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Welcome, friends, to day 15 along RRBC’s ROCKIN’ 2020 AWAY Book, Blog & Trailer Block Party!  2020 has been a rough year for ALL of us and what better way to get over it, than to help it right out the door.  (That wasn’t a question, by the way.)

WARNING:  This will not be a cute little blog post.  This will probably be the most difficult post that you’ve read or will read along this tour.  Although this is a party, I came to educate today.  So, welcome to my party with a purpose!

This year we have experienced and witnessed unprecedented and the most unsettling events in our nation’s history.  A pandemic, heightened racial tension, and an election that our very lives depend upon, are all at the top of that list of events.  I personally have never felt so tired and drained in an election year, and after this one is behind me, I hope to not ever feel this way again.

When I decided to pen my short story, “NO PEDIGREE,” I didn’t know that it would have such an impact on readers … or, that it would touch so deeply.  I received an email last week from a 16 year old girl from Anaheim, CA, who said she’d read my book and it gave her the courage to stand up for her friend who had been the recent target of a huge racist bullying campaign at her school.  There aren’t many blacks in her school and her friend was among that extra small class of students.  She said after reading “NO PEDIGREE”, she knew exactly how to deal with the bullies, who at one time, had  also been her friends.  “I am now almost as brave as your Baylee,” is how she ended her email to me.  (Way to go, Taylor!)

Get your copy of  NO PEDIGREE!

Why are children still being made to suffer this way?  Children aren’t born with hate in their hearts – they are taught to hate. So, in 2020, why are we still teaching our children to hate those who are different from them, or who may not look like them?  Why?

It’s so disheartening that today we are still dealing with the same crimes of 1965, and with a body in the White House spewing hatred every time he speaks, this makes it all the more easier for those crimes to be carried out.  How can what you are about to see below when you click the play button, still be happening today – on the streets of the United States of America?

When I began to write this post yesterday, I asked my husband to find the movie above on television so that we could watch it.  He located it, and I stopped writing the post and went up to our media room, for what I thought would be a nice movie night with my husband.  I figured I would return to finish my post this morning.  (It seems one of those two came true – I am back to finish the post.  There was nothing enjoyable about the night).

In the first few minutes of the movie, as we are watching a group of young girls descend the stairs of what appears to be a church, a loud explosion goes off and you see body parts falling through the air in slow motion.  Mouth wide open in shock, the bottle of water in my hand, also as if in slow motion, fell to the ground as I jumped from my seat.  

Shaking from head to toe, I looked over at my husband, needing confirmation of what I was sure we had just witnessed together, and yelled to him, “Please turn that off!  If this is how the movie begins, I know I won’t be able to stomach more of what might happen throughout the rest of it.”  So, he turned it off and we retired to our bed, but I couldn’t turn off my mind.  I’m pretty sure this was the depiction of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing on September 15, 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama.  Addie Mae Collins (14), Cynthia Wesley (14), Carole Robertson (14), and Carol Denise McNair (11), all died that day because of the desire of another racist in power at that time, Alabama Governor, George Wallace, who made preserving racial segregation one of the central goals of his administration.  Also in power during that time, the Ku Klux Klan of Birmingham – one of the most violent and lawless chapters.  (Please read this article and interview I happened upon on George Wallace’s daughter, Peggy Wallace KennedyIt’s so interesting.)

The only difference between then and now, is I feel strongly that positive changes are on the way, and many of the wrongs of yesteryear are about to be made right.  Notice I didn’t say “all of the wrongs,” because some of those can’t be undone, but I do believe we are about to see policy changes like never before in a great majority of those areas where minorities have been negatively impacted, simply because of the shade of their skin.

We recently lost a warrior in this battle, Congressman John Lewis, who encouraged us all to get into good trouble.

Some of you might not know what good trouble means and many more of you are wondering why would anyone intentionally get into any kind of trouble?  I did say that I came to educate today, didn’t I, so let’s see if I can describe it adequately – if the shade of my skin is lighter than yours and I see that you are suffering due to the dark shade of your skin, then I’m going to stand in defense of you. That’s good trouble.  Whether I’m using my voice against injustice or I’m marching side by side with you down the streets of Ferguson or down BLACK LIVES MATTER Plaza in downtown Washington, DC, I don’t mind getting into that kind of trouble at all.  Again, that’s good trouble.

Some things have been weighing heavily on my mind and there are a few burning questions I need to ask some of you.  I’m acutely aware that many of you will turn away from these questions, but I’m asking anyway.  Run, if you must. (I already know who will comment on this post and I know who will read it and scurry away.)

What do you call someone who spews racist rhetoric?  A racist, right?

What do you call the people who voted for this racist once, maybe not knowing then that he was a racist, but, now after seeing him turn our country into a laughingstock, and witnessing him divide us, will go out and vote for him again?  I’ll let those of you who will cast those votes answer this one.  But, let me be clear as to how my mind views these behaviors…

-If you live with a child molester and you know that he’s a child molester, then you are OK with that person molesting children;

-If you are friends with a murderer, and you know that he’s a murderer, then you are OK with that person killing;

-If you have a relative who is a rapist and you know that he’s a rapist, then you are OK with that person raping women;

Now, I’m about to get to the meat and potatoes of my assessment…

-If you cast a vote in 2016 for Donald Trump, not knowing that he was the sad, vile, racist that is evident to the entire world right now, and you go out and cast another vote for him in 2020, what does that make you?  What does that say about you?  If nothing else, it clearly says that you are OK with all that he does, all that he says, all that he stands for. You are OK with the way he speaks negatively about women.  Do you have daughters?  A wife?  A mom or sisters?  I am a firm believer in birds of a feather flocking together and make no mistake about it, everything I put in this post, I mean, think and feel from my deepest place.  I stand firmly in the belief that what you are silent about, you condone.  What you don’t stand against, you condone. 

If you can stand by and watch an injustice being done and not speak out against it, and even if you try to justify it, then in my eyes, you are IT.  As I have raised my daughters and constantly remind them of today, you have to become extremely comfortable with making others uncomfortable when it comes to you standing in your truths.  By now, everyone who has ever encountered me should know that I am extremely comfortable making others uncomfortable, especially when the threat of my conscience being compromised is at risk.

I warned you this wasn’t going to be some cute little post and I don’t expect any cute little comments.  When I write, I have something of substance to share.  As with young Taylor from Anaheim above, you don’t have to be a minority to feel the pain of their oppression. I’m a living witness to that fact.

Thank you for joining me on my blog today for my party with a purpose!  VOTE as if your life depends upon it, because like never before, our very lives absolutely depend upon every person exercising their right to have their voices be heard.

NO PEDIGREE Book Trailer


  1. Hi, Nonnie! Just wanted to show I support you and all you’re doing with RRBC and RWISA. God bless you!


    • Awww, thanks, Patty! That’s awesome of you! Hope you’re having an amazing week! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am sorry I am late for your party, Nonnie, I had a difficult work week. This is a well written and honest post. The whole world is watching what is happening in the USA right now with great anxiety. It effects us all as the USA acts as a leader and sets the tone world wide. I am praying for a good outcome for your elections for all our sakes.


  3. I read an article in the New York times yesterday about the one surviving “girl” (of course she’s a woman now), the sister of Addie Mae Collins, who was pulled out of the rubble of the church. She’s seeking restitution from the State of Alabama now. She’s blind in one eye. As it turns out, several KKK were prosecuted for this by current US Senator Doug Jones of Alabama, but not until they were quite elderly. One had already died, and one died in prison. Doug Jones (Democrat) is running for re-election in Alabama.

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    • Wanda, you never fail to enlighten us with your knowledge of these things. I am so grateful to you for that. And you know what? I wouldn’t care how old they were, they should be put away and travel on to where they’re destined, by way of a prison cell.

      How awful was this!

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  4. roxburkey

    Nonnie, so much thought and heart went into this post. I hope our country rises with hope and care for every person who wants to be a part of freedom and choice. Each day we should do something nice for someone. We need to vote and make our voice count. No Pedigree is a powerful story. I’ve read it and highly recommend it. Thank you.

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  5. petespringerauthor

    Four years of complete dysfunction are enough. If anyone has any uncertainty about the President’s character, they haven’t been paying attention. As someone who taught elementary school children for thirty-one years, I’m here to verify that prejudice and hate are learned behaviors. Young children accept everyone, regardless of their skin color or where they’ve come from. That’s the America I want to be part of.

    By the way, I just picked up No Pedigree. I’m anxious to give it a read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Pete! I so agree with you – kids do accept everyone and if they don’t, they’ve been taught not to, and how sad is that? Four years of dysfunction – we cannot afford any more.

      Thanks for picking up No Pedigree! I really appreciate you!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Pete, I also just picked up a copy of THEY CALL ME MOM! Can’t wait to read it!


  6. Thanks for sharing, Nonnie. Our nation is in need of a huge wakeup call!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Bette! Yes, it is and hopefully this hell we’ve been in for the past 4 years will all be over soon and very soon!

      Thanks for dropping by!

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  7. Thank you for sharing the urgency to vote. I’ve never felt so uneasy about losing our democracy and moving backward in civil rights and justice. After reading the “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” I could never understand how people could go down the road of fascism and genocide following a leader who was democratically elected. Now I know. Misinformation. Division. Hatred. Packing the court. Steal authority step by step with enablers who remain silent. Speaking my voice through voting is more critical than ever. I appreciate your honesty, Nonnie.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Linnea, I agree with you on all counts. My spirit has never been so disturbed as it has been living through this turbulence for the past 4 years. It truly boggles the mind that some don’t see what is screaming right in our faces. There is nothing decent about this person who thrives on dividing us and pitting one against the other. I get a sick feeling in my stomach each time I see him on my television. It passes just as quickly as I can change the station.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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  8. Another excellent post, Nonnie! Bravo! I know that some bloggers won’t write about politics, religion, or topics about racism for fear of losing followers… but that’s not you! I fervently hope that the people in all of our countries will not rest until racism has been eradicated.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi, John! You know full well it’s not me. If I lose followers because I demand decency in this world, then guess what – those people shouldn’t have been following me in the first place.

      There’s a quote that I live by and it goes something like: Don’t judge me by my friends, judge me by my enemies. If that is confusing to some, simply put, judge my character by the character of those who stand against me. Enough said.

      Thanks for dropping by, Mr. John!

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  9. Hi, Nonnie. You’re absolutely correct. I’ve seen a lot of elections over the years, and rarely, if ever, missed voting in them. Every election is important, but this year, more than ever, our lives and our futures truly depend on the outcome. It’s good to party with a purpose. Best wishes!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Karen, I agree … I vote every year but this year, there is a real sense of urgency behind that it is imperative that everyone takes the time to vote. It is a matter of life and death!

      Thanks for dropping by!

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  10. I have great friends who are Republicans because of their personal values and their desire for a fiscally conservative nation, and I love each and every one of them. Some of them voted for our current president in 2016, not because they loved him but because he represented their party. Some of them have realized their error and have vowed not to allow him to continue to tear our country apart. Unfortunately, some of them state that it’s not about him but about the party still, even with all the division and deaths that have occurred the past four years. They have bought into the fear tactics that are being used to convince people that the Democrats are the enemy and will turn our country into a communistic country. *eye roll* And then, there are those who thinks he’s God’s blessing to the world. I have distanced myself from that latter group because I just can’t accept that blind ignorance. (I still love them, but I love them from a distance.)

    I have never liked that man (our president), even when he was a Democrat. The only person he cares about is himself. He is running our country the way he ran the businesses he bankrupted. And it saddens me that so many people choose to look the other way just because they have adopted a hatred for the other side (Democrats). If the roles were reversed and our current president were in office as a Democrat, I would be first in line to vote for a Republican this year. For me, it’s not about party. It’s about human decency. It’s about unity and kindness and respect.

    I have already voted through absentee-voting. My vote has already been received and counted. I educated myself on ALL the issues (not just P/VP). I researched every amendment and referendum on the ballot. And I voted across the board, not just for one party. Of all years, THIS year every person needs to vote, and we need to vote for whomever is going to start bringing us back to the middle, where both parties can remember that we are ONE nation and start acting like it.

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    • Yvette, it seems to me that you have 20/20 vision on this person in the White House. Good for you! I also have those who I love from a distance because they see him, almost as a Savior.

      Who can’t see that this person is tearing our beautiful country apart?
      Who can’t see that this person is unstable and incapable of leading us?

      He is the division in our country and in all my many, many, many years on this earth, I have never seen anything remotely close to what he is, and what he is, is dangerous.

      If he gets through again, Lord help us all!

      Thanks for dropping by, Yvette!

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  11. Robert Fear

    Hi Nonnie, what a powerful and impactful post, thank you for sharing. I hope for your country’s sake (and the world’s) that common sense prevails.

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  12. First of all, Nonnie, your book, “No Pedigree” was right on spot!. A friend of mine shocked me today when she told me she voted for the lunatic in the White House. But then, as you said, birds of the same feather… Now I know who she really is, deep down. It is so painful to listen to Fox news these days. I sometimes tune into fox news hoping to hear something objective, and every time I have to quickly turn off my TV. I hope this scourge will soon go away. Thank you, for sharing.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi, Joy! Fox News is a joke to me so I never bother to turn it on. As far as finding out your friend voted for that person in the WH, I’m not shocked to find that some have voted for him – I can almost sense who is and who isn’t in his camp, but, it’s when they can’t see that he spews hatred, that bothers me most.

      I have raised my children to love everyone, blue, yellow, black, white, green and orange because when cut, we all bleed red. I have raised my beautiful babies to be the most decent human beings I’ve ever laid eyes on and to see the good in people, so, to have “this” put before them, saddens me to no end. I’ve tried to shield them from ugly of any kind but this is right in their faces…screaming obscenities! We can’t look away for fear of what he might do next if we dare turn our backs. So, I tell them to pray for him because he is clearly unstable and incapable of making any rational decisions.

      I, on the other hand, am praying him right out of the WH!

      Thanks for dropping by, Joy!

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  13. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Hi Nonnie. What a powerful post on a very touchy topic. I was working at a newspaper here in Detroit and one of my colleagues recommended a book for me. She is Caucasian and the book was called “Killers of the Dream” written by a Southern Belle as they called her. She told about how they grew up loving their mammys and servants, but had to disown them around other whites as they got older. She called it schizophrenia. How else can you turn your feelings on and off like that just to survive. The whites were just as trapped in it as the blacks who had to endure it. I was shaken after reading it. My friend didn’t have to explain anything to me because I know now she wanted me to understand that way of life. She was every bit a liberal and I guess it was her way of getting close to me.

    I think America is turning the tide on this racism and heading towards a profound change. I think the country is tired and this pandemic is proving just how tired we all are. There are so many whites that are expressing their outrage; and everyone is starting to realize that change is only going to come at the ballot box. Change is coming in every state, county and district, at every level up and down the ballot. That’s why there is an orchestrated effort to suppress the vote. Isn’t that disgusting? That these people would cheat and have no shame in doing it. They got away with it for so long that they thing they are right in doing it. If you tell a lie often enough, you will surely start to believe it. That is the danger.

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    • Shirley, hopefully this will all be over soon! Let’s continue to pray that it will be.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  14. Hi Nonnie–I cried throughout the movie “Selma,” especially through the violent scenes. I did some work during the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, and I feel fortunate to still be alive. I could have been Viola Liuzzo, cut down for driving black people, but I was young and naive enough to get out when I got scared. My earliest memory of racism was when I first learned to read. I was about six or seven years old. My father was from the south, my mother from the north; we were driving to visit our southern relatives, and I noticed a sign over a water fountain in Bristol, VA/TN. I read it outloud to my father: “Dad, what does ‘Coloreds Only’ mean?” He explained it to me. “But that’s not fair! The handle on the fountain’s broken! What happens when the little colored children need a drink? It gets hot here!” His reply? “That’s the way it is. Get used to it in these parts.”

    My outrage was intensified even more when I saw those horrible photos of Emmet Till. His mother was so courageous when she demanded that his casket be open so that people could see just how badly her baby had been tortured.

    I cannot abide hatred and racism. I recommend a few things that come from my folk music background. The first is a song by Richard Farina about the church bombing, “Birmingham Sunday.” I’m sure it’s on YouTube. The second is a program done by two of my friends, Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway, called “Deeper than the Skin.” Reggie discovered that he’s a direct descendant of a slave who was raped by a slave owner just before the Civil War, and he’s reconciled with the white descendants of that same slave owner, who was a prominent general in the Confederate army.

    All of this is to say–I stand with you. Thank you for this courageous post.

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    • Hi, Wanda! You’re a brave one – after that bombing at the beginning of the movie, I could not go on. I was too shaken to watch go any further, for fear of what might happen next. I realize it was just a movie, but, it still hits you hard, just knowing that something so evil happened to babies.

      Wanda, I’ve been following some of your posts and they are so interesting. Continue to educate us on what happened on the baseball fields of the world when racism was rearing its ugly head there, too. We will continue to pray that one day all of this will be behind us.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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      • Hi Nonnie–Ironically, my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, were the last team to integrate after Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers. The Red Sox had the opportunity to get Jackie, then Hank Aaron, but their owner, Tom Yawkey, a known racist who made no attempts to hide it, refused. It took them until 1959 to add Pumpsie Green to the team. The Red Sox recently changed the name of the street outside of Fenway Park from Yawkey Way back to Jersey Street, which is the name it had when I started following the team. Tom Yawkey plays a small role in the sequel I’m writing for Empty Seats–or, should I say, Tom Yawkey’s death plays a role in it,


  15. Nonnie, I haveThe Day the Lights Went Out (on Education) on my Kindle and will read soon. The book trailer for the one featured here is very powerful.

    You may know that my husband illustrated and designed my memoir, but you may not know that earlier in his career he performed art & music programs in public schools. One theme that was frequently chosen was Sharing Brotherhood, which decried racism and bullying. Yes, I have voted!

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    • Marian, I love that theme – Sharing Brotherhood! Awesome.

      The Day The Lights Went Out isn’t a real depiction of my writing. I had to throw that together quickly to tie in with one of our RAVE WAVES shows. Hopefully, you’ll get to dig into NO PEDIGREE or even OPEN, SHUT!

      Thanks for dropping by, Marian!

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  16. a very enlightening post. Thanks for sharing it!

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  17. Hi,
    Coming out of the Deep South, Georgia, to be exact, I was getting ready to go to church when the bomb blasted in Birmingham, Alabama. It was a shocker for a kid like me, and even more crazy because the men that did it were not persecuted. They were men with no faces, only white cloaks over their heads. So, I hear where you’re coming from, Nonnie.
    Yet, hatred breeds only more hatred and violence more violence. I ask myself where is love and where is forgiveness. What role do these two attributes play in our lives, or have we forgotten them? Don’t get me wrong. I believe in justice for all. I believe that every living human being in the United States of America has the right to live out his purpose. But I also believe that it doesn’t help me to hate. It destroys me. I want to see changes in the United States, but I also want to see a heart change in the USA as nations of people who have come together to experience life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    Living as an African-American ExPat here on the European Continent, some of the very same things are happening over here. It is sad, and it hurts to see the condition of the world at the moment.
    Thank you for being so candid, and because you were, I felt I could be candid with you two.
    Take care. You have a powerful voice!
    Shalom aleichem

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    • Hi, Pat! It’s good to know that you don’t go around hating. Hatred is such a heavy cross to bear.

      I have no answer to many of your questions, as this post isn’t about my hating anyone. This post is my expressing my feelings about the state of our country, our nation and how I feel about those issues. The comments found here in response to my post are again, those folks expressing their feelings about the same.

      Pat, I hope you find the answers to those questions.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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    • Pat, I share your outrage at the fact that they weren’t prosecuted. So many lynchings and other crimes against black people went unprosecuted as well. There’s a relatively new museum in Alabama. I can’t remember the actual name. but most people know it as the lynching museum. Families of lynching victims have brought soil from where their loved ones were lynched. It’s been put in Mason jars and displayed in memory of those who were lynched for things as minor as not saying “Ma’am” or “Sir” to a white person. When the Mississippi River was dredged to look for the bodies of Goodman, Schwerner and Cheney, hundreds of unidentified black male bodies were found. James Cheney’s grave continues to be vandalized to this day and had to be stabilized with steel bars so that people can’t knock the stone over any more. These historical facts are things that the current occupant of the Oval Office would have us forget. I cannot forget. We are all equal in the eyes of God, and we must be equal in the eyes of each other. When the message from the Oval Office is hatred, people act with hatred. As you say, love is what we need. More and more each day. What a challenge we have before us.

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      • Hi Wanda,
        No, I don’t think forgetting is the answer to any of the problems that are currently taking place in the USA. The problem is that we have forgotten far too long and kept pushing things under the dark covers of our minds. I believe we need to start with apologies to all of the people who have mistreated and abused. What happened is a fact. Natives Indians were driven out of their homes, African Americans were captured, shipped, and sold into slavery. Many slaves didn’t make it over on those ships. According to the research I’ve made many died at sea. This is not something to forget; it is something that should bring us to our knees and ask for forgiveness. Until we are willing to humble ourselves and take responsibility for the wrongs we have committed, nothing will change and the love that we need to respect one another cannot work on our hearts.
        Shalom aleichem

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  18. A powerful post with an important message. This has been a hard year for all of us. If the election doesn’t go in the right direction, it will just get harder.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Susanne, you’re right – if it doesn’t go in the right direction, we should all fear for our very lives.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  19. Nonnie, great website, videos, books, and article. I loved NO PEDIGREE and Taylor’s commentary. A movie that I’d recommend is A TIME TO KILL with Matthew M. which depicts racism that continues in the south. When in Vietnam, there was no racism in the field. We depended upon one another for survival, all were GREEN, and we spilled the same RED blood. Many of us remain best friends to this day. Enjoy the rest of your tour.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Love it, John P!

      I’ve seen the movie A TIME TO KILL – one of my most favorite movies (Matthew M. is one of my fave actors!) It’s another movie that gets my blood to boiling, though. Sometimes I feel as if we’re living through that same age in time. It’s horrible to think that we haven’t progressed much from those times, but, with hatred ruling our land, it makes things even worse.

      Thanks for dropping by!


    • John, what truth you express here! That’s the way it should be in everyday life.


  20. Hi Nonnie, here’s a perspective from the other side of the world – we were flabbergasted that Trump had been elected, and that was before we saw some of his more erratic behaviours. I hope the voters have woken up!!!!!!

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    • Wendy, let’s pray that everyone is WOKE at this point. If not, heaven help us!

      Thanks for dropping by, Wendy!


  21. Nonnie, your line, “vote as if your life depends upon it” raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Never in my lifetime, has an election been so important to the future of our beloved America. I have voted early, following my heart. I pray that my vote is actually counted and that the bigot who leads our country will no longer be our Commander In Chief! Thank you, Nonnie, for your grit and honesty!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hi, Jan! I come from a long line of very strong women and what we like to say is our grandmother didn’t raise any punks! Sorry, fear does not reside in my DNA and when there is something that needs to be said, well, that’s why God gave me “this” tongue. Grit and honesty definitely reside here.

      Thanks for dropping by with your own brave comments and I hope that your words resonate with many – “that the bigot who leads our country will no longer be Commander In Chief.”

      And, if I’m being totally honest about my feelings – WHEN he loses, I hope he doesn’t leave willingly. 🙂

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