In 2014, I began a support series for my fellow authors entitled “12 DAYS OF AUTHORS.” The late Kathryn C. Treat was one of the first of my author friends profiled in that series.  As I love supporting and promoting my fellow authors, it was my intention to keep the series going… until, Kathryn passed away shortly after her profile.  Then, it stopped.  

Now, 7 years after I began (and ended) the series, I’m reviving it!  This series will run each month, with 12 different author features.  And although you might believe that I am all things RRBC (RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB) and I am, my author features will be a mix of RRBC members and non-RRBC members, taken from my followers list of friends on Twitter.  {For those of you who belong to RRBC and select only RRBC books to read and review for club credit, all RRBC member profiles here will carry #RRBC and the club’s Twitter handles in the heading of their feature for that awesome club exposure. The others will not.}  

Friends, for each author who will be listed below, I ask that you visit their feature to learn more about them and their take on all things literary.  Many of them are sharing awesome tips and other resources that you as an author or a reviewer, might benefit from.  Please follow them on social media, their blogs, their Amazon author pages, and any and all other platforms they have mentioned in their profile.  Lastly, I ask that you share their feature page here to all your social media platforms, as well as LIKING their feature and leaving them a comment before you leave.  

If you’d like to be profiled as part of my “12 DAYS OF AUTHORS” Series, please hit the #follow button or utilize the ‘Follow by email’ feature on the right side of any page of this site and complete and submit the short form below.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to “gift” others with your time and genuine support.  I’m extremely, extremely busy, yet, not too busy to contribute to the success and rise of others!  #PayItForward.

Copy of 12 Days of Authors

There will be no 12 Days Series in the month of July due to the RRBC 6th Annual Writers’ Conference & Book Expo planning!  The series will return on August 20, 2021!



At the end of this series, 1 lucky visitor will win a (12) Kindle e-book pack which will include a copy of each book featured in this series + a $10 Amazon gift card!  Simply leave a comment on the authors’ feature pages to be entered into the drawing!



Day 1 – Saturday, 6/19/21 –  Author, Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Day 2 – Monday, 6/21/21Author, Cathy Williams-Thrun

Day 3 – Tuesday, 6/22/21 – Author, Yvette Calleiro

Day 4 – Wednesday, 6/23/21 –  Author, Marian Beaman

Day 5- Thursday, 6/24/21 – Author, Colin Ridyard

Day 6 – Friday, 6/25/21 – Author, Tonya Penrose

Day 7 – Saturday, 6/26/21 Author, Ed Sharrow

Day 8 – Sunday, 6/27/21 – Author, Wanda Fischer

Day 9 – Monday, 6/28/21 –  Author, Karl J. Morgan

Day 10 – Tuesday, 6/29/21 Author, PTL Perrin

Day 11 – Wednesday, 6/30/21 – Author, Maura Beth Brennan

Day 12 – Thursday, 7/1/21 – 




Day 1 – Thursday, 5/20/21 Author, Caroline Fleur

Day 2 – Friday, 5/21/21 Author, Charles Jones

Day 3 – Saturday, 5/22/21Author, Kacey Kells

Day 4 – Sunday, 5/23/21Author, Jacob Mical

Day 5 – Monday, 5/24/21Author, Jennifer Hinsman

Day 6 – Tuesday, 5/25/21Author, Karen Black

Day 7 – Wednesday, 5/26/21Author, Randy Overbeck

Day 8 – Thursday, 5/27/21Author, Kathleen Harryman

Day 9 – Friday, 5/28/21Author, Suzy Davies

Day 10 – Saturday, 5/29/21Author, Linnea Tanner

Day 11 – Sunday, 5/30/21Author, Nonnie Jules

Day 12 – Monday, 5/31/21Author, John Podlaski


REGISTER BELOW FOR AN UPCOMING “12 DAYS OF AUTHORS” FEATURE!  There are still 2 slots open for the June series!!!


  1. This was a wonderful series, Nonnie! I’m looking forward to next month’s list of authors. 🙂


    • Thanks, Yvette! It has been a ton of fun promoting these authors and introducing them to new readers, followers, supporters!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Suzy Davies

    Thanks, Nonnie.


  3. Thanks for another great opportunity, Nonnie!


    • You’re welcome, Maura Beth! Enjoy!


    • Suzy Davies

      Thanks, Maurabeth.


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