2DAY IS RECRUITMENT DAY AT #RRBC #RaveReviewsBookClub! Here’s Y U Should Join!

This is a recycled blog but I am using it again as it’s fun and it is RECRUITMENT DAY:  THURSDAY, 9/24/15!!!

Hello, all you fantastic people out there in cyber world!  Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog today!  It’s a great day here at WATCH NONNIE WRITE! as it is the 1st Blog Recruitment Day of 2015 for Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC)!  To make this day even better, the theme of this Blog Recruitment Day is “CELEBRATING WOMEN!” and if you know even just a little about me, then you know just how much I LOVE TO CELEBRATE WOMEN! We are an awesome bunch, so why shouldn’t we be celebrated?  Not on one day, not in one month, but 365 days of the year is what we deserve (well, let me make that 364, as we have to “allow” the men ONE of those days…I mean, it’s only fair, ladies).

So, now that you know why I’ve invited you over, first thing’s first.  If you haven’t heard about the Rave Reviews Book Club yet, my only question to you is: “Where have you been hiding?”  This club, which I founded in December of 2013, is literally changing the dynamics of the literary world!  I mean, we are already 500 plus members strong and what we do, and how we do it, is unheard of!  The mission of RRBC is to PROFILE, PROMOTE & PROPEL our member-authors via book sales, book reviews and name recognition.  I mean, some of us used to be just nameless faces in the crowd, now, we are KNOWN authors with our written work being purchased, read and reviewed!  Who would’ve “thunk” that?  (I know, I said “thunk,” and it’s a non-standard verb, before one of you smartie-pants tries to call me on it).

Some of us had written many books and yet, had not one review posted to Amazon before RRBC.  Some of us believed that we had to travel this road alone, but that was BEFORE RRBC!  Now we know better.  We are a community of supporters and if you engage on the RRBC site, you know that we all feel more like family than just virtual strangers.  Not like a dysfunctional family, either, (think the Bundys):

1The Bundys 1The Bundys2

…but more like that loving, kind, supportive one (think the Huxtables):

1The Huxtable women

 We are truly here for one another.  And I’m not going to even ask you to take my word for it, just head over to the site and check out the thousands upon thousands of comments that our members leave there every day (the WHAT RRBC HAS DONE FOR ME page is a great place to start, by the way). When our members have a question, when they need to be supported, or even when they need to celebrate, RRBC is where they turn.  We’re like CHEERS, you know the “sometimes-you-wanna-go-where-everybody-knows-your-name,” CHEERS?).

Cheers (US TV Series)

Our club was founded on the belief that when you support (without waiting to be supported first), you get so much in return.  “Fill the plates of others first, and when you’re all done, you will realize just how full your own plate is.”  That’s our philosophy here at RRBC, and if you’re not getting our kind of support, then today is the day we invite you to JOIN US!

Now, let’s move on to CELEBRATING WOMEN, which is this Blog Recruitment Day’s theme.  I know that most of our blogs you visit today will be celebrating the living, but I, well, I must celebrate one of our own, who has gone on home.


Kathryn C. Treat was a founding member of RRBC.  She served as the Membership Director from December, 2013 until November, 2014 when her health caused her to cut back on some of her responsibilities.  Kathryn had many struggles in her life once she became ill, but you would never have known it, because she was one of THE hardest working members on the RRBC Executive Team.  Recruiting was her job, making all members feel welcome, was just who she was.  When we start talking about women who should be celebrated, there is just no way we can leave Kathryn’s name out of the conversation.  So, today, as I celebrate ALL the wonderful, strong and inspiring women that I know personally, as well as those who are in my life virtually, Kathryn C. Treat is the star of my blog today.  If she were here, her own blog post would give you all those wonderful bits of information about our club which she always loved to share.  Those tidbits would surely “get your mouth watering for more” and then eventually get you to hit the JOIN HERE button.  Since she is not here in the physical, and in my effort to continually honor her memory, I will let my dear friend Kathryn, extend the invitation to join the club which she loved so very much… IN HER OWN WORDS.  Please, JOIN US today at Kathryn’s invitation. (SPECIAL NOTE:  This blog post was from 2014 and at that time, our membership was $15.  Our membership now is $25.00, so please keep that in mind “when” you decide to JOIN US).

As we bring this celebration to a close, I’d like to invite you over to the RRBC site to take a look at some of the other wonderful and inspiring blog posts who are in our Blog Recruitment Day Competition and then, VOTE for your favorite.  The member who recruits the most new members today will win a BOOK OF THE MONTH slot with the club, and the member whose blog is VOTED the best, will win a #PUSHTUESDAY slot!!!  These are awesome prizes for any lucky author, so please support their efforts.  {To find out more about these awesome seats in the RRBC house, simply click HOW WE PROFILE, PROMOTE & PROPEL.} 

Thanks for stopping by, my friends.  I look forward to seeing you on the other side of the best membership an author could ever own!

1RRBC Badge


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    Yay!!! Rave Reviews Book Club is the BEST!


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  3. Nonnie: You are a treasure! Not only do you celebrate RRBC and women, but you also celebrate one of the most beautiful women I’ve known–Kathryn Treat. Thank you for keeping Kathy’s memory alive. Jennie


  4. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. It’s a lovely post and a beautiful tribute to Kathryn. I would have been honored to meet her.


  5. Marlena H.

    Lovely post, Nonnie! Wonderful words of inspiration!


  6. Nonnie, this was truly moving post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.


  7. Nicely done…I’m enjoying learning more and more about RRBC and the support it gives to authors. Good job!


  8. Wish I had joined early enough to meet her! Thanks for sharing, Nonnie.


  9. Your passion is contagious! Loved it!


  10. Very touching testimonial to another great lady. Beautifully done, Nonnie! I had to smile since I also referred to the Bundy family in my post. 🙂


  11. Very well presented! Only Nonnie, who started it all can be so in-depth in promoting #RRBC. Well done!


  12. A truly heartfelt post, Nonnie. I love the trip down sit-com memory lane as well.


  13. harmonykentonline

    What a lovely post, Nonnie. And very moving. Thank you 🙂


  14. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Nonnie what a nice post complete with pictures. You should win. Oops, I can’t make up my mind! Congrats.


  15. This was the best Nonnie. Let me at the voting lever.


  16. reanolanmartin



  17. My eyes are misting up too! Thank you for honouring Kathryn today and reminding us how wise we would be to follow her example! Great post!


  18. A wonderful post, Nonnie. You brought tears to my eyes.


  19. WOW!
    You brought tears to my eyes, Nonnie. Celebrating those we love is always great. Thank YOu for that.


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    From Watch Nonnie Write…


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