People wonder why I sometimes refer to myself as “Careful Chooser of Words.”  If I’ve had a recent visit to see the doctor, I get phone calls from family and friends, asking: “Well, what did he say?  What’s wrong?”  Most often, they all get the same response of, “Nothing’s wrong with me and I refuse to claim that, which is not mine, therefore, I will not speak on it.”  When they hear those words, they instantly know to move on to another topic.  {“So, how many people did you terrify in Walmart today?”}

Shocked looking dog

I share openly that I’m not a really religious person, but I am a spiritual person.  I have a strong belief that what you speak into the Universe, the Universe will return to you.  Because of this belief, I am careful what I put out, as I know that I will get it back.  You see, the Universe can’t discern between the good we are asking for and the bad we are asking to be kept away.  All it knows, is that we are asking for something.  So, I carefully choose the words that come forth from my mouth, and I also work hard at choosing and controlling my thoughts…only wanting to focus on the positives.  I choose to speak of an abundance of good health, long life, happiness, great love and prosperity, as those are the things I want to be surrounded with.

I’m writing this post today because I want to give you proof of this belief.  My belief.

As an unknown, new writer, with great hopes of one day becoming a published author of great works, I penned my first blog post on April 28, 2013.  Please pay close attention to the theme of that post, below:

People are always asking me where my name came from. As a child, I would daydream that my Mom visited some very exotic place and came across these two beautiful, enchanting women, and she named me after them. Then, there were those times, when I felt she was somewhere drunk on a beach, got knocked up, and when I came out, “Nonnie Boo-Boo” was her pet name for me. 

But, nevertheless, here I am, odd name and all. Nothing I can do about it now, because it’s who I am. Didn’t particularly like it as a child (kids actually made fun of my name, and yes, some of them really called me Nonnie Boo-Boo!), but since I’ve grown, it’s grown with me, in me and of me. And so, please allow me to introduce myself…





Writer and Aspiring Author.


That was the first time I shared with the Universe my greatest desire.  And then, on June 26, 2013, I penned the following blog post.  Again, I’d like you to pay very close attention to the theme and the message:

I’m just me. A little person in a great big world, trying to make a name for myself. Why? Because I know that is what I was put here to do. Make a name…make that name POWERFUL…make that name FIERCE…make that name REVERED!

I was also put here to WRITE! Write words of love, compassion, fear, dread, laughter…just write. You may not like my words that you see on the screen…you may not like my name…to you, what does it mean? My name?  Well, let’s see… let me say it aloud.  NONNIE.  Did you feel it? I did when I said it.  NONNIE JULES, powerful writer of words. Powerful Name! It’s just ME!


Today is July 6, 2016…3 years after I penned both of those first blog posts, and look at where I am, look at who I am.

I wanted to make a name for myself, and I did. {I AM NONNIE JULES, AUTHOR, PRESIDENT & FOUNDER OF RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB}.  I spoke it into the universe and I even put it in writing for all the world to see.  I wanted to make my name mean something, and it does…to many.  That’s not boastfulness, that’s fact. Whether in a good light or bad one, it still has meaning.

I wanted my name to be powerful, fierce and revered…I’m most positive that it is all those things.  Lastly, I wanted the world to know my name, and since the organization that I founded (RRBC) 8 months after that very first blog post, is now an International one with members across the globe, I would say, that albeit a small portion of the world, the world still knows my name.

You see, this is one of many testaments that I have which keep me from speaking illness, unhappiness and any other negative ‘ness’ which might cause me to feel down, defeated or broken.  Ask for only those things that you want brought into your life.  Keep those self-defeating thoughts from your mind because remember, the Universe can’t tell the difference.  I know that we can’t help those negative thoughts from entering our minds, but we can focus really hard and drive them out before they get comfortable.

Never forget that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.  One night I thought about creating a club that would benefit authors and readers.  It didn’t take long for that thought to become a “thing.” And, an awesomely grand thing, at that!

I’d like to leave you all with this:  each day I send out a DAILY INSPIRATIONAL email to my board members at RRBC, and I always close that email with…Make it a great day or not, the choice is all yours.  Make the choice to invite only good things into your life and then stand back, before the many doors opening up for you, smack you in the face!


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    What a powerful blog! A great example for me, for everyone, to follow!


  2. y
    “In the beginning was the word . . .”
    John 1:1 King James Bible Words were the first creation of God, even before the universe. Thanks Nonnie for using the power of words in this blog today. Religions are organizations. The universe is God. You make it so plain how essential it is to choose words wisely due to their immense power to help or harm. It’s so hard to be positive in a world of pain and death yet you make it seem so doable. The subconscious mind is always ready to trample positive thoughts with catastrophic thinking. I, for one, will read this over and over when overwhelmed and stand, rise and shout to the universe the words you have written. Thanks for the reminder.


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  4. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Reblogged this on shirleyharris-slaughter and commented:
    What a powerful message you bring. Thank you for letting us share this.


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    This is a post from a woman of strength. She is full of the courage of her convictions. I am proud to belong to the organization of Writers that she leads. Please read and follow my President, Nonnie Jules, instructions completely.


  7. Wonderful! Inspiring! Enouraging words to wake up to. Thank you for sharing.


  8. I share your beliefs, Nonnie. Great post!


  9. reanolanmartin

    All truth! Say what you mean! xo


  10. I truly believe that what we put out, we get back; not only in actions, but thoughts and words. There is nothing more powerful than positive thoughts, words and actions. The Universe must respond!


  11. Lovely inspiring post, Nonnie. Positive thought goes a long way to accomplishing positive action.


  12. Great post! Very powerful and inspirational!


  13. What a beautiful and very meaningful post, Nonnie. We each do have so much power than we give credence to and our words are powerful in and of themselves. Yet so few recognize the truth of this.
    Thank you, Nonnie for sharing more about yourself and your journey.


  14. Always inspiring! Thanks Nonnie.


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    I’m not religious either – but AMEN to this!


  17. Words are powerful indeed. You said you are not religious, but spiritual. I don’t see the difference, Nonnie… You cannot be one without the other. The Bible even warned us about the words of our mouth, how it is powerful. It is with words that God made everything. He said it, and it came to be. Someone who believes this , is very deeply religious. Wonderful sharing this morning, Nonnie, and thank you. Have a blessed day.

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  18. Gwen Plano

    Thank you, Nonnie, for sharing personal and universal truths. As always, you address the heart of the matter…and because of that, all are enlightened!


  19. Positive thinking is one of the hardest things to do, I find. Especially if your life is full of negativity as mine seems to be. A constant battle to stay one step ahead of other people’s misery. A battle that gets harder as I get older…


  20. Thanks for sharing, Nonnie. Intention and belief are powerful forces.


  21. Awesome post, Nonnie! Thank you for sharing it with us. And, you’re right that the Universe listens. It hears what we say, and how we say it, which is a good thing to keep in mind. 😀


  22. karljmorgancom

    Wonderful post, Nonnie! Each of us are trying to find our place in God’s universe. Our voices need to be heard, and thanks to you and the rest of the RRBC, that is happening! What greater legacy is there?


  23. This is a great post, Nonnie – you strung two early blog posts together and made them current, meaningful and powerful. There’s a lot of food for thought here. Self-control is so important in our lives – not only our behaviour, but also our emotions and our very thoughts! If we don’t exercise this kind of restraint, then after we send our thoughts out to the universe, we should duck! Kudos, Nonnie!

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  24. I have to agree with you, Nonnie. Each time I speak to the universe I get an answer. Sometimes it is not what I want to hear but an answer nonetheless. Super post!

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