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Most of the time, many of us are annoyed with Amazon for some good reason or another.  I know that most days, I would personally like to pull the plug on the entire operation.  If only I had the know-how.

But, there are those times when we find out that Amazon is actually good for something!

For those of you who don’t believe that Amazon is working for you and your books, take a look at the proof below:

  • I frequently get notices of authors’ books in my email.  I usually send the author a screenshot of said email just to make their day, encourage them, and to also let them know that placing their book on Amazon was a good idea after all.  For instance, just the other day I was excited to share the screenshot below with two of my favorite authors…


(Yes, I am a HUGE fan of RWISA Authors, Pat Garcia and PTL Perrin!  If you haven’t picked up a read by these two champs, hurry and do so!)

Now, back to Amazon.  Not only did they send these recommendations to me in email without my asking, they demanded that I READ NOW! (Notice the little black box above the book covers).  That demand was a little scary, so, trust that I will be reading MORE of their books soon! (You don’t need to come after me, Mr. Amazon.)

  • When I’m browsing Amazon, they are always suggesting books of other authors that I’ve never heard of, that I might like to read.  And because I love books and I love to read, a lot of the time I walk away with more books than I’ll ever have time to read. Still, I purchase!

But, with all those things in play, nothing comes close to what I received in my email box today from a wonderful reader:

Oh, Mr. Amazon, you’re trying hard to change my opinion of you, aren’t you?  Yes, you are! 

Friends, not only did Ms. Alexa (who by the way, I feel strongly has something going on with Mr. Amazon, but, I digress) mention the full title of my book, she also gave the author’s name! My name! And she stated it all with such clarity, so that the person listening would have no problem finding the book!  Did you hear her?  

So, there you have it – those times when Amazon is good for something!  And thank you so much to the reader who shared this with me.  You made my day!  And nice socks!

How many of you have ever had this kind of wonderful experience (aka free promotion) with Mr. Amazon and Ms. Alexa?  Please share below.  We’d love to hear all about it!

In the event that you didn’t hear Ms. Alexa clearly, she suggested that you run out and pick up your own copy of this book of highly sought-after quotes… which includes 20 quotes on writing!



“Write to perfection or don’t bother writing at all.” 

~Nonnie Jules


  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    I got the promotion once with Amazon but no Alexa at the time. That was about 4 or 5 years ago. They were naming books and mine was one of them. I don’t remember which one. I just remember being star struck (those days are gone now) and not getting enough of telling everybody in the club, including you, Nonnie. When I thought I got picked up by a publisher, I really went off the deep end. LOL!


  2. From Pat Garcia (who was having trouble posting so she sent this via email) 12/3/22 @ 5:47 AM CT:

    Good Morning, Nonnie, I have been fighting a bad cold and am responding late, so I‘m sorry about that. Just wanted to confirm that getting that email from you really made my day. With a head that felt like I had cotton in it, it was good to receive some good news. I’m thankful. Only God could have made that happen.

    I‘m wishing all of the RRBC_RWISA authors great success on Amazon. We are a special group of authors with unique voices and the world needs us, especially now.

    Take care.
    Shalom aleichem

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  3. I always thought Alexa was pretty smart and sometimes laugh at her jokes, but now I know she’s not only smart, she’s also well-read and well-informed! Congratulations, Nonnie! I love your quotes, too. And thank you for the shout-out for Pat Garcia and me. It’s nice to know that sometimes Amazon is on our side. ❤

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    • Hi, Patty! Today we are thankful for Ms. Alexa! And you’re welcome – all true, I am a huge fan of both of the RRBC/RWISA Pats!

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  4. Yes, indeed, it does come in handy! And it helps to follow fellow writers on Amazon. I love seeing works from other RRBC and RWISA writers pop up on Amazon and in my email. I get a thrill out of knowing how active everyone is. It’s an inspiration to keep going!

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  5. Hi, Nonnie! Now that’s the way to write humor! I like how you take such a serious subject (Amazon book marketing) and make it happy news. I look forward to the day that Ms. Alexa says my name.😄

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    • Thanks, Linda! I’m looking forward to the next surprise email I get with a video showing how Alexa introduced my books to another reader!

      What a nice surprise, huh?

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  6. I laughed as I read this, Nonnie, and agree that Mr. Amazon and Ms. Alexa are an item. It is exciting to have your book promoted without requesting it! I, also, am a fan of the three authors mentioned and have read the books being promoted. All are good choices!

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    • Karen, I should rephrase that, I think Mr. A and Ms. A are in cahoots with each other (against us!)v LOL.

      Now, I mentioned only 2 authors above, not 3. Is there a hidden author in my post? Point them out… 🙂

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      • Cahoots or not, I still think they’re an item…oh, and you are the third author!☺️

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        • Hi, Karen! Awwww, thank you. That was so kind of you to say. I thought you were seeing things I couldn’t see. Those kind of things happen to us as we age, for sure. 🙂

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        • Shirley Harris-Slaughter

          Ditto, Karen! It’s NJ!

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  7. Wow! Props from Ms. Alexa – in the modern world, that’s quite something!! Congrats, Nonnie! I have a Santa list (mostly for me) to purchase at our Christmas bookshop, and yours is #1. Looking forward to it!

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    • Hi, Maura Beth! You know, this is the smartest thing, and I think I heard Yvette C. mention to someone that she, too, was waiting to purchase their book at the Pop-Up! What a great idea! Especially when there is that raffle for book purchases.

      That’s it! I’m not buying another RRBC book until after the 10th of December!

      You guys are so smart!


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