my next question!

close up photography of adult black and white short coat dog

Photo by Alexandru Rotariu on Pexels.com

In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between the writers you see today around social media, versus the writers of old?

Colin:  Writers today have a bigger support network of like-minded people due to social media

NJ:  15 words – that wasn’t great but it was definitely improvement.  Do you value professionalism in the literary arena and worry that the lack thereof makes it harder for those of us who wish to be taken seriously in this business? Or, does the unprofessional behavior of some around social media not bother you at all?

Colin:  It’s a tough old world out there and the playing field is by no means a level one. All we can do is be the best possible version of ourselves we can possibly be.


Untitled design (88)

34 words!!!!  Oh my gosh!  Colin, you answered in 34 words!  I’m in shock!  Way to go, dude!  WOW!  OK, let’s see if we can keep this streak up!  If you have ever received any, how do you handle not-so-flattering reviews of your book(s)?

Colin:  Don’t take it personally

NJ:  OK, I’m dead.

Untitled design (74)

(I’m up again, regrouping) Colin, do you appreciate honesty regarding your writing because you know that only honest feedback allows you to grow as a writer, or are you one of those who would prefer that others lie to you and tell you only what they know you want to hear?

Colin:  I would rather they were honest

NJ:  Colin, it’s been interesting – and I do mean in-ter-est-ing!  Thanks for joining me!



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  1. Randy Overbeck

    Short and sweet!

  2. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Nice to meet you Colin. Are you a newbie or just a guest?

    Nonnie thanks for sharing Colin’s story.

  3. Colin and Nonnie, this might be my favorite interview, and the graphics are great. Colin, your book cover is adorable.

  4. It was interesting to learn more about COLIN RIDYARD from Wales and learn more about his children’s book about an elephant and a birthday party. I had a chance to visit and drive there in 2013 and found the countryside to be beautiful. The photos of the dogs were fun! Thank you, Nonnie, for sharing the interview.

  5. Quickest and funniest interview to date. I also adored the appropriate dog images that you inserted…no words needed. Glad to know you Colin. Enjoy your special day.

  6. Colin, I agree with some of the other comments, you really grabbed our attention with your rapid fire responses! We will remember you, for sure. I admit I was hysterical by the end of the interview, Nonnie’s responses, the dog pics (I always love dog pics), and you just being you throughout. I am married to a man of few words, so I appreciate you, Colin! I will now follow you on Twitter. Your story sounds enchanting and the cover is so cute! Nonnie, you have really honed your interviewing skills with this one. Fabulous!!

  7. What fun! I know this may seem like a weird thing to say, but I love elephants in children’s stories.

  8. roxburkey

    Hi Nonnie, I like an interview that spices up your responses. I laughed, giggled, and was engaged. Colin is precise without embellishment. Colin, you made a memorable impression. The premise of your book is one kids will enjoy. I did a test run on the graphics with some wee visitors I had and they did a thumbs up. Thank you both so much for a fun discussion. Take care.

  9. Hi Colin, Hi Nonnie,
    Colin, I like and agree with your advice, KEEP TRYING! Writing demands that a writer develops endurance. I am now following you on Twitter.

    Nonnie, thank you for introducing Colin.

    Shalom aleichem

  10. Colin is a talented writer, a wonderful friend and extremely active supporter. More importantly he’s both extremely wise and kindand the #WritingCommunity wouldn’t be the same without him! As for me, I love him 💖

    • Colin is a sweetheart! Thanks for dropping by to support him Kellcey! I’m also inviting you to drop in on the others in this series. I’m sure you’ll get to love them just as much, as they are equally as awesome as Colin!

    • roxburkey

      Glad you stopped by Kellcey nice to see you. It is great to know you support your friends.

  11. AN interesting interview! You’re just not used to a man of few words when the rest of us are so loquacious! I like the concept of Colin’s book–and I love the dog photos throughout the interview! Thanks, Nonnie!

    • Thanks, Wanda! I think you’re right – I’m not accustomed to a man of few words. My hubby doesn’t talk as much as I do, but Colin took it to a whole new level. I’m sure he’s made his interview the talk of this series, so kudos to him! Colin is a sweet guy and I’m glad I made him laugh, too!

  12. I couldn’t stop laughing at your adorable dogs and responses, Nonnie. Colin is a man of few words, but that can be a good thing in a children’s book. Love the cover, and I certainly wish Colin much success.

    • Thanks, Patty! My doggie friends with those faces leave little need for words when they make an appearance!

      Thanks for supporting Colin!

  13. You cracked me up with your responses, Nonnie! Colin’s book cover is cute. 😊

    • So glad I could tickle you pink, Yvette! That’s what I do!

  14. Enjoy, Colin!

    • Colin

      I didn’t like it, Nonnie, I totally ‘wuffed’ it – you literally had me in stitches with your quick fire wit and repartee. Pure genius, way to go, Nonnie ❤

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