The Birth of a Wonder – The Short History of #RaveReviewsBookClub #RRBC


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On Sunday, December 8, 2013, I sat at my dining room table, staring at my computer monitor… surfing through my Twitter feed.

After having finished reading a book that had been tagged on Twitter as “#GreatRead!” and being sorely disappointed and wanting to then tag a more truthful review – “#WorstReadEver” (as it was poorly written, in need of a professional edit and proof, and so much more), the wheels of my brain began to spin rapidly.

“I’m going to create a forum where I can post honest reviews of the books that I’ve read,”  I said, half out loud.

After creating the forum and giving more thought to how I could make an even greater contribution to the literary world by posting honest reviews of books, I decided that it would be a great idea to offer more under the umbrella of what I had initially planned; more in the sense of creating a community of readers and writers who could also offer and benefit from honest book reviews.

There were a handful of authors on Twitter who I had developed a special rapport with.

“I’m going to form a book club under the umbrella of Rave Reviews By Nonnie Jules.  A forum where authors will come together to support one another, and also a place where readers can expect that the reviews of books will be honest.  I’d like you to join me and serve as my VP,” was the message I sent to a certain Tweeter.

After the site was fully established with the book club and all that it would offer, I reached out to a few more that I had been reciprocating support with, and, who I also knew would be assets to the club.  The late, Kathryn C. Treat was next on my list and she would serve as our first Membership Director until two months prior to her death.

In the first month of formation, we added over 300 members to our roster.  By month 5, we had over 600 members.  Membership at that time was really inexpensive: it was FREE.

Since one of the asks of the club was that members #follow one another on Twitter, we soon came to realize that many were joining us simply to grow their Twitter following.  It soon became abundantly clear that they had no desire or intentions to support their fellow members;  they merely wanted to #follow so that they in turn would be #followed.

In our 6th month, we instituted a $25 annual membership fee, which in my eyes, was still FREE, especially when you think about all that the club offers.  It was our way of keeping the “riff raff” off our roster and seeking to add more of those who were serious about what we were working towards.

I had a TEAM of 7 at the time, and sadly, now I can’t even remember everyone’s name as they weren’t on our roster long (for their own personal reasons), although we continued to support them off the roster.

Although Shirley Harris-Slaughter was among my core group of those I reciprocated support with on Twitter, she didn’t come aboard immediately as many have come to believe.  Her name was added to our roster shortly after, and she has never wavered in her support of RRBC.

Fast forward 5 years and many changes to the faces on my TEAM have been made.  We have had some awesome authors to serve on the RRBC board, but, there are some who hold Lifetime Membership, who have given and who continually give of their time to serve the community of RRBC, who I’m sure will be around until the very end.  Some faces joined our TEAM much later, yet, have proven to be committed to serving the RRBC community and our agendas of support.

Although some of the names on our roster have changed over the course of these 5 years, the goals and mission which I established on day one, have not.  We are a community of support.  We are committed to being recognized as an establishment of Indie authors, who take very seriously the business of writing and publishing great works.  We believe in lifting as we climb, and we stand by the policy that “honesty” in book reviews, is always the road to travel.  We strive daily to ensure that we put forth our best and most professional “author” face at all times so that we are one day placed in the history books alongside other literary greats.  And, with the inception of RWISA (RAVE WRITERS – INT’L SOCIETY OF AUTHORS), we aim to be the very best.

Other long-timers also remain on our roster.  Members like:  Bette A. Stevens, Kim Taylor, Karl Morgan, Yvette Calleiro, and so many more, are all part of this amazing family that we’ve created online.  This list is too extensive to go on, but, these are some of the early joiners.  I appreciate each and every one of them for their staying power and loyalty to RRBC.

As with any organization, we have also lost members over the years, but, I never concern myself with those who have moved on.  We accept that not everyone understands or subscribes to the theory of commitment, dedication, loyalty and honesty.  If everyone did, that wouldn’t be real life, now would it?  My attention and focus are always reserved for those who remain.

For those members who have left our roster for things out of their control, such as LIFE, we wish them all the best and we always welcome those members back into the fold, if and when they decide to return.  Many who have left our roster, later realize the importance of RRBC to the literary world and do return, by the way.

And, for every member who we have lifted, promoted and given name recognition to, but in the end, moved on to try and compete with RRBC, as opposed to remaining and offering the same support to others, they’ve only made room for those who were actually designed to be here;  and, for that, I am grateful to them.

Until there is no more breath left in my body, RRBC/RWISA will continue to thrive and grow into the powerhouse it was destined to be, and, it will continue on as the most supportive arena for serious writers that it has grown into and is known for.

We don’t believe in looking back or dwelling on the past here at RRBC.  Our success lies before us… in the minutes, days, weeks, months and many years to come.  We know that as long as we remember that it’s not about self, but more about community that helps us succeed, we’ll do just fine.

I will end here by saying, “Here’s to another very successful 5 years, RRBC/RWISA!” 



If you’d like to add your name to the RRBC Roster, please click HERE!



  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you continue to do for so many. ❤


  2. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    I smile when I look back (through your eyes) at RRBC’s beginnings. It brings back the memories of the fun we had…all the wild, crazy humor. It was unreal and not like any group I ever associated with. It was all good. CONGRATULATIONS RRBC!!


  3. Very well said, Nonnie. What a vision you had and now look at it five years later. As you said, the names and faces have changed, but the mission has remained. I love what RRBC and RWISA are founded on and am happy to contribute in some small way. I’ve learned SO much since first joining RRBC. Thank you, dear Nonnie, for your vision and for making it happen! Here’s to another five or fifty-five!


    • Thank you so much, Jan! But, unless I can convince one of my lovely daughters to take over once I’m too tired to go on, I’m going to be happy with the next 5.

      Thanks for all your contributions and your very kind words.

      Go, RRBC & RWISA!

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  4. Reblogged this on Dawn Delivers.


  5. Happy Birthday, Nonnie!

    RRBC, and now RWISA, have become a daily part of my life.
    I’m humbled and honoured by the amazing group of authors I get to hang out with on line.
    Here’s to 2019.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Wendy! You are an amazing asset to this TEAM of wonders that I get to call family!


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