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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Although I was a girl mom even before I gave birth to girls, I’ve sometimes wondered how it would feel to have had a son.  Just as I know for a fact that the bond between fathers and daughters is one of overwhelming love, I’m sure it’s the same love for mothers and sons.

I have witnessed sons being so caring, loving and protective over their moms.  I watched my brothers care for my mom in this way, and now that she is gone, they have bestowed upon us, their sisters and their nieces, the same love, care and protection.  That’s what boys do, right?

I have two nephews, and I know how they love me.  But, what would it have been like to have a son?

I’ll never know this particular feeling, but I do know the joy that filled my heart, watching this young, young, man love his mom in one of her happiest moments.

Please… watch this all the way through.  You won’t feel the greatest part of this love, until the end.

“It’s OK to have a different kind of family.”

Only 6 more days to go!

Until tomorrow…


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  1. Hi Nonnie! Oh my goodness, what a beautiful story! I truly believe that a lot of people can relate to this, and after what I’ve been through, I agree that it’s okay to have a different type of family. As long as everyone is loving, respectful and supportive of one another, those are the things that truly matter day in and day out – oh, and a good sense of humor isn’t bad, either! : )

    Best wishes,
    Donna M. Atwood
    D.M. Atwood

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  2. I’ve also wondered what it would have felt to have a son. My daughters are more takers than givers of support to me. My brother protected me, and I think a relationship with a son would have been that way.

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    • Hi, Susanne! I’m sorry to hear that about your daughters. But, here’s my advice, here’s your chance to be the grand and sole protector of YOU! I know that you can do it! You’re a strong woman!

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      • Thank you, Nonnie. I never thought of myself as strong.


  3. Hi, Nonnie,
    The video clip is awesome. The message that it sends out. It‘s okay to be different. I loved it. Thank you. Shalom aleichem

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    • Hi, Pat! Yes, it is OK to be different. Different is grand in my book! Who wants to be like everyone else? Not I, said the Nonnie!

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  4. I’m still crying, Nonnie! What a beautiful son and touching story! We’re blessed to have a well balanced family, with four boys and four girls. My youngest son, the one who lives nearby, is always checking on us. We can count on him for help any time we need anything. He even surprised us by putting up our outdoor lights while we were away on a cruise! The young man in the video will make his future bride very happy. What a treasure! Your daughters, Lord willing, will provide you with excellent sons-in-law!


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    • Hi, Patty! Your son is amazing! I love to hear that kids are taking care of their parents in this way! John Fioravanti’s youngest is the same way with them. He’s so good with them, that it warms my heart to see and hear about all that he does.

      I’m waiting and praying on those amazing son-in-laws!

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  5. Hi Nonnie. I saw that video and it had me in tears. It was just me and my son until I met Langston. Clyde was very protective of me. That’s how boys are with their moms. Wanda’s story is my story too. Clyde was outgoing, talkative performer. He spoke to you until you spoke back. He was a very personable child. He is a hands on dad to his children. I often wonder what it was like to have a girl. But that’s life. We are given what we are supposed to have.

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    • Hi, Shirley! Yes, we are given what we are supposed to have. So glad I got my girls! But, my nephews are amazing fill-ins!

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  6. When I was a young mother, with one girl and one boy, I will say my daughter was always very serious and shy. My son, on the other hand, was gregarious and funny. He always kept me laughing. My daughter clung to my legs when we went out to the grocery store; my son, on the other hand, from the time he was young enough to sit in the little grocery cart seat, would wave to everyone and say, “Hi! My name’s Tim! My mom’s name is Wanda. My sister is Becky. My dad is Bill. He’s working.” The deli manager at the grocery store called him “The Mayor.” One day, when we were at the grocery store, the REAL Mayor came in as we were waiting in line at the deli. The deli manager said, “Sorry, Mr. Mayor, this is Mayor Tim’s territory.” Tim beamed and thrust out his hand. “Hi! I’m Tim, This is my mom, Wanda. My sister’s name is Becky, my dad’s name is Bill. He’s going to be a famous doctor some day.” Mayor Duci replied, “You’re probably going to be a famous politician some day.”

    I remember when he met the bishop of Albany. He shook the bishop’s hand and asked him why he was walking straight. “Bishops are only supposed to move diagonally,” he said. The bishop cracked up.

    Tim always wanted to go into politics. He did lots of theatre in high school and college. He figured that would be a plus. He went to law school and thought that would be good background. But while he was there, he realized that in order to run for office: 1) you had to have lots of money; 2) you had to put your family through the ringer; and 3) you had to give up all extracurricular activities (like baseball) you loved. Now he’s a hearing officer for the Department of Labor in the State of New Hampshire. He has three children, two boys and the only female grandchild we have. Tim’s oldest child is now a teenager. He used to make me laugh, too, until he entered that phase of life.

    My daughter still remains serious. She is a teacher but is a stay-at-home mom with her three boys now. They play hockey and other sports. They live in Michigan so I don’t see them very often. We are boy-centric in the grandchildren department–five boys and ONE girl.

    Whatever life gives you, you get used to it. If you’d have had boys, you would have found a way to love it. No matter what.

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    • Wanda, I feel deeply that one day your daughter is going to surprise you in a way you would never expect! Hold on! She’s coming!

      Now, run over to my Day 25 post! You need to read it in a hurry!


  7. Thank you for a morning smile! Yes, it’s okay to be different.

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  8. That was such a beautiful video, Nonnie! Thank goodness I haven’t put on my makeup yet because I’m bawling like a baby. It hit especially close to my heart because, as a single mom, I have focused on raising my son on my own. I didn’t want to bring a man unworthy of my son’s love into his life. I have absolutely no regrets with my decision because my son has grown into a strong, confident, caring, loving, respectful, and independent young man. The bond I have with my son is the best gift life could have ever given me. Great post today!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

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    • Yvette, I’ve no doubt that handsome young man that you gave birth to, is going to one day make an amazing husband to some beautiful girl, all while still loving and taking care of his best friend… his mom!

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      • I hope so, Nonnie! I speak to my mom every day, and he has seen that growing up. I hope that once he is adulting and creating his own family, we can share that quick, daily conversation. 🙂

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  9. What a lovely way to start the day,looking at that moving video. Thank you Nonnie.

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