Welcome to the debut of the WATCH #RWISA WRITE 2022 Anthology: “Life Is But A Rose Garden” @NonnieJules @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA

Hello, friends!  

Is this the first time we’re meeting in 2022?  If so, I promise to do a better job of bringing you great content to Watch Nonnie Write!  But today, I have a very, very, very special treat for you!

Introducing the WATCH RWISA WRITE 2022 Anthology, “Life Is But A Rose Garden,” debuting on Amazon today for only $2.99!  We invite you to take a look at the promo for this little gem below, and lastly, we ask for your support by purchasing a copy, as well as spreading the word of its release via your own social media! 

2022 Watch RWISA Write .jpg

Friends, thank you for dropping by today in support of this new release!  We hope that what you find between the covers brings you much joy and pleasure as you read it, and we also hope that some of what you find here will give you pause – just a little pause, though, before you hop to your feet and spring into action!  There are many calls to action in this little gem!

Thank you, again, for dropping by and we’re thanking you in advance for your support of this delicious little treat!


SPECIAL NOTE:  We ask that while reading this anthology, should you find any hiccups in the way of misspelled words, we would greatly appreciate you dropping us a note at RWISAInfo@gmail.com to let us know, so that we can make the correction(s) immediately!  Thank you!


  1. Well done! Congratulations to everyone. Sharing…


  2. Reblogged this on Wanda Adams Fischer and commented:
    You can’t go wrong with the quality of writing included in this anthology! I recommend that you pick up a copy today!


  3. I bought mine yesterday, Nonnie! Can’t wait to dig into it more. As soon as I finish one of the other RRBC novels I’m reading, I will dig in! Thanks so much!


  4. Hi, Nonnie. I picked up a copy and read a few excerpts. It truly is a gem. I am looking forward to reading the entire book.The promo on YouTube is excellent!


  5. I’m excited to read my fellow RWISA authors, Nonnie! Congratulations, all.

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  6. I’m so excited to read this! As soon as I finish reading The Bloody Affair, I’m picking up this gem. I know it’s going to be amazing. 🙂

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  7. Reblogged this on Apollo's Raven and commented:
    It is a pleasure to reblog the posted entitled, Welcome to the debut of the WATCH #RWISA WRITE 2022 Anthology: “Life Is But A Rose Garden.” that was posted on the website Watch Nonnie Write. It is an announcement that an anthology of written pieces by RWISA authors has been released on Amazon. Be sure to check out the anthology now available on Amazon.

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  8. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Congratulations Nonnie! I will head over to Amazon and get my copy today.

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    • Thanks for the support of this little gem, Shirley! It has some really great stuff inside 🙂

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  9. Reblogged this on Maura Beth Brennan and commented:
    Look what’s arrived – the new RWISA Anthology! Click on the link below and pick up your copy today. Then curl up in your favorite chair and sample the writing of some of the RWISA authors. If you like what you read in this sampling, grab a book by that author and/or leave a review. Happy reading!

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  10. Just bought my copy of this newest anthology and can’t wait to read all the entries. Great job putting this together, Nonnie. And I’m so excited and proud to be included with the fine RWISA writers.

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