This week has been an AMAZING week here at WATCH NONNIE WRITE!  It’s been filled with lots of firsts and I feel so blessed to have been apart of the FIRSTS of so many.  So, here’s my second FIRST.  To all his 5,000 Twitter followers, he’s known as @LuckyLanceJ.  To me, he’s known as Positivity in Motion,  and he’s here today to share with us some of his Lucky Life Lessons.  Are you ready, Lance?  Here we go.

NJ Let’s begin by having you share a little personal background on yourself.

LL: I was born and raised in a suburb of Nashville, TN.  I am an only child.  Went off to college at Auburn University (War Eagle) and met my future wife there.  We returned to Nashville upon graduation, but decided to move to Birmingham, AL in 1999 to get closer to family and friends.  We are so LUCKY to have two unique, amazing kids.  My son will be 12 in August and my Daughter is 9.  I am truly LUCKY and blessed!

NJ I know that you have not written a book yet, but as you put it, you have tons of books in your head.  What would some of those books be about if they were in print now?

LL:  Oh boy do I!  I am writing based on a larger calling.  I was a finance major and have no formal training in writing, but I have faced a lot of adversity in my life especially in the last few years. This adversity has allowed my life to become miraculous!  I was fired from my job of 8 years at the end of May, and my first book will be based on that experience and the “LUCKY” lessons I’ve learned. I am called to help as many people as I can.  I have a passion to help people find their true calling in life because we ALL have one yet so few find it, and that’s what I’d like to change.  Life should be MUCH MORE than gutting out some job you hate so you can reach retirement.  Only to one day realize that you’ve gotten older and then spend the rest of your life with regrets for the things you should have done but were too afraid to do.  I also feel led to help those who are down on their luck, facing scary, rough stuff.  I believe that with a shift in a few key areas, these tragic events can become the best thing that happened to you…they can even save your life!  I also have a book on my process of enlightenment and the steps I took to get there.  See, I could go on and on about this.

NJYou have been very open about being fired from your job recently and you didn’t seem too upset about it.  Actually, you seemed pretty happy.  Since that is not the normal reaction for someone losing their job in this manner, can you explain the joy in your situation?

LL:  My last blog post went into this a little deeper.  I had been extremely successful, always near the top.  In fact, a year ago last week, I was in Grand Caymen on a President’s Club trip.  Why I am excited and relieved is because I have weathered some tough storms in my life.  I had reached the pinnacle of success in my career yet it still didn’t make me happy.  Happiness is only truly found within.  I was afraid to walk away from a very lucrative job, to leave the security and comfortable place I was in.  I truly believe this event happened to push me out of the nest.  Two quotes really sum this up:  “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone” and “The thing you fear the most is probably the thing you most need to do”.  I have plenty of uncertainties, but have never felt more free and alive as I do now!

NJSince we met thru social media (Twitter to be exact), your postings are not the normal postings of most of the authors there.  You post very inspirational messages which people seem to be drawn to.  Why do you do this?

LL: Boy, I am so glad you asked me!  You know what, I was truly LED to Twitter (@LuckyLanceJ) in November of last year.  A year or so prior, I had been led to do the same thing on Facebook.  Then one day, even though I knew nothing about Twitter, I felt led to take my message there and it has been absolutely one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.  Gratitude is at the center of all I do in life so I try to  personally thank each and every person who follows me or retweets things I have shared.  I read each bio and try to thank and compliment each person.  It has been wonderful beyond words and it’s only the beginning.  Come follow me and join in the Fun!

NJMy previous question to you was “WHY” do you do this but now we would like to know WHAT INSPIRES you to do it?

LL: I’m not quite sure.  It is truly all on feeling and instinct. I only go on (Twitter) there when I feel led to.  I don’t ever plan what I intend to post, it just comes to me.  If I had to pinpoint the inspiration, it is my calling and passion to help people have better, happier, more fulfilling lives.  We all CAN and we all DESERVE that!

NJ Lance, I’d like to know as I’m sure my readers who also follow you, where do you get those great posts?  Do you have a book or a website that you pull them from.  Do share!

LL:  Ah, you want my trade secrets, huh?  Well, sorry, there are none.  Hahahaha!  I can’t describe it, but they just come to me, or I am led to them.  I do bookmark different people who have inspired me as well as different topics.  As of late, I have gotten the confidence to make them up as they come to me which is more and more frequent.  If I know someone is facing a tough circumstance, I will share something apropos to lift them up.  In summary, I am a quote nerd, but I have so many I can recall purely from memory.  It is a very rewarding experience.

NJ: You have two beautiful kids, a son and a daughter and the pics you share in posts, they seem to be all smiles just like you.  What kind of dad would they say you are to them?? Who is the good cop/bad cop in your home?  Which would you be, which would your wife be?

LL:  My son is sitting next to me right now so I just asked him and he said “Awesome, nice, fun, funny, smart, caring and thoughtful”.  My daughter isn’t here, but she’s becoming quite the Daddy’s Little Girl.  I am FARRRRR from being a perfect dad, but I always try to apologize when I’m wrong.  I want them to laugh a lot, to be carefree and to think for themselves.  My wife and I are in agreement on most everything.  We have wonderful kids and rarely have any trouble with them.  My sincerest desire is that they, unlike most kids and adults, do not buy into fear and societal norms.  None of us watch the news or read the newspaper here.  The majority of it is negative and keeps people in fear, not living in the present moment.  Of course they hear things at school, but that allows us to discuss the topic and also allows them to think for themselves and see things differently.  We want them to learn early on how to shed their ego.  Neither my wife nor I argue with them.  They can say something and I know they’re dead wrong, but I am thankful to be in a place where I can just say “OK”.  I want them to know and truly believe that there are no labels, no titles, no separation.  We are all one people and I want them to be open, loving and accepting of all people, and thankfully they are well on their way!  I am so LUCKY!

NJ:  Yes you are!  Lance, I checked and you have about 5,000 followers on Twitter yet you don’t feel you’re “plugged” in, as you put it. That’s a lot of people following you and being inspired by your messages, I know because I’m one of them.  So what will it take for you to feel PLUGGED in?

LL:  I have not sought out Followers.  I follow people that look happy, are positive or are recommended by others.  They have all just arrived and it’s amazing!  Of the over 5,000, I have had only two incidents in which I had to block someone because they had a negative vibe and I refuse to have that around me or my Twitter Family!  When you and I spoke, Nonnie, as far as plugged in, I just don’t know a lot of authors right off the top of my head.  I had no history as an author until recently.  For me to be plugged in, I truly just want to help others, and I’d also love to interview othe rauthors on my blog.  That excites me a lot!

NJ The name of your blog is LUCKY LIFE LESSONS.  Appropriately named based on your postings, but what would you like for people to walk away from your blog feeling?

LL:  The whole “LUCKY” name came about by accident a few years back, and TRUST ME, I wasn’t feeling lucky at the time.  It is part of this big, fun thing that is evolving in my life.  Lots of people call me LUCKY there on Twitter and I like it!  I define LUCK differently.  I don’t view it as a thing of chance.  To me, it is just your inner magic that comes alive when you live your life true to yourself.  I, too was led to begin this, and had never even built a website!  I taught myself and I want to improve its functionality.  But the reason I began it is my burning passion to help others live happier lives.  I hope people will learn that our struggles in life are placed before us to help us reach an enlightened place.  I hope readers will learn from my experiences  and struggles with life as well, and if I am able to change one life for the better, that alone would be amazing.  I do hope to reach many, many more.  I’ve just begun and I’ve got SO MUCH MORE ready and waiting to just get out!

NJWhat’s a common theme/thread there at LUCKY LIFE LESSONS?

LL:  The common thread I would say is that I KNOW based on my experience, life isn’t supposed to suck, to be average.  We have all been warped since we were infants, told NO, what is right and wrong, what is important in our society, what to think and what to believe.  We make life WAY TOO HARD  and so I am here to help people make touch with their inner magic, their calling, true passion.  I can’t find it for anyone, it is an individual journey.  A journey that can scare the hell out of you, but although it’s so difficult,  I can attest that the energy I feel now, the excitement about life, it is indescribable.  I want this for every person alive!  We MUST come together as one, or else this planet is screwed.  The division in our country especially, deeply saddens me.  We must learn to see ourselves in every living person and being.

NJ I read your blog post entitled “MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE, AND MAKE IT FOR THE BETTER”.  Lance, honestly, I didn’t know you wrote so very well!  I was extremely impressed with this post and it made me think.  Is that what you’d like everyone who ever reads one of your posts to do….think?

LL:  Nonnie, I can’t thank you enough for those kind words!  I liked that one the best because I still had a hurdle to overcome, getting fired.  I didn’t write for a while,  but let me tell you, I think the best stuff is yet to come, and I say that humbly.  I absolutely hope I can make my readers not only ‘think’, but think differently.  To be open to other points of view.  We must start somewhere and I would love to help offer a fresh, optimistic point of view.  I am by no means saying that I am right or wrong, people will disagree with me.  But, I believe in disagreement lies the seed for growth.

NJ Wow, that was powerful, Lance!  This has turned out to be a very long interview, but you are such an interesting character, I could go on and on with you for days, but we just don’t have the time. Would you leave us with at least two of your inspirational quotes?

LL:  Before I share a few quotes, let me Thank You AMAZING NONNIE!  This opportunity has been so much fun for me, and a true honor!  I have loved every second of this – THANK YOU!  To all your readers, a HUGE THANKS to you for taking the time to read this and I would be honored to have you check out my blog at http://www.luckylifelessons.com.  I would love your feedback and would also be honored to have you drop by!  Having me share a favorite quote is IMPOSSIBLE.  If you want to see more, I would be honored to have you follow me on Twitter @LuckyLanceJ.  These quotes popped into my brain a few days ago, so since I said it, I guess it is a quote:

***Life is trying to teach you right NOW!  Are you paying attention to the Lesson?

***Conditions are never perfect.  ‘Someday’ is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you ~ Tim Ferris

I love that last one because it got my attention.  Just remember,  it is never too late to change anything.  Keep working at it until you are lying on your deathbed.  Don’t allow that to happen to you.  YOU deserve the Best Things in Life – Get out of your own way and Let Them HAPPEN! ~ Mahalo ~ ‘Lucky’ Lance Jaynes



Lance, it has been a pleasure having you share with us today.  Nothing like an interview to give people new insight as to who you really are and what you’re all about.  I’m sure the world will be following you soon enough, not just the 5000 you have now.  You are a true inspiration to many, myself included and I thank you for all that you offer us daily with your words of hope, inspiration and joy.  Keep smiling and keep the LUCKY flowing! 

To all who stopped by to enjoy the word from my couch today, if you enjoyed what you read here today, please FOLLOW my blog before you leave and also on Twitter @nonniejules. Thanks and as @LuckyLanceJ says, Mahalo!

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  1. I started following Lance when Nonnie mentioned him on Twitter. It’s a small world, eh? Plus it always a good think to welcome a little more positive feelings into my day 😉


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