If you are embarking on a Blog Tour and are seeking author/bloggers to host you, here is a list that I have compiled to take the REJECTION factor out of your planning.  Finding those to help me on my first tour proved to be a little traumatic for me.  Although it has gotten easier for my subsequent tours (heck, I’m now a partner in a company that co-ordinates and promotes FABULOUS blog tours!), I am often asked to share who helped me on those journeys.  So, here is a list of author/bloggers who I KNOW host blog tours.  You will have to contact them on your own to find out if they will be able to accommodate your scheduled dates.

I have listed the Twitter handles here for you to contact them.  I am extremely busy writing so am compiling this list in the easiest way possible for me at this moment.  Will make it better at a later date, but wanted to get it out to the masses as fast as I could.








I will add more to this list as they become available.  In the meantime, good luck on your tours and I hope this information has helped you to at least get started.  On a side note, it would be quite nice if you were following these kind folks on Twitter, Facebook and/or their blogs before asking.  I just think it would be nice.

If your name is not listed here but you would like to be a part of this wonderful project, please complete the form below and your name will appear within 24-48 hours.  Alternatively, if your name is here and you are NO LONGER promoting blog tours, complete form as well to have your name removed.   If this info was helpful, please FOLLOW me before you leave.  Thanks!

(If you would like to take the stress out of co-ordinating a blog tour so that you can just sit back and enjoy it, why not book a virtual blog tour thru 4WillsPublishing Author Services!  WE are a grand supporter of blog tours and not just some thrown together blog tours, services offered by 4WillsPub are top-notch professional!)

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  1. Not sure if I replied to this, but thanks for letting me know that links on my blog weren’t working. Been so busy with book stuff, but will ensure that they are working properly just as soon as I end this email. Thanks again!


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