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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Salut, my friends!

Today is the final day of RRBC’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge!  I know, many wonder why I was participating in the first place, although I would not be able to win any prizes.  Well, there were two reasons. 

There is a quote that I live by that says, “Never try to lead others, where you yourself are not willing to go.”  Now, here’s the thing.  I think this is my quote (LOL) but I can’t remember for sure.  It’s in my phone, and written over everything I own.  I’ve had it for years, and when I performed a Google search today, it yielded no results.  So, I’m going to say it’s mine, but, if I’m wrong, I’m sure one of you will tell me. 

So, the first reason I joined the challenge is, I would never ask anyone to do something that I would not do.  That’s called leadership.

The second reason… is that in my busy, busy life, I wanted to see for myself if I could do this, if I could consistently stick with something that would force me to push through harder, no matter what, because if I could see this all the way to the end, then guess what?  I could also do so many other things in my personal life that I find daunting (in this AI body I’m living in at the moment).  AI = autoimmune.

I DID IT!  I blogged consistently for 30 days straight!  Even when I felt that I didn’t have anything to share, I sat at my computer, opened my blog, and penned something.  I’m proud to say that I made it to the very end!  

But, what really made this challenge so special for me, was seeing my fellow RRBC members join in and also make it to the end – this also extends to the ones who hung in there for a long period of time, but somehow self-eliminated before they could see the finish line.  They also continued to support the others who were still in the challenge (they’re extra-special in my eyes for that).  I am so proud of them all.

Here are the most important things that I gained from this challenge:

I have become fans of members whose work I have never read, like Karl J. Morgan and Susanne Leist!  Karl was firm in letting us know that he writes for himself and God (what a great audience that is, by the way), and Susanne has stories that are fit for a really good book.  Both of these authors blew me away with their posts, and their writing in general.  I am now eager to dig into their books! 

I have learned so much about Patty Perrin, who has a wonderful husband (Bill) just like mine, and whose life, just like her hair, is so colorful! I loved learning about her blended family, and seeing the places where she grew up.

I am in awe of Shirley Harris-Slaughter and her willingness to be so open and vulnerable in her sharing, especially while going through the loss of her dear sister.  The sharing of her blended family trials, and the feedback she received from many of you,  I’m sure was a cathartic experience for her.

I fell in love with Maura Beth Brennan’s quirky humor!  I never could have imagined she was so funny; but what is most special, is I don’t think she knows just how funny she is! 

Pat Garcia’s optimistic view on just about every post she commented on, had me screaming at my computer screen, “When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Pat!”

I smiled every time I made my way to Yvette M. Calleiro’s posts, many detailing her travel adventures with her son and other family members.  Her teenage son has only one state left to visit?  WOW!  Her sharing the details of how we can all map out time and money for our own adventures, was an added bonus. 

I never left Wanda Fischer’s blog without knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, what she stood for and where she stood on any topic she was sharing.  I love that she has opinions and isn’t afraid to voice them.  You go, Wanda!  She is such an activist in so many amazing ways, we should all aspire to be just like her! 

Last, but certainly not least, I am so happy that dear, sweet Donna Atwood decided to join in and take this journey with us.  Her posts jogged my memory and allowed me to open up and share my own (shall I call it) paranormal experience – and with us visiting her daily, I know we made her comfortable in sharing her experiences, which allowed her to make connections in the club she never expected!

Here is more of what I gained during this blogging month:

  • 4,116 total views
  • 389 visitors (this proves that although they are not liking or commenting, your posts are being read)
  • 23 new followers 
  • My visits came from:  USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Kenya, S. Africa, Indonesia, Croatia, France, Pakistan & Czechia.
  • My top referrers were:  the RRBC MEMBER CHAT forum, WordPress Android app & Twitter
  • My top 3 posts were:  Day 2 (viewed 82 Xs), Day 1 (viewed 80 Xs) & Day 16 (viewed 78 Xs)
  • One of my other blogs, AskTheGoodMommy had also been neglected, so I was able to reblog some of my posts there, which also had increased traffic and great stats!

I don’t have any minuses to share about this 30-day blogging experience.  Although it’s extremely hard cramming even one extra thing into my day, this was a win for me all around.  I pushed myself to do this, and even on the days I wasn’t feeling my best… I still showed up and blogged something.  Although I already knew that I could, I proved to myself once again, that even in spite of this new burden of an AI condition, I can still commit and follow through on whatever I set my mind to. 

Will I do this again?  You bet your last writing pen I will!

Well, here is where I would typically end my post by saying, “Until tomorrow…” but guys, although I won’t be blogging tomorrow, I have committed to blogging a bit more regularly, which will consist of at least three blog posts per month, for starters.  I’ll begin in February.  I’ll try to space these out during the month to keep you dropping in and to keep my stats up and growing.

If you didn’t participate in the challenge, you really did miss out on a phenomenal experience. (Do better the next time!)  I’m kidding (but, am I really?) Hey, you’re the one who lucked out.  Look at my stats 🙂

Untitled design - 2023-02-01T020359.398

Thank you to all of you who dropped by and engaged by leaving comments and sharing my posts to your own social media.  And, thank you to those who dropped by and didn’t say a word, but, at least you checked out my posts!

Have a great February, guys!

If you enjoyed any of my posts during this 30 day challenge, I’d love to know which was your favorite(s)!



  1. Nonnie, I enjoyed the posts where my name came up. How vain is that? I’m kidding. You have always been able to grab my attention with your posts because there is always a teachable moment in what you share. I like that. After my family settles back down, I will be blogging more myself. It’s nice and I like doing it.

  2. Nonnie, thank you so much for giving us this challenge. Everyone seems happy to have participated. Those who finished are ecstatic about it. As Susanne noted in her post, the challenge reignited the passion to write. I think most of us feel the same way. Congratulations on winning, and on pushing us to accelerate our blogging responsibilities. You are the best!

    • Hi, Karl! What did “I” win? In my dreams! But, thanks for dropping by! I really enjoyed your posts and can’t wait to get to the ones I skipped over.

      I’m also happy you enjoyed the challenge, Karl, and are now excited to get back to writing!

  3. Hi, Nonnie! I enjoyed getting to know you a bit more through this challenge as well. I love how passionate you are about important causes, people you love, and building people up. You have a good heart and the highest integrity. I agree with Maura Beth about my favorite post being the one you wrote while you were feeling ill. Possibly because I could so easily empathize with you! It showed your determination to lead by example, which you’re so good at doing.

    I was reluctant to join this challenge because things needed doing and time is so limited. I took the leap anyway, and now thank the Lord for every minute of it. What an awesome group of people!

    Love and Blessings!

    • Hi, Patty! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, because I certainly enjoyed your posts! As I said to Karl, I can’t wait to get to all the ones that I missed. I know they are going to be just as good as the ones I got to visit.

      Until next time, Patty… 🙂

  4. Nonnie, I am commenting from the Amtrak lounge in Chicago. I am on my way to the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City. I decided to take the train because I wanted a new adventure. I got it! A sleeping car on the train from Albany to Chicago. Now I await the next train to Kansas City. (I think I’m going to fly back! LOL) I have enjoyed everyone’s blogs, and I wish I hadn’t only started sending my day #21 blog to Paula and was interrupted by some stupid thing in my house (probably my dog barking at some bird or something) and I never pressed send). My fault entirely. The wonderful Paula (I should called her Saint Paula!) caught my error. No worries, though. I had fun while it lasted and had fun commented on so many other blogs. I learned just as much as you did about people. I learned that Donna used to live in the same town where I live now! How about that? Thanks so much for starting this. It’s been a blast!

    • Hi, Wanda! It sounds like you’re on a real adventure! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the challenge. Next time you will make it to the end. I’m sure of it!

      Thanks for dropping by and safe travels!

    • Wanda, I absolutely love trains. Not that I ever grew up riding them because I didn’t. I think I was touched in the womb because my mother was pregnant with me when she traveled to Detroit by train. I’m loving your new adventure.

  5. Thank you, Nonnie, for mentioning me. During this challenge, I’ve shared so much that I don’t need to write a book about my hard times. It was painful, but I feel lighter and ready to begin a new chapter in my life, and I have RRBC to thank for giving me this opportunity.

    • Hi, Susanne! I’m sure glad the challenge helped you the way that it did. You have many stories to tell!

  6. Hello Nonnie! What an amazing journey this has been! Thank you for allowing me to hang out with you and your warrior bloggers; I’ve learned so much along the way and made some new friends, too. Who could ask for more? To answer your question, my FAV post of yours was the one about the blended family. The mother and son were beautiful to watch, and your words added so much to a topic that many people can relate to. I wish you continued success in all that you do, not that you need it. You’re one in a million. MUAH! : )

    Best wishes,
    Donna M. Atwood
    D. M. Atwood

    • See what you have been missing Donna, since you went into hiding… LOL. Just kidding! But, I’m so glad you made new friends, and it seems that you’re living in Wanda’s old neck of the woods. Small world, isn’t it?

      And yes, I need all the good wishes that I can get. Thanks!

  7. Hi, Nonnie,
    Yes, we made it. This is the day after for me. It is afternoon here, but I woke up this morning with a tiny empty spot. I missed the Challenge. Thank you for walking with us. Thank you for stretching me. It was a delight getting to know some of the writers at RRBC and I have followed them for future posts.
    Take care of yourself.
    Shalom aleichem

    • Pat, everything that I offer by way of RRBC is a way for us all to be “stretched.” So glad it did that for you.

      You woke up missing the challenge? Don’t worry, we’ll do it again!

  8. Hi, Nonnie! I had no idea how to find those stats (or to even look for them) until you posted yours, so thank you! I’m hoping to update my post if I have time this morning to include mine. Thank you for creating this challenge! It wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it! 🙂

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

    • Yvette, I am so happy you felt it worthwhile… it truly was!

  9. Well done to you and all who participated in this major event.It takes courage and tenacity to keep going as everybody involved has. Many congratulations to you all.
    I have no favourites from your blogs Nonnie. I treasure your words as they are wise and thought provoking.
    I dare say you are relieved it’s all over now.
    If you choose Nonnie,message me about your AI.
    JOY G.

  10. Reblogged this on Ask The Good Mommy and commented:

    Hello, friends! The end has come 😦

    • Nonnie, as always, you have managed to inspire and also shine the light on your members, even some of us ( who shall remain unnamed) who flamed out! I love that we got to see a bit of your private life and struggles and thank you for sharing that. I think my favorite post was the one you wrote when you felt so sick, and still wrote a blog post – that shows dedication! Thanks for everything you do to keep RRBC the vibrant and nurturing organization it is – I think you deserve some fireworks:💥🎉🎊

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