Even Benjamin Franklin felt the same way I do!

You know, I’ve been living my life by this credo for a great number of years and although sometimes it doesn’t work to the benefit of others, as they find themselves on the “other” end of this pole (you know, the DIS-honest end)…I believe that being honest always puts you on top in the end.

When I found myself immersed in the world of publishing and books and reviews, etc…I never knew that I could be so surrounded by so much DIS-HONESTY, especially when it came to book reviews.  After having spent a fortune on books based on the reviews I’d read on Amazon, I found that they were for the most part, trumped up, outrageous un-truths, probably written by the author’s family and friends.  Was this upsetting?  Yes, but not as much as it was dis-heartening.  You see, I believe that you should be honest in ALL things.  Not some, but all.  Not even sometimes, but ALL THE TIME.  Yes, we all tell little “white untruths” but, some of you take it too far!   All that pomp and fluff did teach me a good lesson, though.   Now before I decide to purchase a book, I take the time to read the intro or the sample portion provided.  Some people feel that that small snippet is not enough to determine whether or not it’s a good read, but I beg to differ (and some samplings are extremely long!).

Back in December of 2013 I decided to create a site for great reads!  You know the kind that you could be really sure about.  By now, everyone knows that site turned into something bigger than what I’d envisioned (Rave Reviews Book Club) but I did find enough space there to carve out my own little corner at Rave Reviews…it sits under a tab all its own and that space is now called NONNIE’S “RAVE” REVIEWS!  Initially, it was simply called  NONNIE’S REVIEWS, but since I had entitled the entire site RAVE REVIEWS BY NONNIE JULES, I figured I better lump some “RAVE” in there somewhere.  So what I did was this…I removed every book review from that page which was not 4 or 5 star worthy and I put them on Amazon. That’s right, I did just that… because to sit on my Rave page, you have to be a read I can RAVE about!  Since coming into this business (here comes my brutal honesty), I have read more poorly-written books than anyone could ever hope to encounter.  I find that there are more of those out in the world than there are truly great reads.  So I’m on a mission to find ALL the greatness and house it in one place!

Going forward, all that will sit on NONNIE’S “RAVE” REVIEWS  are books that I can HONESTLY “RAVE” about!  Books that have been reviewed HONESTLY and reviews you can take to the bank!  There is no fluff and no flair on any review which sits on this page if the book isn’t deserving of it.  And now, if YOU want to know what books are good enough for you to spend your hard-earned dollar and your valuable time on,  just head on over and check out all the reads that sit on NONNIE’S “RAVE” REVIEWS!

Let me point out that at this time, I have an extensive backlog of book requests.  Why?  Well, here’s why:  “I have been told that people are afraid to ask me for a review, yet they secretly long for one from me because they know that HONEST reviews are CREDIBLE reviews.  HONEST {CREDIBLE} reviews are all that I give and CREDIBLE {HONEST} reviews can boost an author’s credibility and stature.”  There are some who only want the truth.  They don’t want any SUGARCOATIN’ & PACIFYIN’…simply the truth.  So, they look to those who will give them just what they seek.  I AM ONE OF THOSE and I applaud these writers who seek to become the best in the field by settling for only the truth.  NO matter how harsh it might be.

On the right side of any page of the RRBC site you will find a list of the books that I am reading.  Follow that list and if you notice that I am no longer reading that book in the top position, AND you notice that the review of that book is not  listed under the NONNIE’S “RAVE” REVIEWS tab, then you will also know that THAT book didn’t make the cut.  It was not worthy and it was not ready to sit under NONNIE’S “RAVE” REVIEWS.  With my personal critiques being sent directly to the authors whose books don’t make the cut to sit under NRR, hopefully they will take the time and take to heart the useful information provided that can only make their work better.

I wrote this blog today to share this with you:  IF YOU ARE A RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB MEMBER (OR NOT) and you are looking for a REALLY GOOD/GREAT read, ANY of the books listed on the NONNIE’S “RAVE” REVIEWS  page should satisfy your needs.  I’m a truly difficult “cookie” to please because I strive for perfection in everything I do, no matter how elusive some say it is.  My board members at Rave Reviews Book Club, as well as my family and friends, will attest to that admission.  If a writer can please me with their writing, THEY HAVE DONE A TRULY GREAT JOB! If you come across a site or blog which houses this:

Another OptionThat’s an author or book you need to check out!

We at RRBC have received so many complaints about some member-author books and how poorly they’ve been written or how they needed editing,  proofing, etc…that I had to do something.  Members have written and shared:  “Nonnie, this book is less than a 1 star read…I cannot finish it” or “I’m choosing to not post the review because it’s so low.”   We encourage honest reviews and although we have decided not to post any review less than 3 stars on our site, that doesn’t mean that when we get to Amazon, B&N or any other forum out there, that we won’t share those less-than stellar reviews.  We give all members a place to profile their work, but we cannot guarantee or be held responsible when that work is not worthy of being put out into the world yet.  I say YET, because there are those who will try to perfect their less-than stellar work (KUDOS to them)  and then there are the others…who in their minds house the talent of  Mark Twain, Judy Blume, John Greene, Stephen King or Margaret Atwood.  I have a word for them, too but I won’t use it here.

I hope I have given you information which you can use on your quest to find some really great reads!  Head over to the Rave Reviews site, look under the tab which has my name on it, and you will find more than enough reads to keep you busy as I continue to peruse the world for even more to add to the list.  I’m not saying that these ARE THE ONLY GREAT READS there, I’m saying that these are the ones that I’ve read so far and can vouch for personally.  I have heard of so many greats there that I can’t wait to get my hands on them to see if all I’ve heard is true.  I still have tons of requests to get to so keep checking back!




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    Nonnie Jules of the Rave Reviews Book Club has some very important truths to share with us today concerning book reviews and life!


  2. Thank you for having the moxy to write about honesty in reviews and in life, Nonnie! I’ve always tried to live my life according to the principle of honest dealings with others. If you really care about people, as you do, you can take the time to be honest in your criticism without being hurtful. Someday, if I’m lucky enough to score a review from you, Nonnie, I’ll know it is golden and that readers can take it to the bank! The Rave Reviews Book Club is wonderful and successful because of your leadership, Nonnie – and the rest of us are very appreciative!


  3. I totally agree with you Nonnie. Writing should not be a do or die affair. If one is writing for pleasure, and that”s me, I want those reading my books to be entertained. So, if my book has problems short of entertaining, I will like to know, and I will make the corrections. This is what is so special about being an indie author. You can do and redo your book until it is perfect. Recently, I followed the lead of one of our members and approached another book club to have one of my books reviewed. The review came back with such constructive comments that I decided to take another look at it, to make it better. I will not mention which one, but as soon as I am done, I will have a promo and a re-lunch.
    I love writing and I want to be able to write the best I can, especially as I have a lot of stories to tell.


  4. I’m glad to hear you discuss honest reviews. I appreciate it.


  5. Writing a review is a skill learned by practice and being true to the author of a book and myself. Long reviews don’t always ad up to good reviews, it’s what’s in between the first line and the last that make up the review. The quality of the words and understanding of what was said in that space make a review successful.
    Nonnie I have to say: I sat down to night to read your book SugarCoatin and it was great, read it in two hours, wonderful truisms and thoughts to live by. Thank you for writing it.


  6. Shirley L. Slaughter

    Doing reviews are not for the weak and shy. You really have to be honest and forthright. Nobody wins with fake reviews. This is a topic that everybody is interested in. Nonnie I’m glad you are talking about it. We don’t want to waste our time on a bad read. There are some really good books out there and I have been pleasantly surprised to find some of them. I will take a look at your tab and check those books out too.


  7. Dear Nonnie, I agree with Judith’s comments. I think we’re all fed up with spending our money on books that have been given great reviews only to find they do not merit them. I have become very cynical about the whole review thing, as a result. I think every writer who wants to be paid for their books has a duty to make their work the best it can be. I strongly believe that people should be rewarded on merit, not on how many spoof reviews they can garner from every friend or family member they can call upon. I don’t ask for reviews because the thrill for me, as a writer, is in knowing that someone has read my book and genuinely enjoyed it. Those who are getting people to leave reviews (often without having read the book, it seems) are robbing themselves at the end of the day.


    • Jenny, thanks for stopping by! I am not one to ask anyone to review my work. When I started back in early 2013, being new to social media and following the lead of some so-called experts, I recall asking 2 people if they would READ my book and hopefully reviews would come out of that. Now that I’m an “old” pro and have put in the time to learn some really great lessons, asking for reviews is not something I’m wiling to do. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, because I appreciate and respect those people who seek out those reviewers that they KNOW will give them an honest review. I APPLAUD THEM FOR THAT COURAGE! Because sometimes when you go after an honest review, what you get just might sting a bit, you know, because it’s not coming from Mom or cousin Sally. I know of a couple of authors who CONSTANTLY give their books away followed by: “if you will give me a review.” I feel that my books are worthy of you coming out of your pocket to pay that small e-book fee on Amazon or B&N, and I also think the price that is paid for my books that sit on the shelves of Barnes & Noble stores is also very worthy of the contents inside. I am aware of why some people are afraid to criticize an author’s book…because they fear retaliation. But for those who retaliate, I say, shame on you! and appreciate that someone may be helping you with their advice. What I DO NOT CONDONE is someone attacking the author in their review. Review based on the writing and any number of other “small” things but never criticize anyone’s attempt at the craft. I wrote this blog just to give people a “safe” place to go to find some really good, clean reads. Please know, that the list is not complete, because lately the books that have been shared, are really impressing the heck out of me. Stay tuned to NONNIE’S “RAVE” REVEWS!


  8. Nonnie – so relieved to read this – an honest and truthful blog. Sometimes it takes years (and I should know!!) to become a half -decent writer. I remember the words of one author I respected greatly ” there’s only one first/début book – one chance to show readers you can write. Make sure it’s the best work you can produce.” Sometimes a little patience and ‘standing back’ from a ‘finished’ manuscript is needed. All the best and many thanks to you and your teams for all the hard work you put into #ravereviewsbookclub. Judith


    • Judith, I concur with every word you’ve said and thank you for being such a beautiful part of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB. I mean that sincerely! You, are the kind of member that make what we do very worthwhile.


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    My thoughts as well – this blog says it all


  10. I love your “let em have it style.” I for one want only honest reviews. I can say sometimes the truth does cut close to the bone, but it serves to strengthen the resolve to improve. I joined RRBC because of the honest values broadcast by the group. (lead by example) Great post.


    • Awwww, John….thank you! That was the kindest thing I’ve heard in a while. #SoGrateful


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    I am so happy to be on the page! Thank you Nonnie for a wonderful and honest review.


    • You’re welcome, Kathryn! You’re only there because you deserve to be!



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