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I woke up this morning with a question in my head.  Nonnie, are you critical of others?  Now, don’t confuse this with being honest in a book review, please. (You all knew I would clarify that, right?)  What I was asking myself was, do I find that I sit (or stand) in judgment of others? Because I posed this question to myself in my mirror, it was on my spirit that I share it with you and ask you the same question…

Do you find that you sit (or stand) in judgment of others?  Do you find that you do it often?

Do you find yourself in a restaurant looking at someone who might have a few extra pounds on them, wondering why they are returning to the buffet table for a third time?  Or, do you wonder why they are at a buffet in the first place?

Do you see a young, beautiful woman walk by, and wonder why she’s wearing the tight little outfit that she has on?  (This question is for women only, because men, I doubt that this would bother you at all).

Do you see a mother in the store, with five little ones running behind her, and wonder why she has more than two kids?  (The number YOU feel should be the limit for everyone.)

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then yes, you do sit (or stand) in judgment of others.  But, you’re not alone.  I have found myself in the seat of a couple of these scenarios, and although that was long ago, in my old age, I find my mind sometimes wandering back to thoughts of others that are none of my business.  And in case I didn’t share it, I began 2022, minding my own business!  I am loving it, by the way!

Because we’re human, and even when we try really hard, we can slip back into old, bad habits at times.  But, what makes us soar above the rest who remain stuck in those bad habits, is our recognition of the offense, and our sincere, daily desire to change.

So, here’s my personal prayer that I am led to share with you…

Dear Lord, Today I ask that you take away my critical spirit and replace it with the spirit of the unwavering grace you show me each and every day.  Though I am not worthy of your grace, you continue to flood my life with it.  I ask that as you model and shower me with that spirit, I, in turn, will eagerly extend it to others and show them just how easy it is for them to pass it along, as well.  Amen.

RRBC & RWISA Author, PTL Perrin has penned an amazing book entitled:  REFLECTIONS OF A MISFIT.  The blurb of that story goes:  The Bible is full of misfits, from Abraham to the prophets. Jesus was the ultimate misfit. The religious leaders of the day considered him a dangerous radical because he didn’t follow or preach their religious dogma. Fun, serious, heartwarming, surprising, and always honest, Patty invites you along on her very personal life as a misfit and believer. If you’re human, if you aren’t perfect, then you may be a misfit too.

Reflections of a Misfit by PTL Perrin

If you haven’t read this, I suggest you do.

There’s not one perfect person among us.  We’re all beautiful, flawed human beings.  So, the next time you find your thoughts focused on judging someone else, or you find yourself childishly poking fun at another for whatever reason, bring your thoughts back to your center and first ask yourself, “Who am I to judge?”  Then, your very next thought should be, “I am minding my own business.”

Use my prayer daily.  Stand in your mirror and repeat it over and over again, until it sticks.  I believe your prayer will be answered.

Instead of judging someone, take a moment to say “Hello!” to them with a smile, instead.  You have my word that you will feel so much better at having chosen that path, instead of the judgment road you were almost on.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Have you ever found yourself in the judgment seat?  How did you get yourself out?  Or, did you find that it was easier to just stay there?  You can be honest here.  This is a judgment-free zone 🙂



  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    I thought about the time I looked at someone with skepticism. I wouldn’t call it judgment because I based my doubt on something I observed about the individual. So I steered clear as much as I could. When I started seeing a positive side, I wondered if it was genuine.

    Giving back positive vibes would be the best road to take and that’s what I started doing.

    I appreciate your thoughts on this topic, Nonnie.


  2. Hi,,
    Lady, you’re doing some good preaching here. Just the other day I caught myself being critical of a German friend here in Germany that just doesn’t seem to stop making the same mistake over and over. Besides that, she kept voice texting me on WhatsApp. It got to the point that I ignored the voice texts that was coming in and continued to write. But I was angry. I kept wondering why she didn’t get it. Then, God opened my eyes to see how many times I don’t get it and He listens to me. After I came down off of my white horse, I sent her a voice text explaining what she needed to know. She was very happy and told me how happy she was that we are friends. And then she said, I knew you were writing but I trust you to get back to me when your writing time is over. You don’t ignore me. The last two sentences she’d never said to me before.

    It reminded me that I need to watch myself and to be sure I handle people with love.

    I can also recommend Patty’s book. I used it as a devotional along with my Bible. It is a great book to read.
    Shalom aleichem

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  3. Amen…


  4. Wonderful,sensible words yet again.Thank you so much you lead by example !


  5. Thank you, Nonnie, for your honesty. You shine a spotlight on our humanity, and give us an awesome tool to combat that tendency we all share! I’ve copied it and plan to use it every day. And thank you so much for the shout-out about Reflections of a Misfit! You’re awesome.


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    Someone, probably my Mom, once told me that when you point your finger at someone in criticism, you’re pointing three fingers back at yourself. I believe most of us like to think we aren’t critical of others, but is that true? Nonnie Jules, who is as honest with herself as she is with others, shares our common flaw, and gives us a great tool to rid ourselves of it! I’ve copied it and plan to use it daily. Read on…


  7. Beautiful and timely, Nonnie. And practical too. Thank you for sharing!


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    I think you might find this post interesting food for thought…

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